2012 The Year Derby Found Me. 2013 To Infinity & Beyond!

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2012 The Year Derby Found Me. 2013 To Infinity & Beyond!

Well this is fun. Writing straight out of my brain again and throwing my thoughts right onto the keys!

It’s New Years Eve and I am in a bit of a panic (like every New Year) but MEGA excited as it’s the time of year in my Shire that EVERYONE dresses up in Fancy Dress. The only day where I look normal! You may know by now that it’s one of my guilty pleasures, fancy dress and over the years I have ecrued a number of outfits from Wonder Woman to Medusa, Vampire Nurse to Captain of a ship! I always make the excuse that it can be worn next year, but next year comes and inevitably I want to create something new to wear/someone to be for the night!

New Year 2011-Spot The Flash!

Pulling all this back to Derby as of course that is what we’re all here for, I think that it’s one of the things I love about it that’s caught my attention. Not only do the people like to dress up (on and off the track!) it’s a chance to become your alter ego, should you choose to. It’s not for everyone! but if you are a bit like that your excepted by your fellow Derby mates, warts,false eyelashes, facepaints and all!

To be honest I loved the “idea” of this when I started but recently something strange has started to happen and my inner skater (Flash I guess) does actually exist on the track! My inner Bo-Dash definitely transforms if i’m pushed…and I love it …and the feeling of it. I feel so strong, invincible, like a real superhero! This wouldn’t have happened at the begining of my Derby career but as I have developed as a skater, so has Ms Dash!

It’s been a tough but exciting year, after all I found Derby…or did it find me? Sometimes in life things are presented to you by the Universe just when you need them. It was strange that I had been looking for a local team for a while and discovered them on my Birthday. The first time I went to watch them train was just before Mums first Chemo Sesh. I feel very lucky to have found it and all the girls I have met in my team and the community as a whole. I now couldn’t, or wouldn’t live without it!

For those who have been keeping up to date, Mum came through the Op, Radio Therapy and Chemo and in November this year, after a whole year of “The Big C’ stuff, things started to feel normal again (if you can call our family normal!) She is now back to doing what she loves at work but has new hair to contend with much to her amusement! It’s now VERY curly after the Chemo. We have had fun buying multiple curl controllers,waxes and product but most of all we’ve all been enjoying her new locks! To anyone who has been through it loosing your hair (and Mums was waist length) has to be one of the hardest aspects of Cancer as it’s part of your identity. It’s so lovely to have Mum back now and smiling more than ever! This year she even made it to the Xmas swim to watch me go in to the freezing water on Xmas day with all the other crazy people from out town! I took this picture below of us just after and look how alive her eyes are. She is more alive now than ever, with less wrinkles than me (much to my annoyance!) and after having curls forced on her is loving the experience!

Mum and I after the Xmas Swim 2012!

Identity is something that seems to be following though this blog, straight from my head and my heart! I guess it’s because I am fannying around with different outfits for this evening but this year, although I will always have many sides to me, inwards and out, I have certainly found my inner identity more and that’s thanks to Derby. I think it’s maybe because I love it and maybe your true identity only comes out when your happy, contented and in love!? Something to ponder on in 2013!

I am very excited about the year ahead and going back to skating after the Xmas break! I’ve so much to look forward to. My skate fund has become very healthy over Xmas, so it won’t be long now until I can afford my new babies and my local council have laid some new tarmac which is very exciting for outdoor skating! (well technically it’s not for skating but that’s what I will be using it for like I did the other day when I had to share it with all the kids with their new Xmas scooters! made for good obstacles!)

I will enjoy sharing my continuing journey with you in 2013 and wanted to thank you for reading and living it with me! It means alot xxx

I just wanted to wish you all a fabulous New Years Eve and an eventful, sparkly,dazzling,derbytastic 2013! Signing out now to go geekify myself but wish you Derby Love and chat in the New Year!

Flash Bo-Dash xxxxxx

Geeky Flash! Happy New Year!

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