A Beginners Experience into Roller Derby

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Bored? Lazy? Unsociable?

For me it’s pretty much a combination of the above… I’m over-thirty, giraffe tall, excessively sarcastic, and usually repel all forms of exercise, but how do I fix that?

Enter Bex, aka, the fabulous ‘Smashtronaut X5’ of Dorset Roller Girls, and my best online friend. We met thanks to a shared love of Formula One and, soon after, I discovered she was a skater.

One weekend I travelled down to visit her, and met up with the rest of her team at a fundraiser. The DRG’s are an awesome bunch, super rowdy but incredibly friendly, and I had an amazing time.

So now I had a new plan; become a roller girl.

I used to skate. I wasn’t fantastic, and I had issues with stopping which usually ended up with one of my mates being used as a human road block, but I wasn’t too bad.

First I had to check I could still do it. It had been a good ten years since I was last on wheels, but with Bex up for a return visit we headed to Rollerworld – my local rink, and got down to the business of skating.

Success! I skated… well! The old skills were still there and, as Rollin’ Dynamite had assured me, you don’t forget. I didn’t fall, I could still crossover and when a wayward kid lost it into the back of me, I didn’t go down.

Check me out, I didn’t suck at something! 😀

That was a fortnight ago and a lot has changed. Firstly, my bank account is now £200 lighter thanks to the fresh-meat kit I bought, along with a gum-shield and some stuff to customise my helmet with.

Secondly, I have a date with destiny next Monday, when I head off to my first training session with the Nottingham Roller Girls. I took a chance and contacted them, even though I knew they’d begun their intake, but because I could skate already it turns out I’m actually ahead of the other newbies – a first time for everything right?! So I’m kicking off my journey in Week 3.

Finally, I have never been more excited, with the possible exception of the time I was six and my dad said he was taking me to Alton Towers, and I don’t think I’ve felt more determined to succeed.

Roller Derby Image - Challange Accepted










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One response to “A Beginners Experience into Roller Derby”

  1. Hi there, just reading your blog and thought it was a great read for anyone thinking about starting out in Roller Derby. We have a website called http://www.olisskateshop.co.uk (www.facebook.com/olisskateshop). I would love to add your blog to our website and an additional piece about how your Derby career has progressed since January. Is this something you would consider? Wait to hear.

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