The Bad Sheep Boutique – By Rockabilly Ray (Rachael Webster)

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We all love something new and interesting to hit the world of roller derby. And for any of you derby chicks that love a new T-shirt or two to own then this is a post for you.

The following is a guest post by Rockabilly Ray

Have you seen the awesome new Roller Zombies tank top that’s now available?

Designed exclusively for Bad Sheep Boutique by the hugely talented Like Hell Design, this amazing graphic features a pack of zombies chasing down a rather juicy looking jammer. The zombie jammer is out of shot, so with a little inspiration from a fellow team member and friend, I felt that the term “Eat the baby” just fitted perfectly, both with the set up and of course the zombie theme.

I love the fact that this design has caught so many people’s eyes already. Maybe it’s … Read More »

Roller Girl Features in Comic

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We recently caught up with Artist Jessica Abel about her latest work which features a Roller Derby Skater. We chatted about her work, inspiration and what’s on the horizon for her.

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Grab a cup of tea and enjoy!

Please tell us a bit about yourself?


I’m a cartoonist. I started back in the early 90s, self-publishing and then working with Fantagraphics on a series of short stories called Artbabe. After that, I did a graphic novel called La Perdida and taught comics, which led to writing (with my husband, fellow cartoonist Matt Madden of 99 Ways to Tell a Story: Exercises in Style) two textbooks on making comics, Drawing Words & Writing Pictures, and Mastering Comics (see below). I started Trish Trash back in 2007, initially with the idea of scripting it and working … Read More »

Happy New Year 2015

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Welcome to the start of a new year.

Thank you for your on going support and commitment in making Roller Derby so amazing.


What’s heavier, a ton of feathers or a ton of bricks?

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So much has happened since my last blog that it’s stopped me blogging and instead of doing it, I just think about it and pontificate (I love that word. If anything , a blog is worth writing just to use that word!)

What do you talk about and how do you start I pontificated? (even better!) and then I pontificated some more……….

I’m aware that a total brain dump may bore and bamboozle, so I am going to talk about something that touched me this week.

I was looking through some old photos and found this one of myself from 2008. It kinda stopped me in my tracks. (yes, I can say ‘kinda’ as it’s my blog and I can spell how I lyke ;p) I rekon I was about 11 stn 11 here. That weight is etched in my mind for some … Read More »

Well Done PCRG and Cornwall Roller Derby

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A BIG congratulations goes out to Plymouth City Roller Girls who raised a massive £2,000 in memory for their team mate Becky Jukes.

The money was raised by Roller Derby Teams and Fans of Plymouth and Newquay from ticket sales, a raffle and donations.

Well done to everyone involved and everyone who supported such a great tribute.

For more information visit the link below:

How being like Michael Jackson will help you become better at Roller Derby

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You might just think Michael Jackson is just another pop star and understandably he’s not everyones cup of tea. But you can’t ignore the fact the man entertained and inspired so many people for so many years. Selling Billions of records, entertaining billions of people and through serval decades he was at the top of his game.

‘What’s that got to do with Roller Derby?’ you might be asking. Well, a lot. This music icon learnt a lot about being the best. About adapting in different times and continuing to grow in his field.

If you want to be better at roller derby you to must learn to grow, evolve and keep moving.

So what can we learn?

My Name Is Flash Bo-Dash & I’m a Roller Derby…holic.

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In the words of Nike “Just do it”!

Hi, my name is Flash Bo-Dash and I’m a Roller derby girl and recovering procrastinator.

My last Blog was for Roller Derby UK in June 2013 and I am (still) a Roller Derby holic.

There, I’ve done it. Broken the seal, dipped my toe in the water, started my journey again into the world of blogging, journalism or what I like to call it, brain dumping for whoever wants to read it!

In the past I’ve written for the guys here at Roller Derby UK about popping my first bout cherry, Derby Sponges, Gummy worm mouthguards and an array of interesting facts that I’d picked up on my journey into the world of Derby from a Rookies perspective. This came in the form of 20 or so blogs which started over a year ago (that … Read More »

Happy Easter All you lovely roller derby people

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OK, so this looks more like a picture you would find on a fridge produced by a child under 8 years old. BUT, we made it with love AND the chick wanted to do it for her portfolio piece. Enjoy!

Please note: She is not available for bout appearances. Sorry!

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Derby lesson number 1: You are never to swag for pads.

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I’m kicking off with this reminder, before I even start with the tale of first training, because it’s important.

I decided to break in my new skates (Riedell R3s) with a tootle round the local rink, and dutifully headed off with a backpack filled with Scabs and Bullets. It’s amazing what a floor full of kids can do for your resolve, and when I get to ‘skates on’ time I think to myself ‘I didn’t fall last time, I’ll be fine’.

I believe they call those things; famous last words.

In fairness I wasn’t skating, I was tottering around on the carpet on my toe-stops – one of which was slightly loose. Down I went like a ton of spuds, straight back onto my elbows (thankfully avoiding my backside) and gifting myself a huge black bruise and a graze.

Anyway… training.

First of all, off skates … Read More »

What to expect when joining a roller derby team

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Awesome people

Improved fitness

Supportive friends

Great sense of achievement

Improved balance


When people first think about joining derby there can be an array of mixed emotions. Perhaps excitement, nerves and then fear (especially when you see how good some of the players are).

But don’t worry. Derby can look like an aggressive sport but the players and those that surround the sport are usually very welcoming.


As you may have seen, in Flashes blog she talks about what she expected when she started roller derby and how it turned out.


If you are in the state of flux as to wether you should join a derby team or not here are a list of reasons why you NEED to sign up and join in.



A Beginners Experience into Roller Derby

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Bored? Lazy? Unsociable?

For me it’s pretty much a combination of the above… I’m over-thirty, giraffe tall, excessively sarcastic, and usually repel all forms of exercise, but how do I fix that?

Enter Bex, aka, the fabulous ‘Smashtronaut X5’ of Dorset Roller Girls, and my best online friend. We met thanks to a shared love of Formula One and, soon after, I discovered she was a skater.

One weekend I travelled down to visit her, and met up with the rest of her team at a fundraiser. The DRG’s are an awesome bunch, super rowdy but incredibly friendly, and I had an amazing time.

So now I had a new plan; become a roller girl.

I used to skate. I wasn’t fantastic, and I had issues with stopping which usually ended up with one of my mates being used as a human road block, but … Read More »

Lego Roller Derby Flat Track

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Stumbled across this online and HAD to share it with you!

Image courtesy of Pioneer Valley Roller Derby

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Published by Martin from Roller Derby UK. Follow Martin on Google Plus >>.

