My Sweat Has Sweat On It!

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My Sweat Has Sweat On It!

“My sweat has sweat on it!” .That was my status last night after training! It amazes me what my S.W.A.T girls are capable of and there is something that blows my mind at every session.

So as you can see, I am finally back on my skates after my tooth catastrophe!…and I love it!

My first session back was a couple of weeks ago now. It was a light one and I had the pleasure of being Smousey, our Fresh Meat coach for S.W.A.T’s, demo model for our new Fresh Meaties! This was a lot of fun and I finally got to meet everyone who had taken the fabulous leap into the world of Derby. This session was the Freshies first proper training session and I was Smousey. Debbie Mcgee to her Paul Daniels! I wanted to wear more glitter but I didn’t get around to it.. although, I had a lovely surprise when I got there as Vampy had knitted me my very own tooth fairy bag, which had 50p in it from the actual tooth fairy (who I have it on good authority that she has a direct line to) It had a note in, hand written by the fairy herself, that was covered in purple glitter! The tooth fairy is obviously a S.W.A.T fan being our team colours! Never hurts to have some magical followers! Needless to say I Debbie Mcgeed myself right up and poured the glitter all over me at the first opportunity!


To ‘Debbie Mcgee’ yourself.

– When one is asked to be an assistant to aid training Fresh Meat, to be ‘Debbie Mcgeed right up’ is essential so the freshies know who to watch. Glitter essential and if available a feather head-dress stuck to helmet for visibility purposes!


Debbie Mcgeed right up, before she puts her helmet on!

Knee drops and stickies were the order of the day and I was impressed with the skills that were apparent already. Some promising skaters and even those who hadn’t skated before were coming on in leaps and bounds and listened carefully putting into practice what was being taught. Can’t wait for tomorrow as it’s the next Fresh Meat sesh!

You may have noticed I missed a week out blogwise! This was due to nothing other than Derbyness (and a bit of photographyness!) taking over completely and I ran out of time. I was doing derby stuff rather than writing about it!

On Saturday it was the first double header (two bouts) of the South West League, hosted by PCRG (Plymouth City Roller Girls) at the new Plymouth Life Center. What a venue!



I wasn’t playing this but it’s time to mention I think that I have been put on the roster for the Angels Travel team, so between now and March 2013 I hope to be on the track playing for S.W.A.T! Properly, as a proper fully fledged Derby girl! This is a major achievement for me and I am very proud to have come this far. I would just at this point like to thank all the coaches and advanced players that have helped, supported and trained me to within an inch of my death. Can’t wait to kick arse on the track!

Friday night was spent prepping to support my girls in the best way I know how…cake! I knew they would need sustenance after the game so made some rather pretty purply glittery crispy cakes! These were delivered with love on the day to the changing room where I wished them well and went to find the best seat for a great show!


We positioned ourselves in the suicide seats and waited for the game to commence! I made a decision (which was quite hard for me believe it or not) to leave my camera at home. It’s normally attached to me at all times as I love shooting Derby but I wanted to give my full attention to the game, so it was left behind! This was a good decision as I wouldn’t have wanted to miss any of this game!

Needless to say S.W.A.T did us proud with a win against The Dorset Roller Girls with the final score being 300-44. Was a great game to watch and I never knew you could get so exhausted from shouting, screaming and egging your team on! I met some lovely people too, including Derby skater Freaki Kiki who in the small world of Derbyness was reffing on the day and knows a non derby friend of mine. She slipped me a Dorset Roller Girls Badge which I proceeded to pin on my new bright green S.W.A.T Varsity jacket (which I am in total love with) from Roller Derby City and to my relief it didn’t explode (being our opposing team on the day! She plays for them normally) Thanks Kiki!


Me and my new Varsity Jacket! mmmmmmm

PGRC took on Wiltshire in the second fun filled, Derby goodness of a game and won. The second SW League event is on November 17th and the Angels will also go into battle against Wiltshire, so watch this space


The SWAT girls after their win


We returned to Exeter this time for a bit of a knees up to celebrate. A bit too much fun was had in the van on the way home and who knew you could have so much giggling squashed in the back of a transit with 5 other sweaty derby girls. To be fair the fancy dress bag for later helped and Billabang’s spider hat caused an uproar of laughter when placed on Miss Hiplashe’s head who proceeded to place her glasses on top of it!……..guess you had to be there!

I now know that my team have an another amazing skill, singing at full pelt to ‘Total Eclipse Of The Heart!‘ ( mmmmmmmmmm maybe I should have kept that one quiet!)

The next episode of Derby funness was on The Sunday at our Halloween Roller Disco ‘Night Of The Skating Dead’ Everyone made such an effort to dress up and it was great to see some of the Freshies and their friends, husbands and a few new faces too that were interested in Derby.

One new (old) face popped up and proceeded to Powerstop right in front of me dressed from head to toe as a Werewolf in a full fake fur suit and head! The head was taken off to reveal a friend from my past who I found out had been skating for many years and I never knew! He used to marshall years ago at the local Roller Discos and had played Street Hockey for many years. Amazing what you find out and how you find it out! Who would have thought a fireman in a wolf suit would hold such skating knowledge!



Well that’s all folks for this week but I’m looking forward to what the next week holds. Heavy training will be on the menu as S.W.A.T prepare for the next game no doubt! I’m already slightly broken from last nights mammoth assault on my body but loving every minute of it.

I get to dress up again tonight for another Derby Birthday where Burlesque is the theme set by derby lass Whoops-a-Daisy! Will be such fun to see what these crazy cats come up with this time! No doubt Dita will have a run for her money!

Chat next week!

Flash Bo-Dash



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