Roller Derby

Welcome to Roller Derby in the UK. This is the sport that is sweeping the nation and making female superstars of all you get hit or get out of my way women.

It’s fast, furious and for females. So get yourself a bad-ass name, get padded up and strap up those skates time for being nice is over.

What is it?

It’s all done on roller skates – quad skates to be more precise. Two teams have to skate around and oval track in the same direction using speed, tactics and force. Points are scored by the people in the team known as the Jammer and they get points for each member of the opposite team that they overtake. It is the opposite teams job to therefore stop them from passing – this is where the contact comes in!

Ok, so if you were like me the first time you heard the term ‘Roller Derby’ you make have thought ‘what’s that?’ and when you mention it to people you will be met with the same question.

So here is a bit about the sport and where it came from:

Where did Roller Derby come from?

So, Roller Derby is an American invented full contact sport and if you like contact it could be the sport for you!

The sport went crazy in the USA in the 1970s and became massive!!! Like wrestling it was a form of great entertainment that offered high adrenalin, strong contact and all done on wheels and in awesome outfits.

Also like wrestling it is a very physically demanding sport. Don’t worry all this will come with time and training you aren’t expected to body slam anyone.

How popular is it?

In short popular. The sport seemed to by dying off not too long ago and began to lose that element of popularity that most sports need to survive. Then we see the release of Whip It directed by Drew Barrymore and all of a sudden it’s back With Vengeance.

A whole new generation want to be part of the fast paced action and rivalry that happens on the track.

It’s a great exercise and a great way to get out a lot of frustration. The current revival of the sport has pulled out all the popular elements of roller derby and bringing it bang up to date. However, being a predominantly female sport men can also partake too – but usually as the refs (good luck trying to keep control of those women guys)!!

Roller derby as it stands is an international sport that is played in over 20 countries and is making it big in the UK. This popularity is also making way for mens roller derby and junior roller derby.

Looking for the rules on Roller derby? Then you will need to check out the roller derby rules page.

If you are looking for fast paced sports, with the chance of getting bruised and giving out some bruises as well as a great form of exercise while wearing a kick ass outfit then this is the sport for you!

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