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Dusty, Busty, Musty Old English Teachers, The Stresses Of A Ref And Looking Like Wallace & Grommit!

This is my 11th Blog for Roller Derby UK. That’s about 15000 words so far! Nearly enough for my book! (I like to aim high) Just maybe!?

I never thought that I would actually enjoy writing every week. I guess it helps to be passionate about the subject, but to be honest with you, I was put off taking my English education any further than the school gates when I was younger. My best friend and I spent most of the time shut in the stationary cupboard by our English teacher!

She thought she was punishing us but we didn’t half have fun in that cupboard which became our second home! There was a T.V (which didn’t work, much to our dismay, as our lesson was bang on neighbours time after lunch) There was also a window so pretending we had … Read More »

Shooting Fairies, A Scary Jam and Deep Breathing all things a Derby Girl Needs!

Saturday went very well! Couldn’t go any better really as my team S.W.A.T won! The main bout was a joy to behold as ‘The Big Girls’ played with skill and passion and all us Fresh Meat graduates became ever so more slightly in love with our team and the game!

I sat in my fav position, a suicide seat and took my trusty camera. I wasn’t going to take many shots but my passion took over and I couldn’t help myself! Here are some shots that document some fun and frivolity that happened on the track, yet also shows the dedicated strength and perseverance on the faces of all the girls that played. Good game SRT!

So how did my first bout go? I LOVED IT! Every second of it from the arrival, … Read More »

Zombies, Hip Checks and Gummy Worms

Posted on 3rd August, by Flash Bo-Dash in Roller Derby Skater. 1 Comment

I arrived under the darkness of night on a cold damp evening. It was 12th March 2012, the day after my 36th Birthday. Schools in the dark always freaked me out. Normally full of noise and hustle and bustle but an empty school always feels slightly lonely and more than a bit un nerving and scary! In my last blog I mentioned that I fully expected to get jumped on by Zombies from the corners of the dark corridors! I was on red alert for when this happened.

So far all I had found were girls climbing out of cars with various bags, looking as if they were going on holiday. Surely a pair of Roller Derby skates weren’t that big! I was soon to learn that a pair of skates is just the beginning of the kit you need in … Read More »

The Start of Something Big…My Derby Life

Posted on 27th July, by Flash Bo-Dash in Roller Derby Skater. 4 Comments

So, we’ve established that I LOVE skating and have done for many years.

Cool skinny jeans, Not so cool haircut!

Now it’s time to tell you where it’s taken me recently. Little did I know on that fateful morning when I discovered S.W.A.T (The South West Angels of Terror) on Google, it was to take my life in a new direction. Even I didn’t know the magnitude of the impact it would have on my life. Not only was there an impact but a spectacular explosion that sprouted fireworks, stars, whizzes, bangs and all things bright, positive and sparkly!

So now I have found them, what am I going to do about it???? The thought filled me with excitement but mostly fear. What do I do? How do I do it? Who do I contact? And above all what do I … Read More »

Roller Derby in Devon Hits the pages

Posted on 5th July, by Martin in Roller Derby, Roller Derby Skater. 1 Comment

Hello all!

I have just had this brought to my attention and thought I would share it with you. A local roller derby team, S.W.A.T (South West Angels of Terror) had a chat about Roller Derby in a magazine about Exeter. Actually, Vampira did the interview and there is a mention about all of the great Roller Derby teams popping up all over the South West including Bristol Harbour Harlots, Gloucester’s Severn Roller Torrent, Kernow Rollers and Plymouth City Roller Girls to name a few.

The Full article can be seen here:

Please note: the article is in flash and can’t be read in and Apple device! Silly magazine.

On the plus side though I will have an interview with Vampira on the skater profile page very soon!


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Derby Skater Profile – Marina del RAGE

Posted on 8th February, by Martin in Roller Derby Skater. No Comments

Derby Name? Marina del RAGE

Derby Team?
Fight Crew (Los Angeles Derby Dolls)

Designer / Architect

How long have you been skating? just hit 4 years

Why did you get involved in roller derby? friend of a friend told me about it and said he thought i should try it cause he knew I loved playing sports. I thought he was mental. I told him, no way, those girls are crazy… then curiosity got the best of me so i tried a freshmeat practice and i was hooked!

How often do you practice? 3 to 4 days a week

What pads do you use? 187s

What helmet do you use? S-One roller derby helmet

What skates do you use? Antik AR-1

Where did your derby name come from? My freshmeat mama helped me come up with it. I wanted something … Read More »

Derby Skater Profile – Lottie Dah

Posted on 8th February, by Martin in Roller Derby Skater. No Comments

Derby Name? Lottie Dah

Derby Team? Varsity Brawlers

Occupation? Academic Advisor

How long have you been skating? I’ve been skating since I was about 6, and playing derby for two years.

Why did you get involved in roller derby? I was bored with myself. I had too much spare time on my hands. I was drawn to derby because I’ve always loved roller skating, and I wanted to do a sport that would kick my ass.

How often do you practice? Two- four times a week

What pads do you use? Pro-Tec wrist, 187 elbow, and Smith Scabs knee

What helmet do you use? S-One

What skates do you use? Antiks

Where did your derby name come from? When I found out the name I really, really wanted (a play on Zooey Deschanel) was taken, I got so upset that I started thinking of “angry names” like “Fah Q”, or “Byte Me”, or … Read More »

Derby Skater Profile – Lace N’ Arsenic

Posted on 8th February, by Martin in Roller Derby Skater. No Comments

Derby Name:
Lace N’ Arsenic

Derby Team: Varsity Brawlers (LADD Home Team) LA Ri-ettes (LADD All Star Team)

Occupation: Contracts Administrator

How long have you been skating? Just over 3 years

Why did you get involved in roller derby? Because I’ve always loved sports and there really isn’t that much out there for women to play in anymore. Not past college at least. Intraleague sports were just not competitive or strict enough for me and this provided the perfect balance.

How often do you practice? 3 – 4 times a week

What pads do you use? 187 wrist guards and elbow pads, Skabb knee pads.

What helmet do you use? S One skate helmet – they are our sponsor

What skates do you use? Riedell 965’s with a reactor plate.

Where did your derby name come from? My real name is Laci and I liked … Read More »


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