Jam Packed, Jammer packed, Pack Is Here! Yes Derby Filled To The Brim!!!

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Jam Packed, Jammer packed, Pack Is Here! Yes Derby Filled To The Brim!!!

Well hi there! Long time no read!

I haven’t written a blog since New Years Eve!!!! I try and write one a week but my life has been jam packed! (Jam packed, jammer packed pack is here! Yes Derby filled to the brim!)

We’ve all been training hard since the return from our Xmas break. We’ve been pushed, pulled,squashed,hit,crunched and all manner of moves that have raised our cardio and agility on the track (plus I think we all wanted to work off some of the boxes of chocolates we consumed over the Xmas period!)

Seems others have been discovering the benefits of  the Derby Workout too! ABC News picked up on it on Good morning America. Check out this link to see their reporter in action! Our training sesh’s are somewhat a bit more extreme but that’s why we LOVE it!

Our first training session back was a killer! people were flagging, feeling sick half way through, lying on the floor panting, all because Insane Bolt pushed us to are max! We have some fit peeps in out team but even the fittest struggled! We went straight from endurance to agility training and I was paired with Billabang (who might I add is a honed volleyball player who coaches and competes regularly) we both kept going, her running backwards, forwards and juking on her toe stops while I had to plank and visa versa but when out eyes met there was a common feeling that “this was hard!!!!”

We both like to keep fit outside Derby but the Xmas break had crept into our souls and it’s taken a few endurance based training sessions to get us all up to speed again! Now I love it that I can go for a run and not feel like I am going to die! (like I did over Xmas) My fitness barrier has risen even in two weeks which feels good so when I watched the clip that ABC produced, I wasn’t surprised when they talked about the fast results from the Derby fitness regime!

That said, along with the crucifying endurance sessions, we have been having a lot of fun too! For our session yesterday I cooked roller skate cookies for Yam-E-Dodgers Birthday! All the Fresh Meaties loved them. Got this cracking pic of them all munching on them inbetween T-stops and ploughing! I turned around and saw a bevy of Derbettes grinning from ear to ear!

Munching Derbetts!

Things haven’t all been hunky Dory. At the beginning of the week (for one reason or another) I struggled. I even missed Mondays training session which sucks! I like to think Derby can pull me through anything but if your going to be crying all over the floor you have a duty to your team mates not to cause a water hazard! I pulled myself out of my struggledom, by starting with a run the next day, then Yoga with a good friend. It ended up being an Ashtanga Yoga session to my surprise as our teacher was away! WOW. Now that’s a stretch/workout! I love finding muscles that I didn’t know I had!

I’m happy to say I got through the week with old friends and new supporting me and giving me ‘normal’ and ‘Derby love’. and lashings of it! One thing that made me beam, I was sent a Lego Minifig of a Derby Girl out of the blue. The friend that sent it did so not because I was sad (she didn’t even know at the time) but because she wanted to! How special is she! My Minifig has been my guardian angel all week making me smile and helping me with important stuff like wheel checking!

Minifig was passed on by a Freshie who thought my new Lego friend would be better suited to live with me as she is taking a back seat with Derby for a while. I view it that I am looking after Minifig until she returns, which I hope she will one day.

Thursdays Training sesh was awesome! I did have a few bushings concerns. Over Xmas I changed from the ones that came with my skates to 8 barrel, blue, suregrip 72as. These worked a treat when I put my outdoor wheels on for a spin over Xmas as the brain shake from the gravel and all type terrain to my flat tarmac was minimised greatly. I’ve been loving them also as the under push when doing crossovers is massively smoother, easier and I can go further. I did however feel a bit unsteady while running on my toe stops when training inside. The hangers and axels moved greatly giving a feeling of unsteadiness that I didn’t like one bit! I love running on toe stops! I tightened them up as far as they will go for that session but skated holding my breath! Not good when you like skating fast!!!! For yesterday’s session I had my old bushings back in, but even with them in, I felt unsteady on my toes. Wish I hadn’t noticed it now!!!!!!

The loss I got though from removing the squidgy blues was too much to loose so I am going blue again and have ordered some gumballs (something I said I wasn’t going to do as I really wanted Snyder Hocky stops but the thread is different) For now I hope the extra surface area of the gumballs with the blue bushings will give me what I desire! I have to be careful not to churn too much money into parts as one day I hope to be able to afford the Holy Grail of skates….some Antiks! (I like the ankle support and mouldable toe-box, not because you can get them in pretty colours…but it helps!)

Still waiting for my Deadbolts. They say they will let me know when they have been dispatched but I am desperate to get them. Falls are getting harder while hits are getting stronger!

Been doing some exciting stuff for team PR as it’s out home bout coming up on 16th Feb! This is very very exciting!!!!!! I have been working with the PR & Merch team designing this week. I laid up the poster and sent it to the heads to get it looked over. The theme is ‘Love Hurts’ basically as the bout is so near to Valentines day! Much to my surprise the heads had chosen me to be the poster girl for this bout!!!!! I nearly fell of my chair! It meant me re-designing and hashing about what I had already got down on paper but who wouldn’t want to do this for this honour! The theme basically stayed but a picture of me Jamming at the Dorset bout (taken by Tim Churchill) had to be used in the publicity! This has to be one of my life moments and I was so proud. Here is the final promo and if your about come and watch some cracking Derby!

First though in the SW League, we have the Wiltshire on Feb 9th where SWAT are NSOing and I have been asked to take some photos! See you there and say hello if you see me!

Signing off now but chat soon.

Derby Love

Flash Bo-Dash xxx



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