Sometimes you have to just start! – My first blog for a while, but it’s crammed with lots of Roller Derby goodness!

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Sometimes you have to just start! – My first blog for a while, but it’s crammed with lots of Roller Derby goodness!

Well I didn’t think that would happen!

Writers block, laziness, busyness, business, not knowing what to say, knowing what to say and not wanting to? For whatever reason my blog history now has a massive gaping hole in it!

This is my first blog since January.

I’ve started to write it in my head many times but never put fingers to keys and actually done it! So much has happened, almost too much and I think that has actually stopped me writing it as the enormity of the task, how to cram it all in, just got too big! The thing is, for you the readers, reading a novel of a blog would have been as much of a chore as me writing it so today, I’ve just got myself into gear and just started typing! What will be will be (and hopefully interesting enough to keep you reading!)

Where to start? Well the biggest thing would be I guess that it has been a whole year since I discovered my Roller Derby team The South West Angels Of Terror! My blog also started when I was a rookie (not long after) and that is another big thing that has changed. Don’t get me wrong I’m still learning every day about Derby but I have played in a few bouts now for the Angels and there are more to come! I guess I now feel like one of the big girls!

It was March 2012 and I was googling Roller Derby teams in my area. I came across the Angels and sent them an email! This has recently been posted up on our secret forum, on my Birthday this year for a giggle! I think I mentioned it a while back in an earlier blog, but it’s well documented that the girls wondered if I was an actual person or spam after seeing the photos I sent in of myself! Here’s the email for your amusement and for me as a record of how far I have come! (I can now stop on skates!)

March 11th 2012, I wrote.


Been Googling for ages to find Roller derby in Exeter and just found you guys on Friday evening after seeing that you had a name change! After some detective scrawling through the net to see what you do I wondered if I could come and sit quietly in the corner of a training session to just see what its all about?

I am passionate about skating (since 6yrs old but only just started again really, boy its different being higher up on skates as I am taller now that at 6! lol) and have a pair of quads that I bought a few years ago but alas not the type you use but I can be found bombing up and down Exmouth seafront at speed……but have trouble stopping, turning etc etc!

I initially found out about the sport as I was You Tubing HOW TO STOP! lol I came across the Roller Derby turn stop as I have nearly come a cropper with many a dog and once nearly went into the lifeboat when it was going out to save lives. This could have been tragic on many levels!!! ……hence me wanting to find out more what Roller Derby is all about as I think I could learn alot and hone my passion into something more constructive rather than causing possible fatal accidents on the seafront and annoying the oldies and bird watchers bombing past up and down! hehe

I go to body combat, pump,yoga etc etc regularly and just want to mix it up a bit and instead of putting all my energy into me just getting fit and energised, do something I find immensely fun get involved in a team sport so its not so solo. I also love dressing up and have a passion for anything that gives use to the mountain of stripy tights , socks,legwarmers and burlesque type stuff I have mounting up in my wardrobe from my day job, professional photographer

I see you have a rec skate next Sunday but any slim chance I could pop in tomorrow evening? Monday just for a looksy? No problem if not but thought I would just ask.

All My Best

Kimberly (aged 36…today actually……going on 14)”


So that was how I approached my team! They now know I am not spam (and actually a vegetarian) but probably as crazy in real life as in digital form and now they can’t get rid of me! Mwha ha ha ha ha!!!!

Some stuff since Jan 2013, inbetween blogs! SW league games feature heavily! (click to find out more…)

I’m 37 now going on 12, so Roller Derby has made me younger at heart even though my physical age has extended!

So on reflection, this time last year I was looking up Roller Derby and this year I was playing it! My Birthday fell on a Monday, training day for the Angels and what better way to spend my Birthday than doing something I love! But what happened there wasn’t just about hitting girls. I was completely BLOWN AWAY at the Derby Love I experienced that night.

I received a plethora of presents, too many to actually open before we started to train! A big box with Flash emblazoned across the front in glitter contained a multitude of Flash inspired presents including some Derby pants (Made by the one and only Kate Garrard one of our recently passed Freshies who runs Dude Where’s My Pants? (soon to be at a bout near you) some Jammer Dodger biscuits (see what they did there!) False eyelashes,hair chalk, Hand made cards so much to list! I also was made my very own purple satin super hero cape and amazingly my very own comic that I actually featured in!!!!

My awesome Birthday presents from the girls!

Now the girls had no idea how much this meant to me when they made it. When I was small my parents gave me a book of the fox and the hounds, a Disney story. When I opened it I actually featured in the story in print! This blew me away all those years ago and I’m sure that this manipulation of a mass produced product to feature a personal aspect has fascinated me ever since! It ran throughout my degree in Design & Contemporary Craft where my mission statement was Mass production with an injection of the individual and to this day I produce product and imagery that encapsulates this ethos. Photography in it’s very core state is Mass production with an injection of the individual! The process being mass/printing and the individual being what we put on that process .i.e what I capture whether that’s people or arty stuff injects a personal force onto the mass producible ! Are you still with me?!?!

My very own magazine!…Lead Jammer Mag re-posted on Facebook as they liked it too!

What I’m trying to say is…it meant a lot, it all meant a lot that the girls had thought, taken the time to get something or make something that was me, that I would love! (This doesn’t discount my non Derby friends one bit as I also was lucky enough to receive happiness in the form of many things and doings from all of them too. Xxx)

I guess what I’m trying to sum up is what Derby does to and for your life, you spend so much time with these girls, they become your sisters very quickly. They get to know you inside and out. You learn together, fight together, sweat together, hurt together, laugh together, celebrate together, support together, create together, fall together, get up together. You’re a team together working towards a common goal, to win, but with that common goal comes many other benefits and this blog has made me reflect on those benefits.

Celebrating our win against Kernow Rollers-Home Bout-Feb 16th 2013

It’s not the material things that I’ve gained (as awesome as they are!) it’s the sisters that I have picked up on the way and being an only child this means a lot. I have the older sister, younger sister, listening sister, crazy sister, loud sister, quiet sister, older brother even!

In one year I have a larger family than I could ever have imagined and it’s still growing!

S.W.A.T - Home Bout - 16th Feb 2012

Love you all.

Flash Bo-Dash xxxxx


(Won’t leave it as long next time, chat soon!)

My go faster super hero cape!


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