Derby Sponges, A Music Video, New Sparkly Skates & Playing Roller Derby With The Best Of The Best!

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Oh Boy!!!!! What a Month! This one has been crammed full of Derby goodness with me right in the middle of it lapping every second up. Sometimes I do feel like my everyday life is no longer separate from my Derby life as it’s being gradually sucked into a big Derby sponge! Sometimes I need to squeeze that sponge out though and take a step back as it’s easy to suddenly wake up and realise you haven’t seen non Derby related friends for ages, or worn anything other than Dri-fit and team colours!

I had the perfect opportunity to change this one Sunday at the end of April. I was carrying on as usual when I was introduced to the possibility of being in a music video which was being shot locally! The band, The Computers, were taking over a … Read More »

Sunshine, A Win, New Skates, Dangle Derby and A New Team Sponsor! A Good Derby Month All In All!

Hard to start a blog when it’s so Sunny outside! I have been massively sidetracked with important stuff and some not so important stuff today, but thought I would just start typing and see where it goes!

I guess one of the biggest things since we spoke last was that my team S.W.A.T (South West Angels Of Terror) played in and won the final of The South West League.

Wiltshire, Dorset, Plymouth, Kernow and us have been playing against each other in double header bouts since October last year to see who would be crowned the best team in The South West League, for the years 12/13. So far we hadn’t lost a game, so spirits were high and on 6th April this year we took the title and the lovely trophy that had been made to mark the occasion!

The … Read More »

Roller Derby Hits The Papers Big Time & S.W.A.T Makes News Stands Around The World!

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Last Weekend was magic! In fact the whole week was a whirl of fast paced Derby goodness with a humongous chunk of PR frivolity chucked in!

Are we sitting comfortably? Then I will begin:..It started when we had a very special phone call at SWAT headquarters from non other than The Sun newspaper ! We had been chosen (thanks to some help from Roller Derby UK) to feature in a double page spread about the sport we all love! Football, I mean ROLLER DERBY!!!!!

What an honor! Now we knew we’d been working hard on and off the track, but to be noticed by a national paper wasn’t something that happens every day! The buzz started to vibrate round our PR minds.What would they focus on? Would it portray Derby under the light it should be, a serious, hard, … Read More »

Sometimes you have to just start! – My first blog for a while, but it’s crammed with lots of Roller Derby goodness!

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Well I didn’t think that would happen!

Writers block, laziness, busyness, business, not knowing what to say, knowing what to say and not wanting to? For whatever reason my blog history now has a massive gaping hole in it!

This is my first blog since January.

I’ve started to write it in my head many times but never put fingers to keys and actually done it! So much has happened, almost too much and I think that has actually stopped me writing it as the enormity of the task, how to cram it all in, just got too big! The thing is, for you the readers, reading a novel of a blog would have been as much of a chore as me writing it so today, I’ve just got myself into gear and just started typing! What will be will be (and hopefully … Read More »

Vote for the Tiger Bay Brawlers

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Derby is full of supportive people with great hearts so we are calling on you!

The Tiger Bay Brawlers have been short listed for the ‘FAIR GAME WINNING SPORTS TEAM’ award and they need our support.

What better way to show people that derby is not as violent as it’s been portrayed on TV!

So this is what you need to do to take part:
1. Click this link
2. Click on the photo of the team(pic 9) that looks like this:









A pop up box will open. Like this one:










3. Scroll down and check the “vote for this” option











then close the pop up

4. Fill in your name and email address then press submit

You can do this EVERY DAY and using as many email addresses as you have access to!

Here’s the link, so get cracking:

Read More »

Jam Packed, Jammer packed, Pack Is Here! Yes Derby Filled To The Brim!!!

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Well hi there! Long time no read!

I haven’t written a blog since New Years Eve!!!! I try and write one a week but my life has been jam packed! (Jam packed, jammer packed pack is here! Yes Derby filled to the brim!)

We’ve all been training hard since the return from our Xmas break. We’ve been pushed, pulled,squashed,hit,crunched and all manner of moves that have raised our cardio and agility on the track (plus I think we all wanted to work off some of the boxes of chocolates we consumed over the Xmas period!)

Seems others have been discovering the benefits of  the Derby Workout too! ABC News picked up on it on Good morning America. Check out this link to see their reporter in action! Our training sesh’s are somewhat a bit more extreme but that’s why we LOVE it!

Our … Read More »

2012 The Year Derby Found Me. 2013 To Infinity & Beyond!

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Well this is fun. Writing straight out of my brain again and throwing my thoughts right onto the keys!

It’s New Years Eve and I am in a bit of a panic (like every New Year) but MEGA excited as it’s the time of year in my Shire that EVERYONE dresses up in Fancy Dress. The only day where I look normal! You may know by now that it’s one of my guilty pleasures, fancy dress and over the years I have ecrued a number of outfits from Wonder Woman to Medusa, Vampire Nurse to Captain of a ship! I always make the excuse that it can be worn next year, but next year comes and inevitably I want to create something new to wear/someone to be for the night!

Pulling all this back to Derby as of course that is … Read More »

Well what’s been happening…WHAT’S NOT BEEN HAPPENING!!!!! WooooAAAAAAAgggHHHHHHHHHHHH!

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Well what’s been happening…or rather should I say WHAT’S NOT BEEN HAPPENING!!!!! WAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH! WOOOOO YAY!!!

Last Saturday, 15th December 2012, S.W.A.T took on the very lovely Plymouth City Roller Girls. This was my second bout playing for The South West Angels Of Terror. I was uber excited but the run up was slightly rocky with issues surrounding the Sports Hall and if we could actually play. These I am glad to say were ironed out by Bout Day so the game was on!…and what a game it was.

We all left early, bright eyed and bushy tailed (not really but it sounds good!) and met for the travel down to Bournemouth which was to take us about 2.5hrs on mostly B roads! Do you know what though, I didn’t even notice as we were all on top form and laughed most of … Read More »

Derek The Deer & A Magical Unicorn Share Dash’s Derby Life This Week!

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Well what a week! I was so busy even the blog missed it’s normal Friday slot! It’s a crazy time for us photographers this time of year and I have mostly been shooting kids in Xmas hats with my trusty fluffy assistant, Derek the Deer!

