Roller Derby Profile – xxxgxstringxxx

Roller Derby Skater - xxxgxstringxxxDerby Name: n/a at the moment, I’m working on it.. My nickname has always been xxxgxstringxxx so debating that???

Derby Team: Sassy Skeggie Sirens Roller Derby

Occupation: Full time house wife and mum of 4 monsters

How long have you been skating? Aside from the years in my teens only 8 weeks….

Why did you get involved in roller derby? I saw one of my old school friends post on Facebook about the Lincolnshire bombers recruiting just over a year ago and had absolutely no idea what it was all about, so after doing a search and several hours of YouTube videos later I was hooked and dreamt about joining them for over a year until recently when they had their recruitment flyers all over Facebook and I began begging and pleading with every I knew to try and get them to look after my kids or take me to Lincoln. I failed and was so gutted I applied for my provisional licence in hope I could drive by the time of their next recruitment. Watching more and more video’s and seeing more posts about it I decided I couldn’t wait so I started researching and asking for help to start my own league, the help and support has been unbelievable from all over the country and all over the world and were slowly getting there….

How often do you practice? Due to venue issues we only practice on a Wednesday night 7-10pm but were working on a permanent venue after I have been given the roller rink flooring from our old local roller rink. So fingers crossed.

What Pads do you use? 187’s their like falling on a mattress, love them! Didn’t want to scratch them at first haha.

What Helmet do you use? Ermm a pink one, I bought it before all the advice came flooding in regarding equipment so it will soon be replaced with a brainsaver I think.

What skates do you use? You had to ask.. Pre advice I bought roller derby gs300 and there awfull! I had my heart set on reidell vixens but now being swayed towards Sure grip Rebel avenger’s…Hmmm never has a decision been so hard!

What were your first pair of skates? Bauer Turbo’s and by the way Derby skates couldn’t be anymore different!!

Where did your nick name come from? A family joke about the inappropriate outfits I wore as a teen.

What is your favourite part about being a Roller girl? The feeling of there being somewhere I actually fit in and your all in it together doing something you love..

Any top tips for up and coming Derby Superstars? You should try everything at least twice, first time to see if you like it and then try it again just to make sure! And don’t doubt yourself or quit at the first injury. Dont forget to Join the online community’s they are super friendly unbelievably helpful and your future family!!

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