5 Core Skate Stability Exercises – Beginner

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Hello lovely people of Derby!

So I have had a few people ask ‘Are there any exercises that I can do to make me better at Roller Derby?’. We all know that practice is the key but it’s not always easy to gain access to a massive hall and sometime all we have is the lounge area.

My answer to that question was ‘I don’t know’. I’ll hold my hands up. I am not a professional Athlete, I am not a personal trainer and I haven’t studied fitness and wellbeing to a great degree. But I know someone who has!

So I spoke to Polly Jeans. She is a personal trainer and nutrition expert and will be able to help you in your quest at becoming better players.

She has agreed to offer up regular advice about the key elements that Derby players can improve on to make them better players.

So without further ado here is her advice about core stability.

5 Core Stability Exercises to improve balance and confidence on the Skates

Core stability describes the ability to control the position and movement of the central portion of the body. Core stability training targets the muscles deep within the abdomen which connect to the spine, pelvis and shoulders, which assist in the maintenance of good posture and provide the foundation for all arm and leg movements.

Good core stability is the ability to move the limbs whilst maintaining correct alignment of the spine, pelvis and shoulder girdle.

Regular core stability training allows you to consistently work your core muscles allowing you to maintain posture, strength, and balance, prevent injury whilst allowing you to perform functional movements with optimum strength and power.

A strong core will benefit and improve your skating performance. If you do not have a strong core you will not be performing at 100%. The core muscles act as a platform to allow the larger muscle to go on to perform the mobility. The core will control the power of the movement, twists, starts and stops on your skates allowing you to enhance your technique and performance.

Here are 5 core exercises. I recommend completing these 5 exercises 3 – 4 times to build on strength and maintain core strength and ability.


Core Abdominal Breathing sit- ups

Lie flat on your back with your knees raised. Inhale and exhale to ensure you are relaxed.

Pull your belly button in towards your spine, press your hands under your flat back contract your buttock muscles and bear down. Once you are comfortable with your back you can start the contractions.

Place your hands on your legs and lift your torso through your lower abdominals and take your hands to your knees. Lower your hands down and repeat x 6 at 20 reps.

Do not strain your neck. If there is tension in your neck return to the start and concentrate on switching on your lower abdominal muscles.


Hip Raises / Bridge

Lie on your back with knees bent and feet flat on the floor.

Slowly exhale as you lift your hips off from the floor as high as possible whilst keeping your shoulders flat on the floor.

Contract your buttocks, hamstrings and abdominals (bringing belly button towards spine). Hold the position as long as possible then slowly lower back to the start position whilst inhaling.

Fitness Exercise - Hip Raises






Single-legged Squat

This is an excellent all-round exercise and great for posture and balance.

Set the core.

Take a comfortable stance, keeping your shoulder width apart, or wider if necessary

Join your hands and hold your arms parallel to the floor

Point your toes out slightly and make sure your knees are aligned with your toes

Lift one leg off the floor and squat down. Do not fall forward when squatting

Repeat 10 times on each leg

Don not let the leg that is working buckle inwards



Position yourself on all fours on the floor.

Kneel on the floor and place your hands below your shoulders and knees below your hips.

Extend right leg back and the left arm forward

Maintain a straight bodyline through extended leg, body and extended arm hold for 5 seconds and repeat with opposite arm and leg


The Plank

Lie face down resting on the forearms, palms flat on the floor with forearms and elbows touching the floor, hips and legs on the ground.

Raise your hips and set the core, keeping your head aligned with your upper back and hips. Imagine a straight line from your head to your ankles.

Hold your body off the floor for 30-60 seconds. Repeat x 3

Top Tips

  • Remember to breathe throughout and hold your head up
  • Don’t drop your head down. Your ears must stay in line with your shoulders
  • Keep your abs switched on and your back straight

Phase 2 – Hold your body off the floor for 60-90 seconds

Phase 3 – Increase the hold to 2 minutes

Fitness Exercise - The plank







Stay tuned for other updates about Roller Derby fitness as we will be having more from Polly coming soon. However if you can’t wait then head over to Pollys website and check out her personal fitness blog.

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  1. Richie Zorlac says:

    These are excellent exercises! I’ve been a fitness trainer for many years and core muscles are very often neglected. A strong core prevents back injuries and will certainly help performance. Well done Polly nice job!!

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