Fear not though, I’m sat in my Xmas jumper and sage green Xmas treeified skinny jeans all Christmassed up writing blog no.19 , (yes 19!!!!!) for you now. I have the hat on as my boiler has broken (again) so I have no hot water OR heating! I guess it makes it feel a lot more wintry which may add to the Xmasy feel I guess! Trying to see the positive but to be honest, after getting home from training this week and discovering I had no hot water, wasn’t funny, at all! … Read More »

Knees Are Very Important In Life! (& For Roller Derby)

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So did we get to training last weekend??? Noooooooo is the sad sad answer.The floods were just too bad and it was touch and go whether we would make it back …..without a boat (or someone with a batman car) so ‘The Topsham Massive’ as we are collectively called in our car share, made a very grown up decision to stay in bed! Ha ha well not quite but we all were in out PJs I think when we were discussing it over the tinternet in the warm (I won’t tell you what time of day it was!)

As it happened it was the right thing to do as the rain came in hard just after training and my town was cut off from the rest of the world completely! Quite exciting really but it didn’t help matters though when I … Read More »

Was A”Bout” Time I Burst My SWAT Cherry! & What A Game To Do It In…

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Well the big thing in my Derby life was that I popped my bout cherry with the SWAT girls on Saturday (technically being a Fairy in the bout in Gloucester was my first bout, but this was my first playing on the Travel Team for SWAT) So how was it? Well I wasn’t sick, I didn’t wet myself and I actually enjoyed it so all was good! My first line up was with Bolty next to me and there was a definite stare out fest between their jammer and us with Fanny Havok giving as good as she got! It all went so fast though and it was over before it had begun in my mind and all I wanted to do was carry on and do it again! Definitely felt I had more to give and I’m raring to … Read More »

NEWS FLASH!!!! Unfiltered, Un-Doctored & Straight Out Of My Brain!!! Ouch!

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This is more live coverage of my life rather than a blog as I am writing live! (not that I am normally dead when I write but I do write my blog on my laptop and mark it like being my own teacher, pontificate a bit, swap sentences round and make sure I haven’t offended anyone in the writing process!

This is me, writing straight onto the Roller Derby UK website, unfiltered, un-doctored and straight out of my brain!!! Ouch!…….Why? (you may ask) well, I chose to do a NEWS FLASH of sorts as time is slipping away from me and I have to get ready for a very BIG event………

………….and I am playing! My first bout as a fully fledged Derby girl for S.W.A.T!

Mega excited as you can probably tell and have been upping my game, practicing hard … Read More »

Baking Cakes Isn’t So Different To Baking Derby Girls!

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This week was mostly about being happy!!!!

We have had two Birthdays in the team and that always makes me smile and get my cake making head firmly screwed on. I don’t consider myself a baker or even a cook as I generally live on ready meals (the healthy ones if there is such a thing) and toast, but I do like to throw myself into a good cake baking sesh! I love the creativeness of it all. I trained in ceramics/metals and 3D design for my BA (hons) so I like the sculptural side of things and making something out of nothing.

At the beginning of my cake making career I did suffer from impatience when mixing the ingredients etc but from experience I have learnt that it takes time and commitment to become a cake maker and after a … Read More »

My Sweat Has Sweat On It!

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“My sweat has sweat on it!” .That was my status last night after training! It amazes me what my S.W.A.T girls are capable of and there is something that blows my mind at every session.

So as you can see, I am finally back on my skates after my tooth catastrophe!…and I love it!

My first session back was a couple of weeks ago now. It was a light one and I had the pleasure of being Smousey, our Fresh Meat coach for S.W.A.T’s, demo model for our new Fresh Meaties! This was a lot of fun and I finally got to meet everyone who had taken the fabulous leap into the world of Derby. This session was the Freshies first proper training session and I was Smousey. Debbie Mcgee to her Paul Daniels! I wanted to wear more glitter but … Read More »

Derby Bird

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I saw this and had to share it. It seems that the Roller Derby bug is spreading



Ooooooooooooooo! Blog no.13. Lucky For Some!

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Well I can’t say that this week hasn’t been challenging so I can see why blog number 13 may be a bit of an interesting one…. Lucky for some!

The tooth problems? ……….well they continued ………along with a sickness bug, a headache, earache, exposed nerves in my jaw from where they took the tooth (from a traumatic extraction they called kidding!) This led to a 7th emergency visit to the Dentist and to top it all off a sore throat! This was all mashed up with a pinch of a car crash where someone drove right into me on the way to Fresh Meat, stopping me getting there!

Needless to say I felt like the Gods were against me slightly in my quest to get back to skating! It’s been tough, really tough, but I’ll say it again, when something takes … Read More »

Just Lay Back & Think Of Skating!

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What to do when you write a weekly blog and you’re poorly? Last Friday was looming and all I could think of was (amongst another mountain of things) how am I going to write my blog and even if I do what am I going to write about? Needless to say, I couldn’t, didn’t and went on to have a very poorly week.

Roll on this Friday. It’s a bit silly as I am writing most of the time about the past, about my time as a rookie, but when I do skate in the week it almost aids me and inspires my writing. Last week I was so poorly I just couldn’t. What’s wrong with me you ask? It’s a tooth thing. Abscess so the pain takes over your world!!!!!

I have had to go back to the dentist today for … Read More »

Roller Derby Book, Interview and Competition

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Hello fellow skaters, book lovers and competition enthusiasts.

We have a treat for you. The Lovley Red Tash (author and derby skater) is giving you the chance to win a copy of her NEW BOOK!!!

She very generously took the time out to speak to us about writing and of course Roller Derby.

Read on for the full interview. Details at the end of the interview to enter the competition.

 Interview with Red Tash —————

Thanks very much for taking the time to do this.

I see that your book is getting 4 and 5 star reviews on Amazon! That’s very impressive are you pleased with how people are responding to your book “Troll or Derby”?

Couldn’t be more pleased! The only thing that would make me happier would be to see the book take off, for the roller derby community to notice it and … Read More »

Dusty, Busty, Musty Old English Teachers, The Stresses Of A Ref And Looking Like Wallace & Grommit!

This is my 11th Blog for Roller Derby UK. That’s about 15000 words so far! Nearly enough for my book! (I like to aim high) Just maybe!?

I never thought that I would actually enjoy writing every week. I guess it helps to be passionate about the subject, but to be honest with you, I was put off taking my English education any further than the school gates when I was younger. My best friend and I spent most of the time shut in the stationary cupboard by our English teacher!

She thought she was punishing us but we didn’t half have fun in that cupboard which became our second home! There was a T.V (which didn’t work, much to our dismay, as our lesson was bang on neighbours time after lunch) There was also a window so pretending we had … Read More »

Shooting Fairies, A Scary Jam and Deep Breathing all things a Derby Girl Needs!

