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Roller Derby Helmets ImageSo you want to play Roller Derby then your going to need to protect that skull of yours.

Here I will put advice about choosing the ideal helmet for your brain box

Much Derby Love to Nads for this AWESOME info about Good Kit and Helmets. We also have info about your other Derby needs such as:

Helmet – (COMPULSORY as per WFTDA / MRDA rules)

First thing’s first: The most important part of your safety gear is your helmet. Crap knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards can lead to broken bones, but a crap or badly fitting helmet can lead to much worse such as concussions and fractured skulls (I am including other sports in this, but it is still an important point). You break a bone and worst case scenario is you will be off skates for a few months, you do a number on your bonce and I don’t think I need to tell you what can happen. So let’s get this first, important piece of kit right!

An important factor to think about (and ask store-staff about) is whether the helmets you are looking at are one-hit-wonders (e.g, you crack your head in it once and then you have to throw it away, the helmet is only good for one impact), or if it can take multiple knocks before having to swap out for a new one. Most skate-certified helmets will be the multiple-impact type, but some helmets such as speed-helmets for bike racing are only good for one fall, and then they have to be replaced. To reiterate: you NEED to be sure that the helmet you are buying can take multiple impacts. Turning up to a bout wearing an inappropriate helmet will result in you being told to go and sit in the audience, you will NOT be allowed to bout if your helmet isn’t a certified multiple-impact skate helmet.

There are many manufacturers out on the market, such as Triple 8, Bullet, ProTech etc. The first thing you want to make sure of, is that the helmets you are looking at buying conform to safety certificates pertaining to skate use.

The second thing you want to get right is the fit. This is one area of kit that you should avoid buying online. Yes, it is more convenient that way, but if it comes along and doesn’t fit properly, a lot of people would be inclined to keep it anyway if it is a little loose, rather than go through the inconvenience of sending it back and getting one that fits better. Tell me this: which is more convenient, hunting high and low for a well-fitted helmet for a month, or risking injury that could result in being off skates for several months? I know what I would choose!

With this in mind, avoid buying a helmet online wherever possible. If you are a seasoned skater and know exactly how a helmet should fit, then by all means, your experience on the subject should see you right with an online purchase. You may have to send a few back and get replacements, but if you know what you are doing, then go ahead and buy online. If you are a less experienced skater or a fresh-meat newbie, my advice would be to go to a reputable skate equipment dealer and have them help to fit you with your first helmet purchase. I would also add that seeing as your head is a priceless asset, you should probably spend out on a piece of headgear that is going to offer you superior protection.

Another reason I advise going to a physical retailer in your local town is that no matter how good the factory process is, each helmet differs in dimensions. Even if it is the same make, model and size! I have tried several Triple 8 Brainsavers in size medium before, and I was surprised at how differently they all fitted!

A good helmet should cover all of your forehead (I would say almost down to your eyebrows), give plenty of buffer zone near your temples, and come down low enough at the back of your head to cover the base of your skull.

Examples of good helmets are:
Triple 8: Brainsaver (EDIT 23/11/11 – Please note, one model of Brainsaver is a single-impact helmet, but the rest are multiple-impact. Please do make sure which version you are receiving before parting with your money!) (EDIT 27/02/12 – the single-impact Brainsaver is the one with the EPS liner and is usually sold as a single-impact bicycle helmet. Triple 8 have also done a product recall on the S/M size versions of these due to not fulfilling their certification criteria in re-testing. The standard liner and sweat-saver liner Skate versions of the Brainsaver are unaffected by this recall.)

Pro-tec: Classic and Classic Full-Cut
Capix: Opener, Basher and Crusher

NEW ADDITION! – CASCADE M11 HELMET. – Class-leading design and vastly out-performs most if not all other multiple-impact helmets on the market. Designed for Pro Ice Hockey players, but fully allowed, even encouraged by the WFTDA / MRDA. If you have the money to spend, one of these is a no-brainer (see what I did there? HAH!). It is certainly the helmet I will be upgrading to myself when I can.

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