Derby World Intoxication, Suicide Seats And An Exciting News Flash!

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Derby World Intoxication, Suicide Seats And An Exciting News Flash!


Today it’s Sunny. A lovely September Indian summers day. The Seagulls are swooping and the Marram grass is swaying in the cool breeze on the sand dunes. There’s a haze out to sea and the land that’s normally visible across the water is covered in a smokey white dense fog that’s gradually being burnt away by the piercing rays of the late Summer sunshine.


Sand Dunes & Seagulls

Sand Dunes & Seagulls


As you may have gathered I am actually writing this blog 5 months in arrears. The lovely people at Roller Derby UK contacted me as they wanted a Rookie to document their early Derby life and they chose me! I was immensely honoured and so far I have had a lot of fun writing for them every week about my early days in Derby World which started in March.


Derby Dictionary


Description:- like Barbie World but a lot more girls. Sparkly, glittery, crazy, fun and exciting (with bells on). Living in Derby world can cause dismay to others not experiencing it as a Derby dweller can talk Derby at any given moment and bore the socks off any non inhabitant! Once one visits Derby World they will never leave as the intoxication of Derbyness is addictive and life outside is never the same again.


Barbie World

Barbie World


Derby World for me is getting very cool at the moment so here is your first News Flash from Bo-Dash! (sorry I couldn’t resist!) I have just been chosen to play in my first open bout! I will be in the warm up game for the SRT Vs S.W.A.T bout on September 15th! I will be playing alongside some Swatties and other newbies who make up one of two teams, The Fairies Vs The Scaries. Which team do you think I have made it into I wonder spoiler alert, silver will feature in my boutfit somewhere ūüėČ Lots of fantastical things are happening and I am feeling a lot of emotions but mainly fear and excitement. I had to spill the beans into my blog as I just couldn’t keep this fact in, but for now it’s back to memory city where I will carry with what happened next while I was still a Fresh Meatie!


SRT Vs S.W.A.T Roller Derby Bout - Sept 15th 2012

SRT Vs S.W.A.T Roller Derby Bout – Sept 15th 2012


So it was my second Saturday at Fresh Meat with the S.W.A.T girls, April 14th¬†2012. This was quite an important one. After this the doors would close to anyone wanting to join this Fresh Meat intake. The first session was a taster, an introduction to Derby and this one was the first of a 12 week course to take us up the proverbial derby ladder to being a proper Derby Girl. The next intake wouldn’t happen for a whole 6 Months so I felt very lucky. The reason they do this isn’t to exclude new people from joining Derby, it’s because newcomers who join get a methodical focused coaching practice and therefore prevents going over old ground if new recruits were to join at a later date. The ones that start together are all in it together and hopefully finish their minimum skills together!


I haven’t said before now but another love of my life is Photography. I run my own business and shoot many things! I would say for a living but it’s more a way of life rather than for a living. I would do this even if it didn’t pay as it’s a need rather than a choice. When you’re an artist it just happens and I am very lucky because people pay me to do what I love…I left the rat-race in 2004 to start out on my own. If any of you want to read more, here’s links to my websites to enlighten you about my creative endeavours!¬†¬†and¬†


Now being an artistic person, when I find something that lights my inner fire it inevitable starts to be a rather enticing thing to shoot/capture/fuel my creative juices! Things had been tough with Mums illness, personal relationship problems etc and my inner fire had been somewhat dim. Not good when it needs to be bright to survive (in more ways than one) Derby had defiantly chucked a whole handful of dry wood, fire lighters and Meths in there and lit the match! Wuoompfhhh!!!!


I asked if it would be OK for me to bring my camera kit along to the Fresh Meat session to shoot some of the girls which was greeted by an enthusiastic of course one thing I have learnt, is it’s a lot of fun to play Derby but also a lot of fun to see it captured in still life. Some of the motion that happens is so quick, only a camera can see it! Derby girls and guys (lets not forget the refs here!) love to see the action after the event and it not only gives them an excellent training tool, but a tool to laugh uncontrollably at their team mates when wheels end up in uncompromising positions of the body and faces exude expressions that only occur normally when one stubs ones toe or catches their funny bone!


I rocked up with not only a big bag full of skates and pads but my heavy camera bag. This was a workout in itself lugging it all in, I thought! I remember being concerned about where to place the camera bag. Girls, some new to skating would be crashing round and I felt slightly nervous placing my precious¬Ě on the floor where it may have its own suicide seat.


Derby Dictionary


Description:-The one and only place to be sat in the audience at a bout. Seats are positioned on the floor just inches away from the track. The name sums it up really! Go figure!



I looked round the sports hall for the least suicidey position to place my bag and saw a man in a camping chair sat in the corner reading a book. Perfect I thought and although he may have thought I was slightly mad I asked him if he would guard my bag, which he did perfectly until I needed it!


Now to get my wheels on. I was feeling fairly confident on my new skates as in between my Fresh Meat training I had been skating outside practicing what we had been shown in the first sesh. One thing I hadn’t mastered yet was the infamous crossover, but I had something up my sleeve that was soon to break that one and turn it on its head. To be honest this was slightly running before I could walk (or skating before I could skate! If that makes sense!) and technically we hadn’t been asked to learn the said move, but I like to get ahead of the game in most things as I was eager so I was practicing this move as much as poss. If it’s something I find hard or challenging I like to crack it and I could see it was a major feature when going round the track. A crossover is what it says on the tin. You cross one foot over the other, pushing your skates outwards, one foot at a time, picking them up and placing one back over the other and doing it all again. It’s this manoeuvre that propels you and gives you speed going round the track.


Near my house there was a perfect mini roundabout that had a lovely smooth Tarmack surface. When it was early evening and not many cars were about I would skate round and round until one evening I finally got it! It just clicked and when that happens it’s a lovely feeling! I couldn’t wait to get back into the sports hall and try it!


The one thing that sticks out from this second session was the comradery of the girls attending Fresh Meat. We were all different ages, types, builds and levels of skating but we all helped and supported each other. In this session we learnt what a paceline was, Derby stance and touched on stickies (all things I will elaborate on further later)


I’m going to stop talking there as I think the shots speak for themselves from that day! The look on the girls faces encapsulate what a great time we were having and I realised that this was the first shoot of many capturing my Derby Team and that’s what it had become already ‘my team¬Ě’ not ‘the team’ and the feeling was awesome.


Chat next week!


Flash Bo-Dash xxx

Fresh MeatFresh MeatFresh Meat




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