Just Lay Back & Think Of Skating!

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Just Lay Back & Think Of Skating!


What to do when you write a weekly blog and you’re poorly? Last Friday was looming and all I could think of was (amongst another mountain of things) how am I going to write my blog and even if I do what am I going to write about? Needless to say, I couldn’t, didn’t and went on to have a very poorly week.

Roll on this Friday. It’s a bit silly as I am writing most of the time about the past, about my time as a rookie, but when I do skate in the week it almost aids me and inspires my writing. Last week I was so poorly I just couldn’t. What’s wrong with me you ask? It’s a tooth thing. Abscess so the pain takes over your world!!!!!

I have had to go back to the dentist today for my 6th emergency appointment this week. I am back now and was sitting wrapped up in my pink spotty duvet thinking, cripes I am still in pain and I can’t write! I am however still able to post my experiences on facebook though for support, so I have dug deep, given myself a talking to and written a short one for you (and for me for that matter) the pain has stopped inbetween painkillers anyway! Plus it’s only fair that you should be inflicted with the riveting status updates like my “Straw of the day so my friends don’t feel it’s all on them. Spreading the load and all!




What makes you love skating even more is when you can’t do it. This week I have felt Derby Love from my team mates and normal love from my friends so thank you all for putting up with my graphic toothypeg adventures. I always think “Why do people bang on about personal stuff online. Keep it to yourself!” but now I know why. It’s for support …..and it’s a wonderful thing. I’m an online therapy junky, out and proud! When you need a bit of a nudge up the ladder to keep you buoyant there is always someone to share your pain and share his or her experiences so your not alone!

I’ve also had other sparks of magic that have helped me through the week. Something today has been presented to me from the “Come On, Keep Positive fairy”. She follows me around sometimes and I was given one classic visual gem from her when I was in the waiting room at the Dentist. YOLO (You Only Live Once) was on a piece of paper, on a pad, in the children’s play area. This made me stop & think, made me smile, and pepped me up! I got on with the “waiting to be called in” ordeal (of which I am an expert at now) and when it was my go I actually walked in with a very slight spring in my step (even though I knew what was just going to be performed on me by the dentist!) I knew I had to just lay back and think of skating!!!!

The “Yolo Fairy” Strikes again!

I knew one thing though that was very clear in my minds eye. I would be one step nearer to being able to skate again!

Last week I was gutted to have missed the first of two Fresh Meat sessions. As you have probably gathered by now I have passed my Fresh Meat days, my minimum skills and as you can imagine I was just a bit gutted about missing this event. Fresh Meat is so dear to my soul! I wanted to go back and be a not so newb, one of the big girls now and hold the imaginary hands of all the new skaters in there first steps and help them find the love that I have in skating! There is another session tomorrow and I am going to try my darn hardest to get there and support the new ladies that want to join S.W.A.T as it’s such a special time for everybody.

Saturday October 13th 2012-S.W.A.T


I’m going to have to wrap it up there but I will be back next week fighting fit! Just to add some visual excitement I am going to add an image for a promo that I shot for our S.W.A.T  Halloween Roller disco, October 28th, Phoenix Arts Centre in Exeter. We had such fun shooting it in my studio and I believe there may even be a behind the scenes account posted soon! There are certainly some fun shots that were taken on and off the scene!


Night Of The Skating Dead!

So I will leave it there and crawl back under my pink duvet and post my straw of the day online, for my friends that eagerly await what colour it will be today!

Chat Soon. Derby Love x

Flash Bo-Dash


I dedicate this blog to all the poorly skaters that really want to be on the track…… We will live to skate another day!




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