Baking Cakes Isn’t So Different To Baking Derby Girls!

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Baking Cakes Isn’t So Different To Baking Derby Girls!

This week was mostly about being happy!!!!

We have had two Birthdays in the team and that always makes me smile and get my cake making head firmly screwed on. I don’t consider myself a baker or even a cook as I generally live on ready meals (the healthy ones if there is such a thing) and toast, but I do like to throw myself into a good cake baking sesh! I love the creativeness of it all. I trained in ceramics/metals and 3D design for my BA (hons) so I like the sculptural side of things and making something out of nothing.

Vampy’s Fangtastic Birthday Cake!

At the beginning of my cake making career I did suffer from impatience when mixing the ingredients etc but from experience I have learnt that it takes time and commitment to become a cake maker and after a number of flippant disasters I learnt that to make it up as you go along and to try and think outside the box too soon was not only unfulfilling, but fruitless and ended in just a lot of gunk and washing up!

They may not be perfect….. but it’s fun learning!

My escapades in cake making have taught me a lot in life.

I am a great believer in transferable skills/mindsets where you can draw on one experience to build on and enhance another. I started to investigate this in my dissertation eons ago but it’s fascinated me ever since and I frequently take a step back in awe at how experiences can enhance each other in a way that you least expect!

This pondering made me think about how much my skills in cake making has developed me as a person. Sounds crazy but it has actually! I don’t have much patience and get bored very easily. I like an idea to happen quickly. As an artist I like to get it out there, to communicate my thoughts/images and spew them into the world fast! I move quickly on most things and this has been picked up on recently by my team mates when helping PR to get SWAT out there to a wider audience in the press.

I don’t hang around if I can help it! Thinking about it, my Derby name may also mean something to me subconsciously. It’s what what my Mum used to say to me when I was young “Come on!quick as a flash and no messing!” this has made me speed up a lot in life!!! Sometimes it’s good but sometimes it’s a bad thing. There has to, like most things in life, be a balance!

Sometimes, it’s best to stop, think and listen first. Take time and have patience. Commit to an idea. This is what you need in cake making so you don’t f**k it up but also, it can really help in Roller Derby! By doing all the previous you learn more, absorb more, so you get the best experience out of it and in turn, the best results. I guess becoming a cake maker after never having the patience before to commit to learning how to do it, has empowered me in a way that I transfer into my Derby Learning.

One aspect of this can clearly be seen in the Derby written test. I fully committed to it. I printed it out, revised it (something which I hate doing normally) practiced it and achieved 100% when I took it! This amazed me and made me wonder what I could have achieved at school if I hadn’t just been locked in cupboards by English teachers and actually enjoyed the subject!

Empowerment via achievement is a wonderful thing. This is something that the freshies will be gaining in lashings of loveliness as they learn each skill. It’s such a buzz when you practice, practice and practice that crossover and finally get it! The feeling is amazing! But it takes patience and commitment (for some more than others which can be frustrating sometimes!)

So back to the cake making side of things, It was hard work and I had to go against all my “instincts” to make my first (near to) perfect specimen. I had many bowls of gunk beforehand when I refused to read the instructions, follow the recipe and thought I knew better but I persevered again and again and taught myself. With that conceding came great rewards and only now, as I have learnt the basics, I can sometimes think outside the box slightly to put my own individual spin on things.

I’m still in my learning stage for Derby but even now I am able through perseverance to understand it more and start putting a personal spin on a few things, just a slight tweek of a T-stop, how to balance my weight in a plough to feel the perfect balancing point and that feeling when you KNOW you have made that right point of contact for a great hit! Like the cake making the hard work has paid off.

I guess I am thinking about all this as my other happy face this week has come from me making it onto the Travel Team for SWAT. I am very proud and excited, not only because I made it but how I got to making it. I tried hard, practiced, listened and learnt. This is the only way to truly further yourself in a lot of things in life but the fact that I have something to show for it (my green travel team T-shirt for a start!) is inspiring and amazing.

Lovely Travel Team T!

I’m looking forward to being on the track with my team mates and being able to put into practice what I have learnt from them and with them, over the last 7 Months. I am also very excited about the future….

No doubt there will even be a cake in there at some point to celebrate my being part of the team!

Big Derby Love this week to one and all.

Chat soon

Flash Bo-Dash xxx






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