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Lottie Dah Roller Derby Profile Pic

Derby Name? Lottie Dah

Derby Team? Varsity Brawlers

Occupation? Academic Advisor

How long have you been skating? I’ve been skating since I was about 6, and playing derby for two years.

Why did you get involved in roller derby? I was bored with myself. I had too much spare time on my hands. I was drawn to derby because I’ve always loved roller skating, and I wanted to do a sport that would kick my ass.

How often do you practice? Two- four times a week

What pads do you use? Pro-Tec wrist, 187 elbow, and Smith Scabs knee

What helmet do you use? S-One

What skates do you use? Antiks

Where did your derby name come from? When I found out the name I really, really wanted (a play on Zooey Deschanel) was taken, I got so upset that I started thinking of “angry names” like “Fah Q”, or “Byte Me”, or “La di fucking da”…which sounded pretty good, minus the “fucking”. I spell it “Lottie” so when you see it, it looks like a real name (Lottie was popular in the 1950’s as a nickname for Charlotte, and I’m really into 1950’s culture).

It’s not until you say it out loud, or in your head – Lottie Dah – that you get the play on words.

What is your Favourite part about being a roller girl? The sense of accomplishment- finishing a hard practice, playing in a bout – it feels good to have done something challenging and to meet goals. It’s also amazing to have so many friends who will be there for you, whether it’s derby-related or not. And it’s fun telling someone I play roller derby and seeing their expression.

Any tips for up and coming derby superstars? Don’t give up. Set a goal, and meet it, even if it’s seemingly simple goal. You’ll get there. Watch skaters who you want to emulate and (try to) copy them. Ask questions and learn the game. Don’t be intimidated by skaters who’ve been playing longer than you have, they were once new and unsure, too. Practice how you want to play in a bout – no half-assing!

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