Roller Derby Star – Kin Khey

Roller Derby star - Kin KheyDerby Name:
Kin Khey

Derby Team:
Dundee Roller Girls

Carer/Announcer/Whatever I get to do

How long have you been involved in Roller Derby?
Around 3 and a half years now.

Why did you get involved in roller derby?
I wanted to lose weight and normal conventional methods didn’t appeal to me. When I saw this i emailed the girl for info and went to a meeting and was fascinated. I’d always loved skating (both on quads and inlines) when I was younger so I jumped at the chance to do it all over again.

Where did your nick name come from?
Well, it kind of came as a bit of a joke between me and one of my friends and I adapted it one night talking to a friend trying to figure out the the perfect name for me. I felt my original name at the time was unoriginal, lacking invention and didn’t really suit my personality as I have quite an adult sense of humor. I’ve been told it suits me to a tee but it has since been adapted to Kinx or Kinkers which are family friendly..

What is your favourite part about being part of Roller Derby?
I know everyone says it but its the friendships that you form. The girls (and guys) within the league are always there for you, helping you in any way they can. I no long think of DRG as a team but as a large extended group of my friends who i can rely on, no matter what. When I couldn’t skate for 2 years, they were there for me, they’ve been there for me through break ups and marriage proposals and the best part of all is I have no idea what I would do without them these days.

How did you learn what you needed to do your role?
I asked a lot of questions, freaked out a little and asked some more. Announcing isn’t really something you can learn up on, well, you can but it doesn’t really help much (I should know, I’ve tried it) As for other roles I’ve taken on, I’ve read the relevant rules that correspond to my job and again, asked people that have done it before for advice. I generally find that most head NSO’s will explain to you what you’re doing at the time if you have no clue.

Any top tips for those that want to NSO or Ref?
Enjoy yourself and learn the rules. The best part of NSOing is being able to see the game from a different viewpoint. Ok yes you are effectively working but you see the game like only others that have done that job before you can. And remember, Just because a Derby Girl (or guy) Is hissing and spitting at you for what ever it is you have done, remember it is not personal and as soon as that last whistle blows at the end of the bout, they will love you all over again.

Photo is by Dave McAleavy


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