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Roller Derby in Devon Hits the pages

Posted on 5th July, by Martin in Roller Derby, Roller Derby Skater. 1 Comment

Hello all!

I have just had this brought to my attention and thought I would share it with you. A local roller derby team, S.W.A.T (South West Angels of Terror) had a chat about Roller Derby in a magazine about Exeter. Actually, Vampira did the interview and there is a mention about all of the great Roller Derby teams popping up all over the South West including Bristol Harbour Harlots, Gloucester’s Severn Roller Torrent, Kernow Rollers and Plymouth City Roller Girls to name a few.

The Full article can be seen here:

Please note: the article is in flash and can’t be read in and Apple device! Silly magazine.

On the plus side though I will have an interview with Vampira on the skater profile page very soon!


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Roller Derby Players Are Now In Focus

Posted on 13th May, by Martin in Roller Derby. No Comments

As most people involved with Roller Derby I am always on the look out for something new and interesting in the world of Roller Derby.

I spend a lot of time on the internet scouring around on Google looking to locate the best things to happen in the sport so you don’t have to. Besides requests for help with choosing a Derby name, photographs on recently played bouts and handfuls of press releases about upcoming derby events sometimes you find something that stands out from the crowd.

On one of my recent searches I discovered a chap called Kyle Cassidy who is travelling around the world and photographing derby players.

“What a brilliant idea” I thought. I had always found the level of creativity in Derby girls appealing and although they played as part of a team there was always something … Read More »

London Rockin’ Rollers Bootcamp 2012

Posted on 11th April, by Martin in Roller Derby. No Comments

OK, so you might be good at Roller Derby, but are you AWESOME?

Here is your chance:

The London Rockin’ Rollers have got a Bootcamp lined up for derby players of all levels and they want to know if you are interested?

‘But when is it happening?’ I hear you cry! It’s all set to start on June 9th at 9:00am until June 10 at 8:00pm 2012. That’s right its two days of Roller Derby advice, help training and fun. Not to mention you get to meet loads of awesomely cool roller derby players that are also going.

Where is it?

London baby! To be more precise here:

Newham Leisure Centre

281 Prince Regent Lane, E13 8SD London, United Kingdom

What are you waiting for?

For more information head over to their facebook group here:

or if you don’t want to miss out then you can get your … Read More »

Roller Derby Memes

Posted on 5th April, by Martin in Roller Derby. No Comments

So you might have seen the internet being flooded with these memes. You may have seen them popping up in peoples news feeds.

Anyway, as I had some time on my hands I thought I would put a few together. Let me know what you think and feel free to download them and use them where ever!

Happy skating derby fans!!!

























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Have You Lost Your Groove?

Posted on 20th March, by Martin in Roller Derby. No Comments

It is inevitable with roller derby that wear and tear is going to play a part on all of your equipment. Whether your whips have gone wrong, stumbling opponents knocking you to the ground or just the wheels of your skates going round, and round, and round.

Well, worry now more!

Tiger Bay Brawlers can help. With the last problem at least.

They now offer a re-grooving service that will spring life back in to some old and worn out wheels. This is a lot more cost effective than replacing those costly wheels that you love so much.

For more information head over to their site for prices and to get that new look back.

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Zombie Roller Derby Board Game

Posted on 13th March, by Martin in Roller Derby. 7 Comments

Hello Derby fans.

Now we all LOVE derby but not all of us have the grace and skill to become a derby superstar. Perhaps it’s the fact that we bruise easily, don’t take to pain very well or are made for a sport that requires more sitting down.

Well, I bring good news. You can still play derby! While sitting down!!

Zombie Roller Derby is a new board game that will allow you to play this awesome sport without the need for a large sports hall.

At the moment the game is still in development but we got to chat to the brains behind this awesome idea and find out what inspired them to undertake such a project.

If you love Roller Derby and you love Zombies – this is the game for you.

Creators Chad Knight and Carl Olson chat about how the game … Read More »

5 Core Skate Stability Exercises – Beginner

Posted on 7th March, by Martin in Roller Derby. 1 Comment

Hello lovely people of Derby!

So I have had a few people ask ‘Are there any exercises that I can do to make me better at Roller Derby?’. We all know that practice is the key but it’s not always easy to gain access to a massive hall and sometime all we have is the lounge area.

My answer to that question was ‘I don’t know’. I’ll hold my hands up. I am not a professional Athlete, I am not a personal trainer and I haven’t studied fitness and wellbeing to a great degree. But I know someone who has!

So I spoke to Polly Jeans. She is a personal trainer and nutrition expert and will be able to help you in your quest at becoming better players.

She has agreed to offer up regular advice about the key elements that Derby … Read More »

Roller Derby Perception

Posted on 27th February, by Martin in Roller Derby. 12 Comments

So I was telling a friend of mine about Roller Derby (not everyone in the UK knows about the sport yet). We got chatting about the women that do the sport and how peoples perception of the players is well off the reality of it all.

Plenty of the people involved in Roller Derby have successful careers, are smart AND pretty, yet people still jump to conclusions that these women must be different to those you see in the street. Some breed of aggressive, thrill seeking, blood thirsty superwomen.

Ok, some of that might be true!

Since setting up this site and having been in contact with these ladies and having been to bouts and Derby organised events I can’t say enough how great these ladies are! Nothing is too much trouble, they are accommodating and they can kick ass if they need … Read More »

Roller Derby in Skegness!!

Posted on 10th February, by Martin in Roller Derby. No Comments

Help is wanted by a mother of four from Skegness. Georgina Hammond has been inspired to start a Roller Derby team after having seen the sport being played.

Can you help? Georgina Hammond is looking for sponsors, match officials and of course skaters to get it all to happen.

Georgia explained: “I’ve been watching them on the internet and it just looks amazing but I’ve got four children and a husband who works so getting out to Lincoln would be too difficult.”

Roller Derby is slowly taking over and it is currently the fastest growing sports in the UK.

You don’t have to be a pro skater to play roller derby as there are minimum skills that you will need to pass in order to play against another team.

At the moment it’s really early days, we haven’t got a venue yet but I’m hoping … Read More »

That ‘Derby’ Smell

Posted on 2nd February, by Martin in Roller Derby, Tips. No Comments

So, for today’s post we are going to look at an issue that plagues many of us derby lot. The smell!!

Hardcore training means sweaty people which, as well all know leads to sweaty pads!

So what can we do to tackle this? Well, I found this rather impressive blog post by Bitches Bruze. It seems that this lovely lady has already addressed the issue.

So why not have a read and see what she suggests:


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