Saturday went very well! Couldn’t go any better really as my team S.W.A.T won! The main bout was a joy to behold as ‘The Big Girls’ played with skill and passion and all us Fresh Meat graduates became ever so more slightly in love with our team and the game!

I sat in my fav position, a suicide seat and took my trusty camera. I wasn’t going to take many shots but my passion took over and I couldn’t help myself! Here are some shots that document some fun and frivolity that happened on the track, yet also shows the dedicated strength and perseverance on the faces of all the girls that played. Good game SRT!

So how did my first bout go? I LOVED IT! Every second of it from the arrival, … Read More »

Hellfire Harlots Take On London Roller Girls

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This post is thanks to the work of Finn Furious from the Hellfire Harlots – Thank you!

Saturday the 8th September saw Nottingham roller derby team, the Hellfire Harlots play in a might Brawl against Saints from London Roller Girls.

The game started at a steady pace as the points were slow to rack up, leaving the audience on the edge of their seats wondering who would edge ahead…

Around half way through the first period, the teams were even on 29 points apiece, it could have been anyone’s. The Harlots pushed on to achieve a 20 point lead against the Brawl Saints. The home crowd went wild as they cheered for the underdogs.

It was all about to change.

The Brawl Saints soon identified the gaps and used them to their advantage to push their score higher and end the first period on a … Read More »

Fuzzy Fresh Meat Tummies, Feeling The Burn & A Boomin Moomin!

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😆 😥 😳 😆

Tomorrow is 15th September 2012 and I am about to play in my first Roller Derby bout as a Fairy!!!! (yes the silver comment in my last blog gave the game away away a bit) I will be up against a team of Scaries, in the warm up bout for SRT (Severn Roller Torrent) Vs S.W.A.T (South West Angels Of Terror)

My opening exclamation sums up how I am feeling! I’m sitting here racking my brain trying to think back to the beginning so I can tell you about my Fresh Meat experiences but today its hard to remember as all I can think about is tomorrow. It’s such a life encompassing, exhilarating and exciting experience and it has been since I was picked for the team. I’ve found it hard not to think … Read More »

Derby World Intoxication, Suicide Seats And An Exciting News Flash!

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Today it’s Sunny. A lovely September Indian summers day. The Seagulls are swooping and the Marram grass is swaying in the cool breeze on the sand dunes. There’s a haze out to sea and the land that’s normally visible across the water is covered in a smokey white dense fog that’s gradually being burnt away by the piercing rays of the late Summer sunshine.



As you may have gathered I am actually writing this blog 5 months in arrears. The lovely people at Roller Derby UK contacted me as they wanted a Rookie to document their early Derby life and they chose me! I was immensely honoured and so far I have had a lot of fun writing for them every week about my early days in Derby World which started in March.


Derby Dictionary


Description:- like Barbie World but a … Read More »

Building a derby Dictionary

Posted on 7th September, by Martin in Roller Derby. 3 Comments

Welcome awesome derby players, loyal followers and lovers of seeing women kick ass!!

We are building a derby dictionary. Why? Well, we want to offer the resource for Newbies so they get a better understanding of what’s going on in the derby world. So they can get the lingo and fully embrace the Love of Derby!

Flash Bo Dash first brought the idea to our attention. She started this with her addictive blogs and explaining what these derby terms mean. Before we realised it there were derby dictionaries popping up everywhere.

We want to offer our readers to be part of the finest and best derby resource in the world!!!!!

Just like Zombies: We NEED your BRAINS

We want you to contribute a derby word (even a phrase) or two, for the most amazing derby dictionary ever!

You can be part of the greatest derby … Read More »

Dundee Derby Double Headder

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So what’s better than a Derby game for this up comiong weekend? How about 2? In one place?

Awesome, right?

Dundee Roller Girls are inviting you to join them for their latest and greatest event. A double header featuring Silvery Tayzers and the Jakey Bites split into two Co-Ed teams and battle it out on the track!

What’s more is the first game will give you the chance to see some of the freshest up-and-coming talent in Scotland’s female roller derby scene. With guest skaters from GCRG, FCR and FVRG our black vs. white opening bout you can tell your grand children ‘I was there in their early days’.

You can also get your usual fix of cakes at the venue!

What time is it all going down?

Doors open at 11:30am with the first game starting at 12:00.

How much is it?Â

Tickets £5 in advance … Read More »

A Slab Of Fresh Meat, A Pinch Of Memory Loss & A Dash Of Durometer

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It was Fresh Meat day!!!!!! Yes yes yes!!!!

I had been waiting all month for this day and it was finally here. I was going to one of the first induction days with The South West Angels of Terror to see if I liked Derby! (and not just wearing the fishnet tights) If I did I would go on to attend their 12 week training course and become a proper Derby Girl!

I was scared, excited, anxious and ecstatic but overall my feelings were buzzing! That day I felt electric like I had an energy running through me! (no Redbull required!)

It’s usual before I go for a run, go to the gym or do any sort of exercise, that I start to get pepped up when I put my Nike Drifit capris and kit on! My body must start to prepare … Read More »

All I Want For Christmas Is To Be a Glittertastic, Hip Checkerama Derby Girl!

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It was mid March 2012 and I’d finally got my skates on for a recreational skate with The South West Angels Of Terror. None of the girls had been terrors to me (that comes later!) in fact the whole experience was amazing and great fun. The fantastic thing was, to be in a room with people who loved skating as much as me, who clearly had a massive passion for it too. I thought I was the only mad one, but it seemed there were more of me!

Over the next few days I did however make my first journey to my Doctors. At the skate I experienced my first Derby Ding.

Derby Dictionary Alert
DERBY DING-To get dinged in Roller Derby by falling onto the floor, into a wall or into another player resulting in an injury. (Doctors get to know … Read More »

Barbie Skates, Brains and a Critikel Collision

Posted on 18th August, by Flash Bo-Dash in Roller Derby. 2 Comments

I had just watched my first ever Roller Derby training session and it filled me with joy, hope and so much excitement and I felt I could almost explode!

The next day I visited my Mum who I’ve mentioned previously was battling with Cancer (at this time she was in the throws of first stages of Chemo) I gabbled on like an excited 5 year old about Gummy Worms in helmets, girls running in pink skates on their toe-stops and the overriding smell that wafted out of bags which made everyone fall about in fits of laughter! (an Uggggggggghhhhhh on the Smellometer! See my last blog!)

The fabulous thing was, not only did Derby have the ability to lighten my day, it was now filtering into my families lives too. The stories and activities I had experienced on that first … Read More »

The Smell Scale from Ugh to AGGGHHHHH!

