Roller Derby Toe Stops

Toe-Stops – (COMPULSORY as per WFTDA /MRDA rules)

Along with Wheels, Toe-Stops are probably not something you are going to worry about upgrading too much when you first start skating. Your first pair of skates will come with both, and most likely you will want to concentrate on getting up and skating before making decisions about what to swap out on your skates.

At some point, though, it might be something you will want to think about, as inevitably your Toe-Stops will wear down with use. Replacements are usually readily available from the manufacturer of your skates, but as you get better on your feet and start performing Derby Stops, Toe-Running, Juking and other Toe-Stop heavy skills, you might want to experiment with different brands and types.

A lot of skaters upgrade to Gumballs, as they have a larger-than-average surface area that helps with stability and manoeuvrability when juking and Derby-Stopping. One thing to keep in mind is that some types of Toe-Stop come with standard and long stalk options. If you like your Toe-Stops closer to the ground than usual, then the long-stalk option is probably for you. However, if you like the stops wound-up right back into the plates, the standard stalk length will be fine for your needs.

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Many thanks to Nads for this AWESOME info about Toe Stops!


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