Derby Sponges, A Music Video, New Sparkly Skates & Playing Roller Derby With The Best Of The Best!

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Derby Sponges, A Music Video, New Sparkly Skates & Playing Roller Derby With The Best Of The Best!

Oh Boy!!!!! What a Month! This one has been crammed full of Derby goodness with me right in the middle of it lapping every second up. Sometimes I do feel like my everyday life is no longer separate from my Derby life as it’s being gradually sucked into a big Derby sponge! Sometimes I need to squeeze that sponge out though and take a step back as it’s easy to suddenly wake up and realise you haven’t seen non Derby related friends for ages, or worn anything other than Dri-fit and team colours!

I had the perfect opportunity to change this one Sunday at the end of April. I was carrying on as usual when I was introduced to the possibility of being in a music video which was being shot locally! The band, The Computers, were taking over a local dance hall and bringing their great style and music with them along with a fabulous team to shoot their new video, ‘Mr Saturday Night’ They were looking for people to feature in it and via some people I know that run Burlesque nights (Kinky & Quirky) they had put out a casting call. The age range was early 20s to 30s so I thought I was well out of that league but luck had it that they weren’t asking for Birth certificates so I put myself forward after being pushed by Kinky to have a go! I have to say that I am eternally grateful for this vote of confidence as I had one of the best days of my life filming it! I also managed to rope in two other Derby girls from S.W.A.T, Vampira and Violentina Rossii!

It’s not often that I’m up at 8 on a Sunday in full on vintage makeup, hair and dress, but I have to say it was a lovely change from sweating in a vest for hours on end on the Derby track (not that I’m complaining, just a nice change)

They say a change is as good as a rest and this certainly was! I met so many fantastic people who are in a totally different world to me. The time spent while they set up the shots was interesting as we all chatted about our different lives. Some were there from acting agencies; some ran Vintage clothing shops (Elegantly Waisted – Shameless plug for my friends shop there! Grateful for the loan of the underskirt on the day which made my red polka dot dress just that bit more 1950s so I had something to swing!) some knew the band, some were in bands themselves! Was a real mix of personalities and people. Pretty similar thinking about it to Roller Derby!

Now, if anyone thinks that acting/dancing/being filmed is a doddle, I kid you not, it’s as strenuous as a 3 hr endurance workout at training! We danced for 5 hrs + (much to my poor feet’s disgust. Why I went for heels was beyond me after hours of twirling! All I could think of was don’t break your ankle, as this will take you away from Derby!) and I used muscles that I didn’t know I had! I certainly found that out the next day when I tried to do crossovers at training!

The video (where amazingly there’s a close up of me clapping at 1:52!) has just been released so you can see it here!

Thank you everyone who made my day. X

Since we chatted last I have played in two bouts for S.W.A.T‘s travel team. One against Hellfire Harlots and another against Swansea City Slayers. Even writing that makes me smile, not because I played, but the names! What other sport gives you such fantastic team names to play under!

Hellfire Harlots was amazing. This I have to say to date, was the hardest bout I had played and Jammed in. Not surprising as Hellfire are well up there near the top of the Derby team rankings. (yes our sport gets ranked and it’s pretty exciting seeing what number you are in Europe against your counterparts) I think we all learnt a lot about ourselves and our team in this one (being the first game we had played under the new ruleset it was always going to be an eye-opener as the SW League games were to old rules as they started pre change)

To cut a long story short, we actually pulled it out the bag bigtime and actually won the second half with the determination and stamina of my team. We lost overall but as our predicted score was well under what we actually achieved, this game shot us up to no.37 in Europe! Was a great day for my team.


I did come out injured but power to the cause as it was a magical game to be part of, plus I got to hobble around on crutches for a while after. I have to say when someone asks you how you have done your injury; it’s immensely satisfying saying playing Roller Derby!

….me after an appointment with the floor.

Swansea was a big one for us as it was the unveiling of our new Boutfits from out sponsors Queens Of The Sin Bin! We had Paul Delooze there from Roller Derby Photography to capture the moment and we were all pretty excited to see how the new dresses performed! We all loved them and won this bout so they must’ve helped on the day and we all felt great! Here are some shots but I will talk more about this in a future blog as don’t want to reveal too much on here as some exciting developments afoot regarding boutfit stuff!


The final and most important thing this month has been that my new skates have finally arrived from America (Via Bridgend Cycles). I am SUPER chuffed with them. I realised that I went into Big Kid mode when I opened the box as it was as if all my Christmases had come at once! I do have a video of this and one day when I work out how to upload it to my blog, I may share it with you! For now though here is a spread on my new skates to share my pretties with you!

I have skated on them at two men’s training sessions (LXG) and two S.W.A.T seshes and touch wood. no pain as yet! I have to say I took the precaution of working in them too just to get some extra stretch time in to break them in!


Stretching skates while I work…


Yesterday I actually achieved 34.5 in 5. This means I skated 34.5 laps of a Derby track in 5 minutes, which averages out at about 15mph per lap. Previous attempt was in minimum skills assessment when I reached 28.5 , so I’m pretty chuffed with that! As yet, I haven’t changed any of the setup the skates came with (apart from changing wheels around to a different combo) as I like to measure what I am wearing and discover what I like/don’t like and tweek accordingly but I will let you know more about my modifications soon.

I have sooooooo much more to talk about but to be honest you probably want to go out and enjoy the sunshine so I will leave you with a picture of my hero of the day, Stephanie Mainey, who I met at an LRG (London Roller Girls) bootcamp last week and she busted my arse good! More on that next time.

LRG Bootcamp at Tiger Bay – Me with coach Stephanie Mainey, me grinning possibly as wide as my grin will stretch! (post 4 hr bootcamp so must’ve been good!)

Chat Soon!

Derby Love,

Flash Bo-Dash x




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