Posted on 10th August, by Flash Bo-Dash in Roller Derby. 3 Comments

Something I have been toying with recently is Flash Bo-Dashs’ Derby Dictionary! This blog features my first two words……… expect many more creations that pop up in my ever expanding world of Derby, in my future blogs……

In context: – “That was a real Gummy Worm Moment”


Vampira says to Flash at a training session when talking of playing Micro Derby.

Flash: Ooooo is that like Subbuteo where we have mini Derby players that we move around on a mini track wearing mini helmets and hot pants?

Vampy replies: No Flash.. (Grins) it’s where we use 3 blockers instead of 4 if we don’t have enough players training that was another one of your real Gummy Worm Moments (wets herself laughing)


So my first taster of Roller Derby went down like a treat, a very sweet treat! Imagine knickerbocker glory … Read More »

How To Pick A Good Roller Derby Name

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Picking a skate name is the hardest part of this sport. – STEFCON 1 #w00t

For a while now we have been seeing loads of posts on Facebook and Yahoo! Answers ,asking for ideas on Roller Derby names. Picking a good name is a time consuming job and may well drive you madder than Mrs Mad from Madfordshire!!

Although this is a great source of stress for many skaters this opportunity should be embraced. It’s a great chance to reinvent yourself and become the sinister person that you have always wanted to be.

I spent Weeks of hell coming up with my name as every other derby girl. Looking at everything and trying to turn it into something witty – Madame Whipcrash

After conducting LOADS of research interviewing the derby community, everyone gave advice about picking the right name for themselves. So this is … Read More »

Derby Baby in Birmingham

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If you are reading this then let’s assume that you are here because you LOVE roller derby, and who wouldn’t love bad ass women looking sexy and kicking ass on skates? Wahoooooooo!!

Let’s take another stab in the dark and assume you LOVE films!

Well my friend do we have one super kick ass event for you.


The lovely Birmingham Blitz Dames are offering you the chance to see this wonderful film on the 12th of August!

For a quick glimpse into what it’s all about check out this trailer:

By now you must be gagging for tickets!! So head over the Facebook page and gets yours NOW!!!

But that’s not all you can be part of the evening leisure skate afterwards and mingle with the team! Awesome!!!

It’s first come first serve so you will need to … Read More »

Zombies, Hip Checks and Gummy Worms

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I arrived under the darkness of night on a cold damp evening. It was 12th March 2012, the day after my 36th Birthday. Schools in the dark always freaked me out. Normally full of noise and hustle and bustle but an empty school always feels slightly lonely and more than a bit un nerving and scary! In my last blog I mentioned that I fully expected to get jumped on by Zombies from the corners of the dark corridors! I was on red alert for when this happened.

So far all I had found were girls climbing out of cars with various bags, looking as if they were going on holiday. Surely a pair of Roller Derby skates weren’t that big! I was soon to learn that a pair of skates is just the beginning of the kit you need in … Read More »

The Start of Something Big…My Derby Life

Posted on 27th July, by Flash Bo-Dash in Roller Derby Skater. 4 Comments

So, we’ve established that I LOVE skating and have done for many years.

Cool skinny jeans, Not so cool haircut!

Now it’s time to tell you where it’s taken me recently. Little did I know on that fateful morning when I discovered S.W.A.T (The South West Angels of Terror) on Google, it was to take my life in a new direction. Even I didn’t know the magnitude of the impact it would have on my life. Not only was there an impact but a spectacular explosion that sprouted fireworks, stars, whizzes, bangs and all things bright, positive and sparkly!

So now I have found them, what am I going to do about it???? The thought filled me with excitement but mostly fear. What do I do? How do I do it? Who do I contact? And above all what do I … Read More »

Pet shop Boys Embrace Roller Derby

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Seems like everyone is getting in on Roller Derby. First with Aerosmith rocking a derby theme and now with the Pet Shop Boys who feature some pretty awesome skaters!

For their new video ‘winner’ they look at a transgender Roller Derby skater ‘Dirty Diana’ as she rises through the ranks of the London Roller Girls.

Check out the video below.

What did you think? A good promotion for Roller derby? Nice to see more Roller Derby in the limelight?

Liverpool open evening…get your derby on

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As you know we love all things derby and we LOVE to share all things derby.

Not everyone gets our passion but here’s your chance!

The awesome Liverpool Roller Birds are holding an open evening so people like you (and your friends) can see why Roller Derby is so awesome!

There are limited spaces available so you will need to get your name down on the list ASAP.

But when is it happening?

22nd August 2012, 7.30-10pm in anticipation of their next intake of skaters on the 13th September 2012.

Where is it?

Liverpool, UK,

More details can be found here:

This is a completely free event though numbers will be limited so to register your attendance, please fill in this form and we’ll be in contact with the venue.

If you can’t wait until then. If you need your fix of roller derby before the … Read More »

Dash Does Derby!: The Blog of a Rookie Derby Skater

Posted on 19th July, by Flash Bo-Dash in Roller Derby. 2 Comments

When someone approaches you to write a blog, on something that has become the biggest thing in your life… in less than 5 months, my reaction was quite simply to nearly explode with excitement!

Then I realised I had to actually start writing it…………where to start!? Well I decided, at the beginning might be good!

It was my Birthday, March 11th 2012. I woke up with the joys of Spring about to enjoy a Chips and Builders Tea brunch on the seafront (no doubt with the seagulls sharing) with some of my closest friends. That morning something else happened to me. I discovered S.W.A.T on google.

I’d been skating outside for years because of my passion for roller skating and have done since I was 6 years old. We moved from a … Read More »

Not Quite Derby Part 3

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This is the third and final part of this post about images that are skating themed but all in all, aren’t quite derby:

The other parts of this post can be found here:

and here

Aerosmith Goes Derby!

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The legendary rock band known as Aerosmith (you may have heard of them) are back!

Steven Tyler and his chaos crew are due to come out with a new album this year and kick start the launch they have released the single Legendary Child (Their last single was in 2006)

So you know, with every great Aerosmith song comes an AWESOME video, and this is no exception!

Why are we telling you about this? Well, THERE ARE SKATERS IN IT!!!!!

You may recognise some derby moves in there!

Alexa Vega is the main girl on roller-skates whom you may have seen in the film Spy Kids

Here is the video:

Aerosmtihs new album is titled “Music From Another Dimension,” which will be available from Nov. 6.

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Let us know what you … Read More »

Not Quite Derby part 2

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So here wwe are with part two of this ‘Not quite Derby’ post.

Treat yourself to these visual wonders from around the web.

The first part can be found here:

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Not Quite Derby – pt 1

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This week (like many others) I have been mainly spending time online. It’s was only when scouring the internet I have found a few amusing images that are..well…not quite derby.

