Roller Derby Skater – Miss Hiplash

Roller Derby SKater - miss hiplash 66

Roller Derby SKater – Miss Hiplash 66

Derby Name: Â
Miss Hiplash

Derby Team:

Business Assurance Leader (which means nothing to anyone, suffice to say I manage risk on contracts delivering prison education)

How long have you been skating?
Not sure. I think about15 months

Why did you get involved in roller derby?
Saw Whip It (I know, yawn) & had been to see some LRG games & then my housemate bought home a SWAT fresh meat flyer

How often do you practice?
On average twice weekly

What Pads do you use?
187’s. They are flipping mahusive but I love them as my knees are shite & its like landing on a crash mat (there is much more padding then Scabs which I wore a few times recently then hurt my knee on a really lame fall)

What Helmet do you use?
Pro-tec Classic helmet

What skates do you use?
Riedell 265 Wicked’s with DA45 Invader plates (I think) & a short forward mount (which was a bugger at first but now I love it)

What were your first pair of skates?
Anarchy Havoc’s (plastic fantastics)

Where did your nick name come from?
A mate

What is your favourite part about being a Roller girl?
It’s the first sport I’ve ever done & I love working with my team. I really love how rough & tumble it is & that it constantly challenging me in new ways. Things need to always be moving forward to keep me interested & constantly have new things to learn & a never ending list of skills to work on.

Any top tips for up and coming Derby Superstars?Â
Dogged determination is derby’s currency. Do not get down on yourself if you feel others are progressing faster. Â At some point people plateau a bit & get down on themselves for a lack of progress but progress happens in fits & starts & only when you have a positive frame of mind & enjoy what you do.

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