Knees Are Very Important In Life! (& For Roller Derby)

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Knees Are Very Important In Life! (& For Roller Derby)

So did we get to training last weekend??? Noooooooo is the sad sad answer.The floods were just too bad and it was touch and go whether we would make it back …..without a boat (or someone with a batman car) so ‘The Topsham Massive’ as we are collectively called in our car share, made a very grown up decision to stay in bed! Ha ha well not quite but we all were in out PJs I think when we were discussing it over the tinternet in the warm (I won’t tell you what time of day it was!)

As it happened it was the right thing to do as the rain came in hard just after training and my town was cut off from the rest of the world completely! Quite exciting really but it didn’t help matters though when I tried to batten down the hatches. From the side of the house that the howling wind was coming up from the sea, my lovely Edwardian window decided to give up the ghost after over 100 years of good life and the frame broke! My balancing skills from Derby came in useful here as I had to stand on one leg while I held up the bottom and reach over to the gaffa tape (the only thing to hand) while I patched it up and rammed a pillow case under the effected area to stop the gales and rain from entering the room! Sorted! Then my boiler broke. I started to think that my luck was slightly off kilter this week. Just when you need these things to work they all brake!

Just like my wheel when it decided to roll off my skates all on its own a few weeks ago! As it happened, it was almost in slow motion. I felt a proper wally at training and to top it off I have no idea why as it was technically kind of impossible! I had just put new wheels on to my heavily pimped up skates (Reckless Evaders, 58mm 38mm 88 & 93’s, bought second hand from the one and only Bolty I hoped that some of her speed would still be magically in them somehow!) with spacers so they were tightened up tight. No idea why it came off as I checked them after I put them on with my new purple skate tool (team colours so it makes me smile a lot)

Not only did it roll across the floor but the bearing that is normally so hard to get out, rolled out too! Just as I was about to jam. Doh!!!!! and not a good feeling when you rely heavily on your skates being safe and trackworthy. Dot Slash came to the rescue with her tool and tightened them up for me. I was in a bit of a daze as I was astonished! Now at the beginning of every training I check and double check them! For some reason I don’t mind doing this with my purple spangly new tool which is far nicer that the one my Dad got out of his shed for me! (did the same job but the purple plastic (did I mention it was purple!!) one is more of a joy to use than the old silver tarnished tool looking one! These things are sent to test us and sometimes learning from experience (even if it’s a bad one) is sometimes the best thing to make something stick!

It’s also time to buy new knee pads. Things seem to have gone up a notch training-wise and I am getting bruises from my pads! Well obviously not the pads but the mahosive falls! I am flinging myself about a lot and I’m not scared to fall but my pads now are what I would call intermediate really. Better than the beginner pads I had (for skating on the seafront, mini SFR ones) but not as padded as the Scabs and 187’s etc that people favour for their extra protection. I did try some scabs on early on and I didn’t like the way your knees (or the back of them) knock against them on crossovers but everyone says that you get used to wearing them. Knees are very important in life so I am going to have to invest and improve on technique. Liking the look of the TSG Force IIIs and I have tried one of our Fresh Meaties pair (Thanks Hazel!). They have a nice feature of a clip (along with Velcro) that’s adjustable. This seems like a great idea!

My skates have really been pimped to their max apart from the bushings that are sitting waiting to be placed. I like to feel what I need and buy kit when I know why I really need it and it’s getting to be time for an upgrade (happens a lot in Derby!) I am taking my time on this though as I want to make the right decision as it’s an important one, but for now, I’m happy enjoying my nearly new Reckless with their new Reds bearings (which are a dream compared to my ABEC 5s that I was running)


Last night was a great training session (agility, my fav) and I looking forward to 3 hrs of no doubt hardcore hits tomorrow! Mondays session was hard for me and I struggled emotionally and mentally. I’m not really sure why (could have been a number of things) but it scared me to be honest and it was a bit uncomfortable and uncontrollable. My Derby love glowed a bit dim for a while but anything that’s worth something, is hard work and my flame is burning brightly again. I’m ready and raring to go again. Lets hope my wheels stay on this time!

Chat Soon!

Flash xxx

2 responses to “Knees Are Very Important In Life! (& For Roller Derby)”

  1. Clive says:

    Thanks Kimberley. Always a good read. Hope your derby love is back.

    • Flash Bo-Dash says:

      Thanks Clive! It most certainly is!!! with a bang :) Hope you enjoy this weeks and thanks for the excellent speed skate lesson! Flash x

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