Protech Dents Roller Derby Mouth Guard

1. Parlez, respirez, buvez

2. 30% Plus Resistant

3. Pas de manipulation avec les mains = pas de bacteries

4. Sur mesure en 2 minutes

5. Extremement resistant


4.0 out of 5 stars Good but a bit fiddly, 24 Jun 2013

“took an age to get this fitted correctly, all the girls I compete with say the same, try to push it in place rather than sucking it in as this makes it so tight you are scared you will pull teeth when it comes off. Other than that great product can drink talk eat with it in. Good delivery time etc” – Toni


5.0 out of 5 stars better than other mouthguards, 22 Jun 2013

“All seems good so far not had any hits yet so don’t know what it is like in that situation.

Comfortable and its true that you can eat, speak and drink with it in.

Was easy to mould” – J. Millar


10/10, 28 Nov 2013

“Top marks – I tried a bog standard mouth guard previously but this one moulds perfectly and quite easily really. I’d just had a tooth out so I’ll be able to remould until my gums have settled. Definitely HP” – Miss C


5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome gumsheild. I tried so many others for roller …, 26 Nov 2012

“Awesome gumsheild. I tried so many others for roller derby and they all just cut my mouth to shreds and I couldn’t breath or talk properly. This is really neat and small and I can even swig water with it in with no problem. I had to remould it once after leaving it in my pocket and it going through the washing machine (fused itself to my bf’s boxers, bad stuff :p) but it survived fine, reset perfectly. Only small complaint is I ordered the creamy green colour and got lime, but hey ho! If you want to protect your smile, this is worth the extra money.” -Â Katrina James “Bookworm


5.0 out of 5 stars Perfect!, 21 Aug 2013

“Absolutely 5 stars! I had no problems fitting it at all and once its in its a nice secure fit! You can talk and drink and it doesn’t make your top lip stick out! Hurrah! I thoroughly recommend.” – Becca




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