How To Pick A Good Roller Derby Name

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How To Pick A Good Roller Derby Name

Picking a skate name is the hardest part of this sport. – STEFCON 1 #w00t

For a while now we have been seeing loads of posts on Facebook and Yahoo! Answers ,asking for ideas on Roller Derby names. Picking a good name is a time consuming job and may well drive you madder than Mrs Mad from Madfordshire!!

Although this is a great source of stress for many skaters this opportunity should be embraced. It’s a great chance to reinvent yourself and become the sinister person that you have always wanted to be.

I spent Weeks of hell coming up with my name as every other derby girl. Looking at everything and trying to turn it into something witty – Madame Whipcrash

After conducting LOADS of research interviewing the derby community, everyone gave advice about picking the right name for themselves. So this is a great chance to share this with you and any other up-coming derby superstars.

Where to start?

Many skaters want to pick a name that has an aggressive edge to it. This might be to strike fear in to the heart of their opponents and have them quivering before they even get on the track. However having a more gentle name might make them under estimate you. An example of an aggressive choice might be “The Slaughter Daughter” or you could go with something more welcoming like “Roller SK-Hater” either way there is a bit of edge to it.

Many skaters that we have profiled have picked a name that reflects their personality. So why not sit down and make a list of traits that your dark side might have. What would you be like if you could be anything?

Famous Inspiration

“It was just a bolt of inspiration! I love sports, especially the Olympics and Usain Bolt is an absolute legend, so I am proud to be named after him!” Insane Bolt

Being named after someone awesome is a great way to go. Why not choose a family member or a celebrity that you admire. How about a professional athlete like Insane Bolt? Your favourite film star maybe?

Here are a few examples: Johnny Crash (Johnny Cash American singer songwriter), Skid Vicious (Sid Vicious basest of the Sex Pistols), Eva Crashidy (Eva Cassidy singer songwriter), Eddie Van Slay-them (Eddie Van Halenguitarist), Bruise Dickinson (Bruce Dickinson singer of Iron Maiden) , Sweeny Odd (Character in a Tim Burton Film), Johnny Death (Johnny Depp Actor) and Tim Hurtin’ (Tim Burton Director). Some of these might still be up for grabs!!

You can always go for an old school nickname. This is always a popular choice for people looking for a great derby name. Unless however you were named “captain jack-ass” or “stupid stupid Mary” this might not be a tradition that you want to carry on.

How did you come up with your Derby name? Tells us what inspired you and how your name suits you down to the ground.


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