So this is my collection of images that I have found from around the web called

Not Quite Derby


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Let us know what you think about these in the comments section below.

Rain stops play – indoors

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Roller Derby in Devon Hits the pages

Posted on 5th July, by Martin in Roller Derby, Roller Derby Skater. 1 Comment

Hello all!

I have just had this brought to my attention and thought I would share it with you. A local roller derby team, S.W.A.T (South West Angels of Terror) had a chat about Roller Derby in a magazine about Exeter. Actually, Vampira did the interview and there is a mention about all of the great Roller Derby teams popping up all over the South West including Bristol Harbour Harlots, Gloucester’s Severn Roller Torrent, Kernow Rollers and Plymouth City Roller Girls to name a few.

The Full article can be seen here:

Please note: the article is in flash and can’t be read in and Apple device! Silly magazine.

On the plus side though I will have an interview with Vampira on the skater profile page very soon!


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Birthday Premier for Top Derby Team

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As you may have noticed Roller Derby is sweeping the nation.

Teams are popping up everywhere and the passion for Derby is getting stronger. It seems to be the sport that everyone wants to get involved with.

I know the Olympics are cool and all that, but it’s not a patch on Roller Derby. After all DERBY RULES!!!!

There are some great teams out there and the Cork City Firebirds are no exception. It’s almost a year since they began (where has that time gone?) and to celebrate this occasion they are hosting the European Premier of the Derby Baby! documentary.

Happy first birthday awesome people of Cork City Firebirds!!!

If you want to be part of the celebrations and check out what they are doing you can find out more information here:

So why am I sharing this with you? Well, … Read More »

Roller Derby Players Are Now In Focus

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As most people involved with Roller Derby I am always on the look out for something new and interesting in the world of Roller Derby.

I spend a lot of time on the internet scouring around on Google looking to locate the best things to happen in the sport so you don’t have to. Besides requests for help with choosing a Derby name, photographs on recently played bouts and handfuls of press releases about upcoming derby events sometimes you find something that stands out from the crowd.

On one of my recent searches I discovered a chap called Kyle Cassidy who is travelling around the world and photographing derby players.

“What a brilliant idea” I thought. I had always found the level of creativity in Derby girls appealing and although they played as part of a team there was always something … Read More »

London Rockin’ Rollers Bootcamp 2012

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OK, so you might be good at Roller Derby, but are you AWESOME?

Here is your chance:

The London Rockin’ Rollers have got a Bootcamp lined up for derby players of all levels and they want to know if you are interested?

‘But when is it happening?’ I hear you cry! It’s all set to start on June 9th at 9:00am until June 10 at 8:00pm 2012. That’s right its two days of Roller Derby advice, help training and fun. Not to mention you get to meet loads of awesomely cool roller derby players that are also going.

Where is it?

London baby! To be more precise here:

Newham Leisure Centre

281 Prince Regent Lane, E13 8SD London, United Kingdom

What are you waiting for?

For more information head over to their facebook group here:

or if you don’t want to miss out then you can get your … Read More »

Roller Derby Memes

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So you might have seen the internet being flooded with these memes. You may have seen them popping up in peoples news feeds.

Anyway, as I had some time on my hands I thought I would put a few together. Let me know what you think and feel free to download them and use them where ever!

Happy skating derby fans!!!

























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Have You Lost Your Groove?

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It is inevitable with roller derby that wear and tear is going to play a part on all of your equipment. Whether your whips have gone wrong, stumbling opponents knocking you to the ground or just the wheels of your skates going round, and round, and round.

Well, worry now more!

Tiger Bay Brawlers can help. With the last problem at least.

They now offer a re-grooving service that will spring life back in to some old and worn out wheels. This is a lot more cost effective than replacing those costly wheels that you love so much.

For more information head over to their site for prices and to get that new look back.

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Zombie Roller Derby Board Game

Posted on 13th March, by Martin in Roller Derby. 7 Comments

Hello Derby fans.

Now we all LOVE derby but not all of us have the grace and skill to become a derby superstar. Perhaps it’s the fact that we bruise easily, don’t take to pain very well or are made for a sport that requires more sitting down.

Well, I bring good news. You can still play derby! While sitting down!!

Zombie Roller Derby is a new board game that will allow you to play this awesome sport without the need for a large sports hall.

At the moment the game is still in development but we got to chat to the brains behind this awesome idea and find out what inspired them to undertake such a project.

If you love Roller Derby and you love Zombies – this is the game for you.

Creators Chad Knight and Carl Olson chat about how the game … Read More »

5 Core Skate Stability Exercises – Beginner

Posted on 7th March, by Martin in Roller Derby. 1 Comment

Hello lovely people of Derby!

So I have had a few people ask ‘Are there any exercises that I can do to make me better at Roller Derby?’. We all know that practice is the key but it’s not always easy to gain access to a massive hall and sometime all we have is the lounge area.

My answer to that question was ‘I don’t know’. I’ll hold my hands up. I am not a professional Athlete, I am not a personal trainer and I haven’t studied fitness and wellbeing to a great degree. But I know someone who has!

So I spoke to Polly Jeans. She is a personal trainer and nutrition expert and will be able to help you in your quest at becoming better players.

She has agreed to offer up regular advice about the key elements that Derby … Read More »

Roller Derby Perception

Posted on 27th February, by Martin in Roller Derby. 12 Comments

So I was telling a friend of mine about Roller Derby (not everyone in the UK knows about the sport yet). We got chatting about the women that do the sport and how peoples perception of the players is well off the reality of it all.

Plenty of the people involved in Roller Derby have successful careers, are smart AND pretty, yet people still jump to conclusions that these women must be different to those you see in the street. Some breed of aggressive, thrill seeking, blood thirsty superwomen.

Ok, some of that might be true!

Since setting up this site and having been in contact with these ladies and having been to bouts and Derby organised events I can’t say enough how great these ladies are! Nothing is too much trouble, they are accommodating and they can kick ass if they need … Read More »

Roller Derby in Skegness!!

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Help is wanted by a mother of four from Skegness. Georgina Hammond has been inspired to start a Roller Derby team after having seen the sport being played.

Can you help? Georgina Hammond is looking for sponsors, match officials and of course skaters to get it all to happen.

Georgia explained: “I’ve been watching them on the internet and it just looks amazing but I’ve got four children and a husband who works so getting out to Lincoln would be too difficult.”

Roller Derby is slowly taking over and it is currently the fastest growing sports in the UK.

