Derek The Deer & A Magical Unicorn Share Dash’s Derby Life This Week!

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Derek The Deer & A Magical Unicorn Share Dash’s Derby Life This Week!

Well what a week! I was so busy even the blog missed it’s normal Friday slot! It’s a crazy time for us photographers this time of year and I have mostly been shooting kids in Xmas hats with my trusty fluffy assistant, Derek the Deer!

Shooting Xmas in my studio!

Fear not though, I’m sat in my Xmas jumper and sage green Xmas treeified skinny jeans all Christmassed up writing blog no.19 , (yes 19!!!!!) for you now. I have the hat on as my boiler has broken (again) so I have no hot water OR heating! I guess it makes it feel a lot more wintry which may add to the Xmasy feel I guess! Trying to see the positive but to be honest, after getting home from training this week and discovering I had no hot water, wasn’t funny, at all! I did feel that after 2hrs of intensive endurance & agility training on skates, the return home to a freezing cold shower was nothing short of boot camp crazy, but to have it forced on you is something I didn’t relish one bit! Icecream head was the name of the game and I jumped in and out as quick as I could but I was still left with a numb brain and the pain was unbearable! I do hear though that a freezing cold shower is great for circulation and cellulite and my hair felt surprisingly soft the next day so there is a silver lining to this freezy cold cloud!

My 7 hours of Derby training this week has left me nothing other than elated! I have thoroughly enjoyed it after my not so ecstatic week last week. My fitness has risen and I can feel my body starting to work with me again after my crazy Month of multiple antibiotics and tooth extraction. I think it hit me harder than I thought and they do say that antibiotics (and I had a good few) can take a while for your body to balance out. I certainly feel balanced now and have even managed a few body pump classes which I am totally crazy for again! Just love that pumped feeling! (although when I’m at the end of a lunge track I must admit I don’t love it as much!) it really is worth it though and I can tell the difference in my Derby, certainly through endurance training. A lot of Derby is in the legs and since I have started they have defiantly become more solid. Lifting weights kind of evens it up a bit and aids my ability to hit harder which is never a bad thing! This week I have jumped further than I have ever jumped, skated faster than I have ever skated and found a sweet point that I didn’t have before in my hipchecks so I am a very happy Derby Girl this week. I have worked hard for it and the results are pleasing. I have also had A LOT of fun getting there which is very important too! Yesterday Fanny Havoc and I hit each other religiously trying to up our anti on the track! When we got home we were both seeing if we were bruised. I am (you bugger Fanny!) This week I shall mostly be sharpening my hip bones even more. Watch out next week Ms Havok!

The knee pad scenario is becoming all the more important to sort. I fell hard from a jump straight onto my kneecap this week and it had a lovely egg shape when I got home! Never liked my knees and always wanted more knobbly ones, but at least they are pretty sturdy and this is a bonus in Derby! Never thought I would even slightly like my knees! I am looking into a few possibilities so watch this space! Whatever I decide to get, it will have to be quick, although it’s important as ever that I get the right tools for the job!

Something rather magical happened at training this week. A mysterious silver box appeared in the middle of the track. No one saw who put it there and it just said, “to SWAT from Santa” When we opened it at the end (after we realised that it didn’t belong to anyone in particular) we were astonished to find boxes of clear unicorns! All with their own label on them saying “Save a Unicorn this Christmas. Don’t cut track! Happy Christmas!” after we all questioned each other to the death, we still don’t know who did it !!! We do have our suspicions and through careful scrutiny of handwriting, I rekon we will find out! So if you did do it, don’t write anything in your own handwriting for at least a year in front of a SWAT girl! Whoever you are, we all love you to bits and it was such a lovely surprise! Derby love big style to you our magical Unicorn supplier!

I also had a Derby moment as I sold my first upgrade wheels onto a Freshy! I loved my Grey 89a Suregrip Pushers soooo much and they did me proud. It’s lovely that they can go onto help someone else learn and feel the first grip that a pusher gives when your learning crossovers and I know they helped as I saw a massive smile! Have fun with them Julie!

That’s all for this week but I’m looking forward to what next week brings! There is a lot of Derby activity coming up with the next game in The South West League on Saturday 15th. Get your tickets to see us play here, when we take on Plymouth City Roller Girls!

I will look forward to filling you in soon on how the day went.

Chat next week!

Love Flash Bo-Dash

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