Ooooooooooooooo! Blog no.13. Lucky For Some!

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Ooooooooooooooo! Blog no.13. Lucky For Some!

Well I can’t say that this week hasn’t been challenging so I can see why blog number 13 may be a bit of an interesting one…. Lucky for some!

The tooth problems? ……….well they continued ………along with a sickness bug, a headache, earache, exposed nerves in my jaw from where they took the tooth (from a traumatic extraction they called kidding!) This led to a 7th emergency visit to the Dentist and to top it all off a sore throat! This was all mashed up with a pinch of a car crash where someone drove right into me on the way to Fresh Meat, stopping me getting there!

Needless to say I felt like the Gods were against me slightly in my quest to get back to skating! It’s been tough, really tough, but I’ll say it again, when something takes your skating away it makes you want to fight for it even more. When you have something you love so much it keeps you pushing to stay positive so you can get back to it, which can only be good!

One thing that’s really been a life saver this week while I’ve been out of action is Facebook. I NEVER thought I would say that seeing as I avoided it like the plague up until April this year. Posting my Straw of the day updates has kept me entertained somewhat on days that I have been struggling!

April 2012, was the month I started Roller Derby and it wasn’t a coincidence that this was the month I joined up to the elusive Facebook! Vampira (my Derby confidant at the beginning, my pool of all info that was Derby) said there was a secret group the S.W.A.T girls all communicated through, swapped ideas and arranged stuff. This sounded fab in itself, to be part of a secret group of ninja derby girls!

For years I didn’t need Facebook in my life as I had real flesh and blood friends. I didn’t want or need virtual ones! This, I now know, is the story that’s touted by non Facebook users who don’t understand. I bit the bullet and made an account! Needless to say I never looked back and now use it all the time. This week I’ve felt connected to the Derby world even though I haven’t been able to skate and it’s lovely to see and hear about people getting ready to bout at the weekend, how training went and get to see the (sometimes bizarre!) injuries that people come back with paraded like heroic battle scars!

The more I have become involved in the Derby world, the more friends I have picked up along the way! I put that in exclamation marks as it makes me chuckle that you can call a friend someone that you haven’t even met, but once you get over the wording you realise that these people do become important in your life. Some daily gems posted on the faceache are hillarious and I actually look forward to reading their daily status updates (Yes Miss Hiplash I’m talking about you and your personal coffee emporium and crazy tales of helmet hair on windy bike rides to your workplace every day! Even more fun are the ones she posts at the weekend where rum is involved! Priceless and far cheaper than buying NOW magazine every week! You’ve single handedly saved me a fortune!)

As I’ve started to photograph at Roller Derby bouts and been involved in playing Derby more, I’ve made a lot of friends and it’s lovely. Some of them have even wished me well and sent Derby Love my way while I have been ill! This really is a magic world that I’m in and I don’t underestimate its value and appreciate it every day.

So back to Fresh Meat! My Fresh Meat days as a rookie skater…..How did I become one of the “Big Girls” anyway and when did all that happen you ask!? Well I went to all the practices I could possibly go to, along with attending the Big Girls training sessions inbetween Fresh Meat Saturdays (when I became a bit more advanced so I didn’t actually die when they threw me into my first scrimmage with the advanced players.although I did come out with the ultimate feeling that I was perfect cannon fodder which I named myself in my minds eye from thereon in for a bit!)

I tried hard to be the best I could be. Little did we know we were being watched, marked and trained to within an inch of our Derby soul gradually getting our minimum skills ticked off. Sometimes we knew when we had achieved a skill and been marked off but other times we were just watched and passed. It ended with a final day of marking to pull us all together and achieve the last few items on the checklist.

I remember this day well. The elation was amazing!

Now I’m writing this down I remember so many things to tell you about the early days! One is about how I chose my name. I did this a few times! I had “The Vikim” first (from my Viking roots!), then I was Jam ‘n’ Scream (I like jamming and I scream with excitement alot!) and finally my chosen one Flash Bo-Dash (Flash as I am a Photographer, plus it was the name of the one of the first Derby players in the Derby hall of fame, Billy Bogash) The fact is I can’t change it again as Facebook won’t let me (you only get a few goes at changing your name on Facebook and I hit my maximum! Lord knows what I will do if I ever get married and have to change my surname!)

Many an hour was was spent designing my very own logo to go on my helmet! Lots of fun!

An early helmet design!

Another exhilarating memory is my first attempt at my 25 in 5 (25 times around the track in 5 minutes) This is known as the dark nemesis of minimum skills to some Derby Girls. If Skeletor was a minimum skill this would be him and his best mate would be Darth Vader on drugs holding you at gunpoint! I wanted to do this as soon as possible as to be honest it didn’t scare me as I considered myself quite fit and my cardio was good. I really wanted to try it though as soon as possible as I had heard of people being sick after it so I wanted to measure how I did very quickly, to gauge it for myself! My first attempt before learning crossovers properly was 23.8 in 5 and my second was 28 when I got signed off! Good times! (although I did come out of it with possible Exercise induced asthma but that’s another story that’s not worth going into now (anyway some Olympians get that I found out so I don’t mind!)

Another massive achievement for me personally wasn’t the skating bit but passing my written test with 100% did I say that! Yes 100% (boy was I proud) and yes! There IS a written test in Derby! I studied and memorised and it worked! I never really enjoyed written tests at school but this made me wonder, if I had truly enjoyed and had an interest in the subject, where could it have taken me! The moon maybe!? That’s for another day.

I’ve been on a real journey of discovery and I’ve come far and so have all my other Fresh Meat chums. I’m proud of us all and excited about where we go next. There’s lots of exciting things in the pipeline….. I hadn’t really realised how much we’d progressed until it was time for Fresh Meat again! I can’t wait to meet all the newbs and see how they’re getting on, see what kit they have bought and what they need to buy now, see what crazy Derby clothes they have purchased to wear (that’s the fun bit!) and how they are finding the fitness regime on their bodies! (and minds) I only hope my half functioning body holds out and I make it this space!

Derby love to all (and I mean that) xxx

Chat next week!

Flash Bo-Dash

2 responses to “Ooooooooooooooo! Blog no.13. Lucky For Some!”

  1. freaki kiki, dorset roller girls says:

    Loving your blog, takes me back to my fresh meat days, before I turned zebra and 25/5 still has me beaten!! Hope your feeling better soon and back on wheels soon. Oh and I think you know my sister in law lucky lulu. Xx

    • Flash Bo-Dash says:

      I certainly do know your Sister in Law and we will get her on skates between us!!! Don’t you Zebras need to do another form if the 25 in 5? 10 in 90 seconds or something!?!? That’s quite a mission in itself isn’t it?
      Thanks for the comment. Lovely to get some conversation going and glad you enjoyed reading it!
      I’m back on skates now and it feels great!
      Lots of Derby Love to you Freaki Kiki xxx
      P.s see you Saturday at the first South West League showdown !!!!

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