Roller Derby Skater – Cult Friction

Roller Derby Skater - cult frictionDerby Name:
Cult Friction

Derby Team:
Dundee Roller Girls (silvery tayzers)

Customer Relations Manager @ John R. Weir Mercedes Benz.

How long have you been skating:
I have been skating a year and 2 months now and bouting since January, I have bouted 6 times since January.

Why did you get involved with roller derby:
I wanted a way too keep fit and be healthier and roller derby looked fun. I also like the way everyone seemed so nice and friendly.

How often do you practice:
I skate 6 hours a week over 3 sessions which includes a scrim every Friday! Best day of the week!! I live scrims!

What pads do you use:
I have beautiful scabs leopard print knee pads paired with the scabs gaskets! Amazing set up no slippage and I can’t feel a thing, have anarchy elbow pads but upgrading to 187s and also TSG wrist guards.

What helmed do you use:
I have a Matt blue triple 8 brain saver helmet which is absolutely covered in stickers :) its never failed me yet! (thank god!!)

What skates do you use:
I recently upgraded to my dream skates Antik AR1’s! They are mounted on a powerdyne revenge plate and are unbelievable and there was no break in period at all! I would recommend them to everyone, everything about them is designed and geared towards a derby skater. (I could go on all day!)

What were your first pair of skates:
I started where most newbies do, with a pair of white Reidell R3s. Fantastic skates which served me well, I still have them and am planning to keep he of them. There’s too much history between us for me to get rid of them :) and I can still use them to skate outdoors.

Where did your nick name come from:
Cult Friction comes from the film Pulp Fiction because it is one of my favourites! My derby number 25:17 also ties into this as it is the bible passage that samuel L. Jacksons character quotes in the film. The two evils list is so saturated that it is really hard to get an original name, I got this and just stuck with it. When I was a newbie my team pet name was maverick due to my bad habit of chasing the jammer once she was out of the pack! :-/

What is your favourite part about being a roller girl:
I love the camaraderie of being on a team and the girls I have met who have become like family to me, I love the fitness aspect as well and the fact that I have found something active that I love so much. The sense of achievement you get from mastering your skills is second to none and the feeling you get in bout day is untouchable! It has made me much less selfish and i tend to put the team needs before my own, so Derby has made me a much more rounded person too. This has allowed me to get involved in various committees and the running of our team, for the skaters by the skaters!! I love where modern roller derby is going as well, the tactics and the progression from pants and fishnets to forward thinking strong and agile women! This is the image my team represent we are serious about our sport and and the Uk Roller Derby Community and I love this side of The sport.

Top Tips for up coming superstars:
Enjoy your mins and don’t rush, If you take your time and master your skills you will be a much better skater in the long run and your stability will be solid. If you are going to bout then trust me, you will want to be ready!


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