How being like Michael Jackson will help you become better at Roller Derby

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How being like Michael Jackson will help you become better at Roller Derby

You might just think Michael Jackson is just another pop star and understandably he’s not everyones cup of tea. But you can’t ignore the fact the man entertained and inspired so many people for so many years. Selling Billions of records, entertaining billions of people and through serval decades he was at the top of his game.

‘What’s that got to do with Roller Derby?’ you might be asking. Well, a lot. This music icon learnt a lot about being the best. About adapting in different times and continuing to grow in his field.

If you want to be better at roller derby you to must learn to grow, evolve and keep moving.

So what can we learn?

Fancy footwork

Like Michael Jackson you need to be hot on the moves. Shuffling left to right, jumping around, high speed spinning yet a little less crotch grabbing. Nether the less the ability to move when needed is vital. As many derby players live by the rule ‘hit or be hit’ you’ll want to be sure to stay well out of the way (or get in the way). Just make sure It’s your choice.

Top Tip:

You don’t have to be able to moonwalk to get the points in derby, yet nimble footwork will keep you light on your skates and agile enough to cause maximum disruption for the apposing team.

Group or Solo

As little Michael went from his early days singing ‘ABC’ in the Jackson 5 to his ‘Bad’ days as a solo artist, he discovered early on that performing well in a group as well as on your own is vital. Much like derby you need to be comfortable in your own shoes (or skates), step up into the lime light when it’s needed yet support the team when required. You don’t always have to be centre stage but you do need to be there to support and help your team in their moment of need. It will also help if you are able to dig deep and show everyone you are not only made for the world of Roller Derby, but you are gonna kick it’s ass too!

Top Tip:

Working well as a team and letting your team mates know you’re reliable is vital for a winning combination.

Be the best you can

Mr Jackson didn’t just think ‘I’ll do a little spin and a moonwalk and I’ll be set for life’ He kept pushing himself to be better and demanding more. You need to do that too if you want to excel beyond the competition.

Focus on success (it doesn’t matter if your friends think your mad). You need goals in order to be successful. If you have a clear idea of where you want to be then that’s a start but you need to take one step towards that goal on a regular basis. For example start with being able to skate without holding on to the walls. Then focus on mastering stopping. Soon you will be queen of the track.

Top tip:

You don’t have to master it all at once and you don’t need to perfect each thing before moving on to the next. Stick with your goal and have fun.

Be yourself

You don’t have to dress to impress (it’s about being you and letting people know that’s ok). Mr Jackson was known for his eccentric behaviour. People believed he bathed in mineral water and slept in a hyperbaric chamber, but wherever was being said he did what he wanted despite the rumours. You really can’t please all the people all the time so just be comfortable with who you are. Derby can be a great opportunity to let go of what’s expected of you and become that athlete inside.

Derby is filled with amazing and colourful people who are just comfortable in their own skin. Not everybody gets derby but that’s OK. Those who do take it, consume it and make it better.

There we have it. 4 tips we have learnt from Michael Jackson which can be applied to roller derby. What did you think? It would be great to hear your feedback and if you have any more tips to add please post a comment below.

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