Dash Does Derby!: The Blog of a Rookie Derby Skater

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Dash Does Derby!: The Blog of a Rookie Derby Skater

When someone approaches you to write a blog, on something that has become the biggest thing in your life… in less than 5 months, my reaction was quite simply to nearly explode with excitement!

Then I realised I had to actually start writing it…………where to start!? Well I decided, at the beginning might be good!

It was my Birthday, March 11th 2012. I woke up with the joys of Spring about to enjoy a Chips and Builders Tea brunch on the seafront (no doubt with the seagulls sharing) with some of my closest friends. That morning something else happened to me. I discovered S.W.A.T on google.

I’d been skating outside for years because of my passion for roller skating and have done since I was 6 years old. We moved from a small Village, to a cul-de-sac when I was 6 and now I had a safe road I could play in (if any road can be deemed safe!) My Parents bought me my first pair of skates. Remember the ones you wore your own shoes in, laced them on with red leather straps and they had tinny sounding wheels? They inevitably came off and you nearly broke your ankle if you went too fast turning a corner! I was soon to experience the pure joy of a skate upgrade which I did pretty soon…… (for safety reasons no doubt and saving the sanity of my Mother!) Next were a pair of red canvas roller boots with yellow wheels and a red plastic toe guard. I loved these skates although I still wanted my friends as she had the blue and yellow suede ones that had the rubbery wheels low rumbley sounding wheels (always dreaming of a better pair of skates!) These were good times hammering it around the road and my Dad also joined in and bought himself a pair! I’ll never forget when he first put them on and didn’t know how to stop so he dived into a parachute roll as it was the only way he knew! Other extreme enthusiasts were keen on the sport in our road too, along with the 18-year-old Annette who was my idol! Watching her skate on 4 wheels at a time (2 wheels down on each skate) mesmerised me and to see her spinning like an ice skate star was the best thing ever!

Here’s Dad and me with those skates. My 7th Birthday cake,Thanks Mum!


Roller discos and skating were my staple diet when I was younger, then I found boys and alcohol, both which I found out in later life were not good for your health 😉

Fast forward to 5 years ago and I was looking for something.

I got back into it skating by purchasing a pair of white leather SFR Sovereign skates to take up as a hobby and add to my fitness regime. I live near the seafront so what better way to spend an evening in the sunshine bombing up and down the seafront (I was soon to learn that a lot of people smile at you when you’re on skates which is always nice 😉 and it was much more fun than running! I then realised I needed to learn how to stop properly when I nearly skated right into the inshore lifeboat as it was going out! I went home that night and Googled it , how to stop on quad skates and was introduced by an American guy on You Tube to the T-stop… and another wondrous move The Derby Stop. That was when I found something that was soon to change my life forever …………sound dramatic? Well it is a bit!

Speak soon

Love Flash Bo-Dash xxx

2 responses to “Dash Does Derby!: The Blog of a Rookie Derby Skater”

  1. Flash Bo-Dash says:

    Thanks to everyone whose read my first blog for Roller Derby UK!

    Another installment is already spilling out my brain, so look out next week for the next part of my journey. I would love to hear from you if you have any similar stories, so post away if you can relate!

    Derby Love.

    Flash xxx

  2. Hoa Rahib says:

    Roller-skating is also a popular sport, and it is even thought that it might soon be added to the Olympics. Skate-parks that have been designed to accommodate the resurgence of skateboarding can also be easily used for roller-skating, and skaters can pull off similar tricks and manoeuvres to skateboarders this way. Roller skate racing is also quite popular, with people competing to get from one side of an obstacle course to the other in the fastest time…

    Most recent post on our own blog

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