Roller Derby Helmet Buying

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Helmet buying = NIGHTMARE!!!!

Getting a helmet that fits became the bain of my life!! S M L or S/M L/XL?

I measured my head using advice from various websites online and found my head measurements to be 56-57cm. This was smack in the middle of S/M and L/XL. Great!! I figured, to make sure it was a good fit, I’d go for a S/M TSG  when it arrived it was unbelievably tight, it practically cut off the circulation to my brain! I sent it back now I’m £6 lighter from postage costs. Since TSG sizes seemed to be so far out I decided to go for a Medium Capix branded helmet instead, when this arrived it was massive!! I soon realised that different brands would range in sizes just like H&M clothing sizes may differ from Next clothing sizes, although they were all labelled up the same! (I’m now £12 lighter from postage costs!)

Getting fed up with paying for return postage I cut my losses and went into a surf/skate shop in town (I hadn’t done this earlier as I thought I would save more money getting one online! Big mistake as I’d paid out so much on postage it would have been cheaper to get one in town after all!)
I finally found one that fit a TSG Tony Hawk in L/XL. It fit well in the shop so for £29.99 I went for it. After a few wears I found the padding started to compress and was therefore a little larger than it was originally. Following a brainwave I got the thinner pads (which is what would adjust the helmet to a XL) and a few strips of double sided Velcro tape and fixed the additional padding on top of the compressed pads where it was feeling too loose. It is now a perfect custom fit just for my noggin!!

Moral of the story: Go to an actual shop and try on as many different sizes/brands as you can and don’t rely on measuring your head against a generic chart online! Everyone’s head shape is going to vary!
If you find a good fitting helmet in a shop you can always buy it online later and get the discount!


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