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Shooting Fairies, A Scary Jam and Deep Breathing all things a Derby Girl Needs!

Saturday went very well! Couldn’t go any better really as my team S.W.A.T won! The main bout was a joy to behold as ‘The Big Girls’ played with skill and passion and all us Fresh Meat graduates became ever so more slightly in love with our team and the game!

I sat in my fav position, a suicide seat and took my trusty camera. I wasn’t going to take many shots but my passion took over and I couldn’t help myself! Here are some shots that document some fun and frivolity that happened on the track, yet also shows the dedicated strength and perseverance on the faces of all the girls that played. Good game SRT!

So how did my first bout go? I LOVED IT! Every second of it from the arrival, … Read More »

Hellfire Harlots Take On London Roller Girls

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This post is thanks to the work of Finn Furious from the Hellfire Harlots – Thank you!

Saturday the 8th September saw Nottingham roller derby team, the Hellfire Harlots play in a might Brawl against Saints from London Roller Girls.

The game started at a steady pace as the points were slow to rack up, leaving the audience on the edge of their seats wondering who would edge ahead…

Around half way through the first period, the teams were even on 29 points apiece, it could have been anyone’s. The Harlots pushed on to achieve a 20 point lead against the Brawl Saints. The home crowd went wild as they cheered for the underdogs.

It was all about to change.

The Brawl Saints soon identified the gaps and used them to their advantage to push their score higher and end the first period on a … Read More »

Fuzzy Fresh Meat Tummies, Feeling The Burn & A Boomin Moomin!

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😆 😥 😳 😆

Tomorrow is 15th September 2012 and I am about to play in my first Roller Derby bout as a Fairy!!!! (yes the silver comment in my last blog gave the game away away a bit) I will be up against a team of Scaries, in the warm up bout for SRT (Severn Roller Torrent) Vs S.W.A.T (South West Angels Of Terror)

My opening exclamation sums up how I am feeling! I’m sitting here racking my brain trying to think back to the beginning so I can tell you about my Fresh Meat experiences but today its hard to remember as all I can think about is tomorrow. It’s such a life encompassing, exhilarating and exciting experience and it has been since I was picked for the team. I’ve found it hard not to think … Read More »

Derby World Intoxication, Suicide Seats And An Exciting News Flash!

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Today it’s Sunny. A lovely September Indian summers day. The Seagulls are swooping and the Marram grass is swaying in the cool breeze on the sand dunes. There’s a haze out to sea and the land that’s normally visible across the water is covered in a smokey white dense fog that’s gradually being burnt away by the piercing rays of the late Summer sunshine.



As you may have gathered I am actually writing this blog 5 months in arrears. The lovely people at Roller Derby UK contacted me as they wanted a Rookie to document their early Derby life and they chose me! I was immensely honoured and so far I have had a lot of fun writing for them every week about my early days in Derby World which started in March.


Derby Dictionary


Description:- like Barbie World but a … Read More »

Building a derby Dictionary

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Welcome awesome derby players, loyal followers and lovers of seeing women kick ass!!

We are building a derby dictionary. Why? Well, we want to offer the resource for Newbies so they get a better understanding of what’s going on in the derby world. So they can get the lingo and fully embrace the Love of Derby!

Flash Bo Dash first brought the idea to our attention. She started this with her addictive blogs and explaining what these derby terms mean. Before we realised it there were derby dictionaries popping up everywhere.

We want to offer our readers to be part of the finest and best derby resource in the world!!!!!

Just like Zombies: We NEED your BRAINS

We want you to contribute a derby word (even a phrase) or two, for the most amazing derby dictionary ever!

You can be part of the greatest derby … Read More »

Dundee Derby Double Headder

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So what’s better than a Derby game for this up comiong weekend? How about 2? In one place?

Awesome, right?

Dundee Roller Girls are inviting you to join them for their latest and greatest event. A double header featuring Silvery Tayzers and the Jakey Bites split into two Co-Ed teams and battle it out on the track!

What’s more is the first game will give you the chance to see some of the freshest up-and-coming talent in Scotland’s female roller derby scene. With guest skaters from GCRG, FCR and FVRG our black vs. white opening bout you can tell your grand children ‘I was there in their early days’.

You can also get your usual fix of cakes at the venue!

What time is it all going down?

Doors open at 11:30am with the first game starting at 12:00.

How much is it?Â

Tickets £5 in advance … Read More »

A Slab Of Fresh Meat, A Pinch Of Memory Loss & A Dash Of Durometer

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It was Fresh Meat day!!!!!! Yes yes yes!!!!

I had been waiting all month for this day and it was finally here. I was going to one of the first induction days with The South West Angels of Terror to see if I liked Derby! (and not just wearing the fishnet tights) If I did I would go on to attend their 12 week training course and become a proper Derby Girl!

I was scared, excited, anxious and ecstatic but overall my feelings were buzzing! That day I felt electric like I had an energy running through me! (no Redbull required!)

It’s usual before I go for a run, go to the gym or do any sort of exercise, that I start to get pepped up when I put my Nike Drifit capris and kit on! My body must start to prepare … Read More »

All I Want For Christmas Is To Be a Glittertastic, Hip Checkerama Derby Girl!

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It was mid March 2012 and I’d finally got my skates on for a recreational skate with The South West Angels Of Terror. None of the girls had been terrors to me (that comes later!) in fact the whole experience was amazing and great fun. The fantastic thing was, to be in a room with people who loved skating as much as me, who clearly had a massive passion for it too. I thought I was the only mad one, but it seemed there were more of me!

Over the next few days I did however make my first journey to my Doctors. At the skate I experienced my first Derby Ding.

Derby Dictionary Alert
DERBY DING-To get dinged in Roller Derby by falling onto the floor, into a wall or into another player resulting in an injury. (Doctors get to know … Read More »

Barbie Skates, Brains and a Critikel Collision

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I had just watched my first ever Roller Derby training session and it filled me with joy, hope and so much excitement and I felt I could almost explode!

The next day I visited my Mum who I’ve mentioned previously was battling with Cancer (at this time she was in the throws of first stages of Chemo) I gabbled on like an excited 5 year old about Gummy Worms in helmets, girls running in pink skates on their toe-stops and the overriding smell that wafted out of bags which made everyone fall about in fits of laughter! (an Uggggggggghhhhhh on the Smellometer! See my last blog!)

The fabulous thing was, not only did Derby have the ability to lighten my day, it was now filtering into my families lives too. The stories and activities I had experienced on that first … Read More »

The Smell Scale from Ugh to AGGGHHHHH!

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Something I have been toying with recently is Flash Bo-Dashs’ Derby Dictionary! This blog features my first two words……… expect many more creations that pop up in my ever expanding world of Derby, in my future blogs……

In context: – “That was a real Gummy Worm Moment”


Vampira says to Flash at a training session when talking of playing Micro Derby.

Flash: Ooooo is that like Subbuteo where we have mini Derby players that we move around on a mini track wearing mini helmets and hot pants?

Vampy replies: No Flash.. (Grins) it’s where we use 3 blockers instead of 4 if we don’t have enough players training that was another one of your real Gummy Worm Moments (wets herself laughing)


So my first taster of Roller Derby went down like a treat, a very sweet treat! Imagine knickerbocker glory … Read More »


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