Fuzzy Fresh Meat Tummies, Feeling The Burn & A Boomin Moomin!

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Fuzzy Fresh Meat Tummies, Feeling The Burn & A Boomin Moomin!


😆 😥 :roll: 😳 😆

Tomorrow is 15th September 2012 and I am about to play in my first Roller Derby bout as a Fairy!!!! (yes the silver comment in my last blog gave the game away away a bit) I will be up against a team of Scaries, in the warm up bout for SRT (Severn Roller Torrent) Vs S.W.A.T (South West Angels Of Terror)

SRT Vs SWAT/Scaries Vs Fairies

My opening exclamation sums up how I am feeling! I’m sitting here racking my brain trying to think back to the beginning so I can tell you about my Fresh Meat experiences but today its hard to remember as all I can think about is tomorrow. It’s such a life encompassing, exhilarating and exciting experience and it has been since I was picked for the team. I’ve found it hard not to think about anything else to be honest! One magic thing is we get our own team shirts to wear (amongst other items of awesomeness) which is spectacular!

Fairies & Scaries Vests

Fairies & Scaries Bout Vests


The beginning of my Derby journey is becoming more distant every day. One thing I have learnt is, the early days of Derby life are very different after a few months in. Things change fast and you progress in leaps and bounds very quickly. Moves that you had only dreamed of previously become possible and easier with practice and perseverance and the buzz and sense of achievement is amazing.

Practice is certainly what we were going to experience a lot of during Fresh Meat training sessions! The doors had now closed and we had become the official Fresh Meaters for this intake, which made us all feel just a bit special and fuzzy inside!

Something that made me feel extra fuzzy, I was about to experience fresh meat with one of my most specialist friends! We hadn’t seen each other much over the last few years as our lives had gone in different directions, but the magic of Derby had brought us back together with an almighty clash! This made me very happy as Helen (Boomin Moomin as she is now known!) was one of the loveliest magical people I have come across in my life and to share this new experience together was going to be fantastic!

Boomin Moomin & Flash Bo-Dash take to the boards!

Boomin Moomin & Flash Bo-Dash take to the boards!

Luckily they didn’t know we knew each other so we weren’t separated (this frequently happened in our past lives when we worked together. Often egging each other on and winding each other up so much so we would end up rolling around the floor almost peeing ourselves with laughter! Something which we realised rather quickly would be very difficult to do on skates!)

This was serious stuff.

S.Mousey, our Fresh Meat coach handed out a leaflet that we were to keep with us throughout Fresh Meat with a list of skills to be ticked off accordingly as we passed each one. This was called the Fresh Meat checklist and had a cow on the front with Fresh Meat stamped across its back! I found this particularly funny as I was a Veggie! Underneath were the words in large type “Keep Calm and Tick Your Skills Off ” .One thing I’ve learnt that would be an invaluable trait, keeping calm!

Fresh Meat, Minimum Skills Checklist!

Fresh Meat, Minimum Skills Checklist!

Now as I write this S.W.A.T have just released their new Fresh Meat Intake dates! 6th & 13th October 2012, so anyone who is interested can actually join up and experience this amazing world of Derbyness for themselves!

The timing is quite ironic really as one thing I hope to do through this blog, is inspire others to join, some may need a little nudge in the right direction. Maybe your wondering if its for you? if your hard enough? (a thing I’d considered!) if its too ‘out there’, or if your fit enough? All these things DON’T MATTER (See what I did there! Good old caps lock always gets a point across where piddly lower case fails!) Derby is all the above things that you may fear, but you don’t need to worry – At all.

You will learn everything you need to know and you will have the most amazing coaches and support system to get you there. S.W.A.T have one of the best coaching teams in the UK which is made up from skaters who have had years of experience in the Derby World, along with an immense new knowledge on skating practice, fitness, and participation. They are all PASSIONATE about skating and want to pass on what they have learnt and indeed, do it very well! I have first hand experience of this and hey! I made it into the warm up team which proves they can’t be bad!

Fresh Meat Poster - New Intake, October 2012-S.W.A.T

The Lovely “Miss Hiplash” as the Fresh meat covergirl for S.W.A.T

So, back to what was on the Fresh Meat Checklist.One Foot Glide, Stickies, Weave Inside-Outside,Cross Track 10, Derby Stance (one I know very well now!) Stride, Crossovers, Baseball Slide, all things that sounded mainly like gobbldy gook to me at this stage! We where taken away to a corner while the Big Girls (as I affectionately named them much to Helens amusement) took their own section of the hall to practice. It did feel a bit like that, we were the young starters at school who watched in awe as the Big Girls played!

S.Mousey and us newbs started to look through the said document (which I have to say after today stayed in my bag most of the time as we just got on with it!) That day we attempted stickies and learned the Derby Stance.

Derby Stance is the position you adopt on the track most of the time and I won’t lie to you at the beginning, it kills your back! You’re bent over, hands on knees in an almost half squat. This position makes you more sturdy and solid on the track, helping you to stay upright when hits come your way yes, you do get hit in Derby but its really not as bad as it sounds and when you get to that bit you’re a bit more prepared!

Derby Stance

The Infamous Derby Stance. Feel the burn ladies! Feel the burn….

Now stickies. This is an invaluable move that propels you by moving your skates outwards then inwards in an hourglass motion continuously. Drawing a lemon on the floor as S.Mousey described it! You can also move one skate at a time when turning which helps propel you round the bends, or positioning yourself on the track.

Oh Boy!!!!! This was when I realised it was going to be tough! Fun, exhilarating but tough! Now I have done a fair few squats in my time using weights in Body Pump so I thought my leg muscles were pretty strong but nothing could have prepared me for the burn you get from Derby Stance and Stickies! We all joked about what great legs and arses we would have though so this common goal kept us going with a smile on our faces through gritted teeth!

Yet again however the day had been amazing. I’d got to know friends old and new along with feeling like I was becoming a part of something special, learnt some crucial skate moves and pushed myself hard. My muscles ached where I didn’t know I had them but it was worth it. Plus I had a glint in my eye knowing my arse would never be the same again!

Rock solid friendships were being built and that wasn’t the only thing!

Roll on next week where I will give you a quick glimpse of what happened when we won the bout! Mwha ha ha ha ha haaaa and the next instalment to my Fresh Meat experiences.

Chat Soon!

Flash Bo-Dash x


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