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How To Pick A Good Roller Derby Name

Posted on 9th August, by Martin in Roller Derby. No Comments

Picking a skate name is the hardest part of this sport. – STEFCON 1 #w00t

For a while now we have been seeing loads of posts on Facebook and Yahoo! Answers ,asking for ideas on Roller Derby names. Picking a good name is a time consuming job and may well drive you madder than Mrs Mad from Madfordshire!!

Although this is a great source of stress for many skaters this opportunity should be embraced. It’s a great chance to reinvent yourself and become the sinister person that you have always wanted to be.

I spent Weeks of hell coming up with my name as every other derby girl. Looking at everything and trying to turn it into something witty – Madame Whipcrash

After conducting LOADS of research interviewing the derby community, everyone gave advice about picking the right name for themselves. So this is … Read More »

Derby Baby in Birmingham

Posted on 4th August, by Martin in Roller Derby. No Comments

If you are reading this then let’s assume that you are here because you LOVE roller derby, and who wouldn’t love bad ass women looking sexy and kicking ass on skates? Wahoooooooo!!

Let’s take another stab in the dark and assume you LOVE films!

Well my friend do we have one super kick ass event for you.


The lovely Birmingham Blitz Dames are offering you the chance to see this wonderful film on the 12th of August!

For a quick glimpse into what it’s all about check out this trailer:

By now you must be gagging for tickets!! So head over the Facebook page and gets yours NOW!!!

But that’s not all you can be part of the evening leisure skate afterwards and mingle with the team! Awesome!!!

It’s first come first serve so you will need to … Read More »

Pet shop Boys Embrace Roller Derby

Posted on 25th July, by Martin in Roller Derby. No Comments

Seems like everyone is getting in on Roller Derby. First with Aerosmith rocking a derby theme and now with the Pet Shop Boys who feature some pretty awesome skaters!

For their new video ‘winner’ they look at a transgender Roller Derby skater ‘Dirty Diana’ as she rises through the ranks of the London Roller Girls.

Check out the video below.

What did you think? A good promotion for Roller derby? Nice to see more Roller Derby in the limelight?

Liverpool open evening…get your derby on

Posted on 20th July, by Martin in Roller Derby. No Comments

As you know we love all things derby and we LOVE to share all things derby.

Not everyone gets our passion but here’s your chance!

The awesome Liverpool Roller Birds are holding an open evening so people like you (and your friends) can see why Roller Derby is so awesome!

There are limited spaces available so you will need to get your name down on the list ASAP.

But when is it happening?

22nd August 2012, 7.30-10pm in anticipation of their next intake of skaters on the 13th September 2012.

Where is it?

Liverpool, UK,

More details can be found here:

This is a completely free event though numbers will be limited so to register your attendance, please fill in this form and we’ll be in contact with the venue.

If you can’t wait until then. If you need your fix of roller derby before the … Read More »

Dash Does Derby!: The Blog of a Rookie Derby Skater

Posted on 19th July, by Flash Bo-Dash in Roller Derby. 2 Comments

When someone approaches you to write a blog, on something that has become the biggest thing in your life… in less than 5 months, my reaction was quite simply to nearly explode with excitement!

Then I realised I had to actually start writing it…………where to start!? Well I decided, at the beginning might be good!

It was my Birthday, March 11th 2012. I woke up with the joys of Spring about to enjoy a Chips and Builders Tea brunch on the seafront (no doubt with the seagulls sharing) with some of my closest friends. That morning something else happened to me. I discovered S.W.A.T on google.

I’d been skating outside for years because of my passion for roller skating and have done since I was 6 years old. We moved from a … Read More »

Not Quite Derby Part 3

Posted on 17th July, by Martin in Roller Derby. No Comments

This is the third and final part of this post about images that are skating themed but all in all, aren’t quite derby:

The other parts of this post can be found here:

and here

Aerosmith Goes Derby!

Posted on 12th July, by Martin in Roller Derby. No Comments

The legendary rock band known as Aerosmith (you may have heard of them) are back!

Steven Tyler and his chaos crew are due to come out with a new album this year and kick start the launch they have released the single Legendary Child (Their last single was in 2006)

So you know, with every great Aerosmith song comes an AWESOME video, and this is no exception!

Why are we telling you about this? Well, THERE ARE SKATERS IN IT!!!!!

You may recognise some derby moves in there!

Alexa Vega is the main girl on roller-skates whom you may have seen in the film Spy Kids

Here is the video:

Aerosmtihs new album is titled “Music From Another Dimension,” which will be available from Nov. 6.

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Let us know what you … Read More »

Not Quite Derby part 2

Posted on 12th July, by Martin in Roller Derby. No Comments

So here wwe are with part two of this ‘Not quite Derby’ post.

Treat yourself to these visual wonders from around the web.

The first part can be found here:

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Not Quite Derby – pt 1

Posted on 9th July, by Martin in Roller Derby. No Comments

This week (like many others) I have been mainly spending time online. It’s was only when scouring the internet I have found a few amusing images that are..well…not quite derby.

So this is my collection of images that I have found from around the web called

Not Quite Derby


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Let us know what you think about these in the comments section below.

Rain stops play – indoors

Posted on 7th July, by Martin in Roller Derby. No Comments









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