You don’t have to be a pro skater to play roller derby as there are minimum skills that you will need to pass in order to play against another team.

At the moment it’s really early days, we haven’t got a venue yet but I’m hoping … Read More »

Derby Skater Profile – STEFCON 1 #w00t

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Derby Name: STEFCON 1 #w00t

Derby Team: Los Angeles Derby Dolls All-Star Team, The L.A. Ri-Ettes and I will always be a Tough Cookie.

Occupation: Marketing Automation Manager for a computer forensic/e-discovery software company (I’d rather be skating)

How long have you been skating? Started Roller Derby in December 2007.

Why did you get involved in roller derby? I was too competitive for recreational adult kickball and always wanted to play a contact sport. I’m too short for volleyball and not patient enough for golf.

How often do you practice?5 – 8 hours on skates per week, 1- 3 hours outside endurance/yoga/strength training (trying to find more time for this but work gets in the way)

What Pads do you use?  187 Killer Skate Pads – Pro Knee with McDavid Multi Action Knee Straps underneath (I don’t have knee problems and want to keep … Read More »

Derby Skater Profile – Marina del RAGE

Posted on 8th February, by Martin in Roller Derby Skater. No Comments

Derby Name? Marina del RAGE

Derby Team?
Fight Crew (Los Angeles Derby Dolls)

Designer / Architect

How long have you been skating? just hit 4 years

Why did you get involved in roller derby? friend of a friend told me about it and said he thought i should try it cause he knew I loved playing sports. I thought he was mental. I told him, no way, those girls are crazy… then curiosity got the best of me so i tried a freshmeat practice and i was hooked!

How often do you practice? 3 to 4 days a week

What pads do you use? 187s

What helmet do you use? S-One roller derby helmet

What skates do you use? Antik AR-1

Where did your derby name come from? My freshmeat mama helped me come up with it. I wanted something … Read More »

Derby Skater Profile – Lottie Dah

Posted on 8th February, by Martin in Roller Derby Skater. No Comments

Derby Name? Lottie Dah

Derby Team? Varsity Brawlers

Occupation? Academic Advisor

How long have you been skating? I’ve been skating since I was about 6, and playing derby for two years.

Why did you get involved in roller derby? I was bored with myself. I had too much spare time on my hands. I was drawn to derby because I’ve always loved roller skating, and I wanted to do a sport that would kick my ass.

How often do you practice? Two- four times a week

What pads do you use? Pro-Tec wrist, 187 elbow, and Smith Scabs knee

What helmet do you use? S-One

What skates do you use? Antiks

Where did your derby name come from? When I found out the name I really, really wanted (a play on Zooey Deschanel) was taken, I got so upset that I started thinking of “angry names” like “Fah Q”, or “Byte Me”, or … Read More »

Derby Skater Profile – Lace N’ Arsenic

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Derby Name:
Lace N’ Arsenic

Derby Team: Varsity Brawlers (LADD Home Team) LA Ri-ettes (LADD All Star Team)

Occupation: Contracts Administrator

How long have you been skating? Just over 3 years

Why did you get involved in roller derby? Because I’ve always loved sports and there really isn’t that much out there for women to play in anymore. Not past college at least. Intraleague sports were just not competitive or strict enough for me and this provided the perfect balance.

How often do you practice? 3 – 4 times a week

What pads do you use? 187 wrist guards and elbow pads, Skabb knee pads.

What helmet do you use? S One skate helmet – they are our sponsor

What skates do you use? Riedell 965’s with a reactor plate.

Where did your derby name come from? My real name is Laci and I liked … Read More »

That ‘Derby’ Smell

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So, for today’s post we are going to look at an issue that plagues many of us derby lot. The smell!!

Hardcore training means sweaty people which, as well all know leads to sweaty pads!

So what can we do to tackle this? Well, I found this rather impressive blog post by Bitches Bruze. It seems that this lovely lady has already addressed the issue.

So why not have a read and see what she suggests:


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Scabs Knee Gaskets

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Scabs Knee Gaskets

As mentioned in my earlier post (Scabs Knee Pad Review) I think the size of my knees comes somewhere in the middle of Small/Medium and Large in the Scabs Elites so I needed a little extra padding underneath to keep them firmly in place. I shopped around and found some Scabs knee gaskets for £27.99. I went for a medium as I didn’t want them to cut off circulation but I also wanted them to give me firm protection and not move around. When they arrived they had Velcro on the top front and bottom front so that they stick to the knee pads. These bad boys weren’t going anywhere and I couldn’t be without them.

After a couple of weeks wear I found that the stitching was coming away from the seams. I have been very careful … Read More »

Scabs Knee Pads

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Scabs Knee Pads

After 5 months of wear the padding in my TSG knee pads was pretty worn down and they really weren’t fully protecting my knees anymore, I competed in my first mixed scrimmage and after a few falls and one severely damaged knee later I decided it was time to upgrade! So for my birthday I plumped for a set of Smiths Scabs Elites. The first set I got were small/medium but the Velcro wouldn’t even meet at the back, I don’t have particularly chunky legs but I think I must fall somewhere in between the small/medium and the large so after a quick exchange from the lovely people at Skate Britain I had my nice shiny new ones, the Velcro now overlaps at the back and can we tightened to fit. All I can say is wow, they … Read More »

Riedell R3 Black Jam Skates

Posted on 6th January, by admin in Derby Skates. No Comments

Quad jam skate from Riedell at an exceptional price. Comfortable and durable, this boot is the best skate value in the industry.
New Radar Cayman wheels with the exclusive speed groove wheel design for a distinct look and performance

Boot: Riedell R3
Plate: PowerDyne Nylon with metal trucks
Wheels: Radar Cayman
Bearings: Kwik ABEC-5

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Roller Derby Stingray Quad Roller Skates

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Roller Derby Stingray Quad Roller Skates.

have been especially designed for the sport of Roller Derby. With a reinforced frame, maxi top stop and ultra wide grip wheels this is a serious skate designed to perform.


Boot: Genuine Leather Upper with Memory Comfort Foam

Reinforced Ankle Support

Custom Power Strap Closure

Glass Filled Nylon Frame with Adjustable Trucks & Toe Stop

62mm StingRay MAG Core Ultra Sticky Wheels

Abec 7 Bearings


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Anarchy Havoc Derby Roller Skates

Posted on 6th January, by admin in Derby Skates. No Comments

Product Features

Boot: Low cut Semi-soft Vinyl quad skate with micro-fibre lining and vented tongue
Undercarriage: Fiberlite PP chassis with Fiberlite AFT-46 trucks
Wheels: Anarchy Brawlers 62×43 PU Cast 94A with ABEC 5 Bearings
FIT – We recommend you order your normal shoe size.

