Hellfire Harlots Take On London Roller Girls

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Hellfire Harlots Take On London Roller Girls

This post is thanks to the work of Finn Furious from the Hellfire Harlots – Thank you!

Saturday the 8th September saw Nottingham roller derby team, the Hellfire Harlots play in a might Brawl against Saints from London Roller Girls.

The game started at a steady pace as the points were slow to rack up, leaving the audience on the edge of their seats wondering who would edge ahead…

Around half way through the first period, the teams were even on 29 points apiece, it could have been anyone’s. The Harlots pushed on to achieve a 20 point lead against the Brawl Saints. The home crowd went wild as they cheered for the underdogs.

It was all about to change.

The Brawl Saints soon identified the gaps and used them to their advantage to push their score higher and end the first period on a score of HH 52 – LRG 92.

In the final moments of the bout, each team fought for the point’s differential and the Harlots put up an extraordinary show of grit, determination and skill to deny the Brawl Saints the chance to hit 200 points.

Previously the Harlots had lost 112 – 183, once the bout is put in to perspective, this was an incredible performance from the Nottingham team. The derby community had predicted that Europe’s No.4 would thrash them 50 – 200 but the Harlots are made of tougher stuff.

As always, the Hellfire Harlots put on a great event, with the opening bout between Team Punx and Team Psychobullies featuring skaters from across the UK, including Violet Attack, Holly Hotrod and Diva La Lunatic. This proved another exciting bout for roller derby fans: at half time, Team Punx were comfortably 70 points ahead but in the second half, the Psychobullies found their stride and stepped up their defences. With 30 seconds of play left to go there were a few points separating the teams scores. The Psychobullies were able to secure a final jam and snatch the win by 4 points.

It was a fantastic day with great roller derby, great cakes, a fab raffle and cool merch. We can’t wait for the Hellfire Harlots to take on Liverpool Roller Birds in Nottingham on 10 November 2012 in their last home bout of the year. See you then!

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