Roller Derby Profile – La Bandida

Roller Derby Player - La BandidaDerby Name: La Bandida

Derby Team: Miami’s Vice City Rollers

Derby Number: 1337

Occupation: Donor Relations Manager & PhD student

How long have you been skating? Not very long at all. I was given roller blades for my 9th birthday and wore them nearly every day for a month at which point, I sadly outgrew them and had to hand them down to my sister. I decided to pick up skate boarding since it wasn’t something that I could outgrow and I’ve been skate boarding since I was 10. In a way, I’ve always had wheels under my feet, but I hadn’t roller skated since then until July 2011 when the league started; so I suppose you could say I’ve been roller skating for a bit over 1/2 year.

Why did you get involved in roller derby?
 Have you seen how girls falls down when you hit them? It’s fantastic! Although my concentration is in Conflict Resolution in International Relations, I love being able to smack a girl down with my hips for getting to close to me or my derby sisters.

How often do you practice? We have practice five times per week and I attend 3 practices/week.

What Pads do you use? This is my favourite question because I absolutely adore my knee pads; 187 Killer Pro Knee Pads. They’ve saved my ass quite a few times. My wrist guards and elbow pads are Triple 8. I haven’t upgraded them yet, but I plan on it.

What Helmet do you use? Triple 8 Brainsaver Royal Blue Helmet. It’s my precious!

What skates do you use? When I started I bought intro skates -Reidell R3- and I haven’t had a chance to upgrade. I do plan on purchasing Antik MG2s very soon!

Where did your nick name come from? My name is Spanish for bandit (female). My job involves me asking wealthy people/companies for goods/services for free (or tax write-offs) and giving those things to those who have not. In a way, I’m a totally legit bandit and since I’m from Miami, I had to add a little spice and translate it to Spanish, hence, LA BANDIDA!

What is your favourite part about being a Roller girl? The girls! I love my team. All the women are strong, independent and fearless. The camaraderie we have is unique to roller derby. I know nowhere else where a woman can hit you as hard as she can and then you high-five her for the fantastic hit.

Any top tips for up and coming Derby Superstars? Don’t give up. Nothing worth fighting for is easy. Go to practice and if you feel like you might pass out, eat an orange, no joke. They provide a quick boost of energy.

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