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New Knee Pads

Posted on 4th November, by Martin in knee pads. No Comments

If you are like me when I started then you will be thinking What pads should I get to protect myself. Don’t worry this should help you.

I didn’t go mad when it came to spending on pads as I believed that it was all about the skates. How wrong I was!

It’s not all about the skates, it’s all about not hurting yourself.

So I opted for some cheapy pads. They were a 3-in-1 set were you get the wrist guards, knee pads and elbow pads too! WHAT A DEAL!! or so I thought!

While performing one of the countless one knee drops that you will do on your way to become a derby superstar I came down on my left knee with the usual force. Except this time I didn’t make contact with the pads the way I wanted to mainly due … Read More »

The Game of Roller Derby – Basic Guide

Posted on 26th August, by Martin in Roller Derby. No Comments

So you may be wondering (like I did) Roller Derby sounds awesome but what the heck are the rules?

If so I have put this blog post together to give you a basic understanding of the players needed, what they need to do and how you can score points.



So as you can see from this diagram the track is a sort of oval-roundy shape! It’s probably this shape as it is easy to go around in than a square and unlike a circle you don’t get a straight to pick up speed.

As a general rule of thumb all of the skaters need to skate in the anti-clockwise direction (the way the arrow is pointing).

There are two teams (in this case a red team and a green team). Each team on the track is made up of 5 girls. 3 of … Read More »

Roller Derby Helmet Buying

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Helmet buying = NIGHTMARE!!!!

Getting a helmet that fits became the bain of my life!! S M L or S/M L/XL?

I measured my head using advice from various websites online and found my head measurements to be 56-57cm. This was smack in the middle of S/M and L/XL. Great!! I figured, to make sure it was a good fit, I’d go for a S/M TSG  when it arrived it was unbelievably tight, it practically cut off the circulation to my brain! I sent it back now I’m £6 lighter from postage costs. Since TSG sizes seemed to be so far out I decided to go for a Medium Capix branded helmet instead, when this arrived it was massive!! I soon realised that different brands would range in sizes just like H&M clothing sizes may differ from Next clothing sizes, … Read More »

Roller Derby Tips – Positional Blocking

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Passed my written skills test tonight! Yay! What a good way to start off a training session.

We worked on positional blocking tonight, I have to say I’ve never been very good at this.

The main aim of this is to use your bum to stop the other skater getting past you. We were told to get as close as we could to the skater we were blocking but no matter how hard I tried I always seem to roll off too fast and they skated right on by! Our trainer suggested getting into the Plough stop stance and it worked a treat!! My partner ended up tripping up and taking me down with her which meant she got the major penalty and off to the sin bin she went!

Therefore today’s top tip for nailing the back blocking technique… … Read More »

VampeRia 77 – Getting Decent Fresh Meat Skates

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Choosing decent roller derby skates always throws up LOADS of choices.

I went for the Riedell R3’s over the Rio Rollers, (the Rios seem to be the favourite skate for people testing the water!) I figured that spending £40 on a pair and then upgrading to£115 skates a month or so down the line was false economy! I checked ebay and there weren’t any on there so that made the decision easier, if I didn’t get on with this whole Roller Derby lark they’d be easy to sell on once I got better and chose to upgrade to an even better skate once I become awesome!

I’ve had them for about 10 months now and they’re serving me well! I got the white ones with pink wheels as I thought they looked prettier than the black ones!!

Although they were cool … Read More »

Vamperia 77 – Pads for Starters

Posted on 7th June, by Martin in elbow pads. No Comments

When setting out to buy my first set of pads we were advised by our coach to spend more on them than anything else to begin with as safety was the most important thing!

I, as most of our new team did, decided to go for the triple pack pads though, the favourite being the SFR white ones with pink stitching for £24.99. We soon realised that this was most certainly not the best option we could have gone for! The knee and elbow pads offered very little protection. The first thing I upgraded was the knee pads. I went for a pair of TSG All Terrains. They are very good and I managed to get a brand new pair on eBay for £14, (apparently normal rrp is £35), they didn’t break the bank but are very comfortable and do an … Read More »

VampeRia – Derby Gum Shield Review

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Now we have started doing some contact and pack work we all have to have a gum shield us girlies like to play rough you know!

I have done Tae Kwon Do for 9 years now and had been using a shock doctor mouth guard for when I do sparring and although it served its purpose it made me gag! I decided that as I had so much work done at the orthodontist as a kid, my teeth are way too precious to scrimp on a properly fitting gum shield. I spoke to my own dentist who charges £85 for a custom one and then did some research online. I came across a derby forum where came highly recommended, these guys also sponsor LRG! I had a look on their website and found the perfect design to fit … Read More »

Getting the Right Kit

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Ok , so to start with I wasn’t sure whether this was the sport for me. So I didn’t spend a massive amount on kit. I just got all of the bits that I needed to start the training sessions and reduce injury.

As I hadn’t been on skates before I thought it would be fair to assume that me and the floor would be spending a lot more time together. So I defiantly needed something.

Tip: Some teams will have spare kit that you can hire out from them but find out first or you may have to sit out on the training sessions.

So I managed to borrow a helmet which was ideal as I wasn’t too happy about trying to skate around without one on. It is always best to get your own helmet as they take the … Read More »

Pad Review – Karnage Protective Pad Set

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So for my first set of pads I didn’t spend a fortune. I found a cheapy Karnage Protective Pad Set at JJB for under £15

They were ideal to start with but I did find that the knee pads weren’t sufficient enough for all the times I kept falling over and needed a new pair of pads after a month.

The elbow pads were ok to begin with but I was finding that they weren’t big enough to cover the whole elbow, and I did incur a few bruises and burns but they were fine for starters just until I knew this was the sport for me.

The wrist guards were ideal to start with too but after a few months on me falling down and using my hands to stop myself the stitching soon came apart.

Review: Overall not bad for a starting … Read More »

Gum Shield Review – Opro Shield Mouth Guard

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Gum shield I didn’t bother with for the first few sessions. It was only when we started doing pack work that I needed one.

So once again I went off to JJB and picked up a cheap one that you put in hot water, bite down on then it moulds themselves to the shape of your teeth. It was am Opro Shield Mouth Guard and can be found here>>

Mine fitted really well when I did it but a few of my friends really struggled with theirs. Mine was fine until I had to use it for more than three minutes and it made my gums bleed and I looked like I had just bitten the head off of a vampire bat. So I am going to look at other mouth guards and will let you know which ones I really … Read More »


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