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Ok , so to start with I wasn’t sure whether this was the sport for me. So I didn’t spend a massive amount on kit. I just got all of the bits that I needed to start the training sessions and reduce injury.

As I hadn’t been on skates before I thought it would be fair to assume that me and the floor would be spending a lot more time together. So I defiantly needed something.

Tip: Some teams will have spare kit that you can hire out from them but find out first or you may have to sit out on the training sessions.

So I managed to borrow a helmet which was ideal as I wasn’t too happy about trying to skate around without one on. It is always best to get your own helmet as they take the shape of your head over time so if you are borrowing someone elses then it is more than likely to be suited to their head and not yours, which will reduce the effectiveness of it. Having said that, a borrowed helmet will be better than no helmet at all.


Then there are the skates. So I decided that I was going to buy these. Even if I was rubbish and looked like Bambi on skates I reckon I would be able to sell them second hand on ebay or even someone else looking to become a pro Roller Derby babe! I wanted something cool and comfortable and did a fair bit of research on ones that got good reviews AND looked cool. So I settled on these:

They are comfortable and robust. I had to put the toe guards on the front to help protect them from all of the awesome knee drops I was doing. You may decide like I did to start with and just use tape at the front to protect them. I stuck this on there due to some of the knee drops I would be doing required that the tops of the skates made contact with the floor and I wanted to prolong the life of them. I didn’t have any toe protectors then so three bits of carpet tape did the trick but made the skates will tacky when the tape comes off.

For pads I didn’t spend loads. I found a cheapy Karnage Protective Pad Set (elbow pads in the left) at JJB for under £15 . For a full review of the pads that I have used follow this link>>


The knee pads weren’t really up to much so I replaced them a bit sharpish. They didn’t fit too well but this might have been down to either my big legs OR the fact that i was slamming so much weight down on them when I was dropping to the floor. So I opted for these other knee pads. I opted for the Pro Tech knee pads in Black, they have had good reviews and are comfortable to wear as well as do a great job of protecting those knees!


Gum shield I didn’t bother with for the first few sessions. It was only when we started doing pack work that I needed one. To find out which one I started with and how I got on with it follow this link for the mouth guard review>>

So that we have an idea of the basic equipment that you can and can’t get away with.

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