Shooting Fairies, A Scary Jam and Deep Breathing all things a Derby Girl Needs!

Shooting Fairies, A Scary Jam and Deep Breathing all things a Derby Girl Needs!

Saturday went very well! Couldn’t go any better really as my team S.W.A.T won! The main bout was a joy to behold as ‘The Big Girls’ played with skill and passion and all us Fresh Meat graduates became ever so more slightly in love with our team and the game!

S.W.A.T – The Winners show off their ass-ets!

I sat in my fav position, a suicide seat and took my trusty camera. I wasn’t going to take many shots but my passion took over and I couldn’t help myself! Here are some shots that document some fun and frivolity that happened on the track, yet also shows the dedicated strength and perseverance on the faces of all the girls that played. Good game SRT!

So how did my first bout go? I LOVED IT! Every second of it from the arrival, getting glittered up as a fairy, meeting my team (it was a mixed scrimmage which means the teams are made with players from all around the country) to talking tactics on how we were going to take those Scaries down! (team names Fairies Vs Scaries)

My Skate out as a Fairy! So proud.

The Fairies were in the lead all the way up until a power jam at the end (a power jam occurs when one of the Jammers is sent to the Sin Bin for 1 minute if she has been given a major penalty) When the scores were totted up the Scaries had gained just 7 extra points and that took them into the lead! Was a very close game though and a thrill to be part of. I can’t wait for my next one! It was a joy to put all that I had learnt so far into practice!!! So back to what this blog is all about! My journey of learning!

I had just attended a Fresh Meat session on a Saturday and I was keen to get some shots of the ‘Big Girls’ in action too. I asked if it would be OK if I came along to the main S.W.A.T training session on the Monday, to capture some fast paced, hardcore, proper hitting stuff! I wanted to test my camera gear out as I am more used to shooting in a studio or on a beach in daylight! Totally opposite conditions to that of a sports hall at night with action being the main capture! Boats and food don’t move! (not much anyway)


The Big Girls…..come out to play


Tight Walls, Tight Walls….

Daisy Duke Maybe?

…and the all skated into the distance in Derby Stance

This experience reminded me that this game was tough. The faces on the girls was so focused, serious and passionate, it made me want to strive harder in my Fresh Meat sessions to get where they were, so that’s what I did.

At every Fresh meat session we learned something new, along with practicing again and again something we had learnt previously. I think this repetitive, intuitive coaching was excellent as it meant we were learning things all the time, putting them into practice but adding new stuff gradually and mostly on a need to know basis. Need to stop? Know how to do it! Need to fall? Know how to do it! Both essentials that we learnt early on. This is what made it so easy to learn and retain. (unlike the rules in Derby which took me a bit longer to grasp but that’s for another day!)

Soon we were all skating round the track with the big girls doing knee drops and plough stops fairly confidently! Felt good to be learning something new and I looked forward every time to what was coming next! A lot of it came pretty naturally for me which made me feel good. Don’t get me wrong I still messed up and had to practice hard to perfect skills, but I think all those years on skates as a kid defiantly helped me progress. I also found the balance skills that yoga and body balance had given me and the leg strength from the gym was also a bonus and helped me achieve my goals each week. I still find yoga an excellent stretch out after skating the next day. I love the complete polar opposites of both practices too! One day I am in a hot sweaty huddle with a bunch of girls cavorting fast round a track hitting each other and the next evening I am in a silent room crossed legged being told to empty ones mind and breath deeply! I am a complete advocate of experiencing extremes to enhance and learn from different experiences. You can then go on to transfer those skills across. Deep breathing and calm can defiantly help in Derby if you have been sent to the Sin Bin and the leg strength you gain from Derby stance is awesome at helping to achieve a low warrior stance in Yoga!

One thing we hadn’t attempted yet was hitting, which if I am honest still worried me. The Big Girls said that it would come in time and not to worry but I thought ‘what if I didn’t like it? Couldn’t do it?’ it’s all very well being able to stop and go fast but what if I didn’t like the main part of the game? I had a vision in my head of me just skating away when anyone went to hit me or worse still flying to the floor and just staying there! I had previously had my confidence knocked after my rib injury as it proved that I wasn’t invincible!

I did put some thought into it before I started Derby as I wondered if I may be a little naive and stupid to start a game where you are likely to get injuries. Running my own business means when I am sick, I don’t get paid also no one does the work for me if I can’t do it. What would happen if I were to be forced out of action? Is this a silly thing to take up? Maybe I should take up crochet!!!!!..naahhhhh! tried that, done it, didn’t work!

Anyway, there were players that had just as big a reason to question if they should do it or not and they still played Derby! One of our girls is on the England team for Underwater Hockey (yes you read it correct, it does exist) and another is a Nurse. Both need their hands and both would be unable to carry out their jobs if they got injured. To be honest the girl who played for the England team inspired me to carry on the most. If you do one sport that you love with a passion and its your life and take on another that may stop you doing it. well that second sport must be really good to risk it all for!

I’m so glad I listened to my instincts and carried on. Derby has given me injuries, I do get hurt, we all do but its fun comparing bruises, in fact it’s a sport in itself! What Derby has given me is far more valuable than what its taken away and I wouldn’t swap that for the world!

Next week I will tell you what happened when I first took a hit, if I got up and did I hit back!

Catch you soon!

Flash Bo-Dash (f2.8) xxx

Me on the Jammer line…My Fav place!




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