Roller Derby Skater – Clar Mar Superstar

Roller Derby Skater - Clar Mar SuperstarDerby Name:
Clar Mar Superstar

Derby Team:
Hot Wheel Roller Derby

Probation Officer

How long have you been skating?
Erm just over 2 years now. . Woah That crept up on me!

Why did you get involved in roller derby?
One of my workmates skated with the Leeds Roller Dolls, then she left to set up HWRD and I’d just had a baby, I really wanted to get fit and get involved with something so she persuaded me to give it a go I’ve never looked back!
How often do you practice?
HWRD have 3 sessions per week and there’s a minimum attendance to be considered for roster, so I get there every session that I can around being a Mum, having a full time job and running a house!

What Pads do you use?
187 Killers

What Helmet do you use?
I don’t even know what it is it’s white if that helps??

What skates do you use?
I’m on Reno Millenium II roller hockey skates. I’ve had them since just after I started skating and I love them, they are lather tops so they have moulded to my weird shaped feet and when they start to get baggy with age I just stuff some more insoles in them!

What were your first pair of skates?
I started out on some Ventro Pro outdoor skates. Not bad really but the boot comes half way up your calf so it’s a bit hard to do anything fancy with your ankles.

Where did your nick name come from?
I love Har Mar Superstar (the sleazy American pop dude) and my name is Claire Marie so it was meant to be really. My husband suggested it and it stuck straight away!

What is your favourite part about being a Roller girl?
The comradary, My team. They’re great. We’ve been to hell and back together and I wouldn’t change any single one of them.

Also you don’t get arrested for being violent ;P

Any top tips for up and coming Derby Superstars?
Stick at it. Don’t expect to be a pro overnight and don’t compare yourself to other people. Most people have a talent in one area or another so just celebrate and work on what yours is and don’t pay no mind to what other people are doing.

Oh, and GET STRAIGHT UP. No one likes a cry baby :)

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