The Bad Sheep Boutique – By Rockabilly Ray (Rachael Webster)

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The Bad Sheep Boutique – By Rockabilly Ray (Rachael Webster)

We all love something new and interesting to hit the world of roller derby. And for any of you derby chicks that love a new T-shirt or two to own then this is a post for you.

The following is a guest post by Rockabilly Ray

Have you seen the awesome new Roller Zombies tank top that’s now available?

Designed exclusively for Bad Sheep Boutique by the hugely talented Like Hell Design, this amazing graphic features a pack of zombies chasing down a rather juicy looking jammer. The zombie jammer is out of shot, so with a little inspiration from a fellow team member and friend, I felt that the term “Eat the baby” just fitted perfectly, both with the set up and of course the zombie theme.

I love the fact that this design has caught so many people’s eyes already. Maybe it’s the vibrant but minimal colours that makes it stand out among others. I also love the fact that the jammer is of an average kind of build. She’s not stick thin or a shape that you’d see on a catwalk.

Ok, yes we did let the designer give her big boobs, but why not? Boobs are great, and being a very female orientated sport, there are lots of them in roller derby. I just wish I could say they were modelled on mine.

Being a tank top, this design is leading more towards the female market, but don’t worry guys, there are more designs in the pipeline!! You won’t be left out. As well as that, if there’s enough demand, we may just bring this design out on T-Shirts too. Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

To those of you who don’t know about Bad Sheep Boutique, it’s been running since around 2012. My main focus of the site is to bring together the alternative. That means, tattoos, rockabilly, retro inspired gifts, comics, geek and of course roller derby!
Independently funded and run, we pride ourselves on being a determined small business that loves to give great service

On our site you’ll see a great mix of products. We also provide a special service that doesn’t show on our site just yet. That is our fresh meat packages.

If you run a team and need some skates and protection, we can offer you a great deal. We’ll special order your skates, pads and helmets, as well as any tools and spares you might need. All that for a price that beats the normal RRP.

All we ask for is a little mention on your team’s social pages afterwards. If you want to find out more then just drop an email to

Another great service that I’m proud of is the ability to complete your order promptly. Let’s say you want to buy a lovely Bad Sheep Boutique T-Shirt and some wheels with our half price wheel bag offer, but the wheels you want are out of stock. No problem. Just email us and we can get the wheels ordered in for you, so that you don’t miss out on the wheel bag offer, and it will all come to you in one parcel!

If you have any questions at all just drop us an email via and we will get back to you quickly.

Be sure to give us a like on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and if you post any pics on Instagram of orders from us, use #badsheepboutique

“Don’t Follow The Flock, Be A Bad Sheep!”

For more information check out the following links and stay up to date.

Here are all the links relevant to the post:
Twitter: @bdsheepboutique
Instagram: @badsheepboutique

Our half price wheel bag offer:
Roller Zombies T-Shirt:

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The Bad Sheep Boutique – By Rockabilly Ray (Rachael Webster)

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