Sunshine, A Win, New Skates, Dangle Derby and A New Team Sponsor! A Good Derby Month All In All!

Sunshine, A Win, New Skates, Dangle Derby and A New Team Sponsor! A Good Derby Month All In All!

Hard to start a blog when it’s so Sunny outside! I have been massively sidetracked with important stuff and some not so important stuff today, but thought I would just start typing and see where it goes!

Taken just down the road from me now! Would write the blog there if I didn’t get sand in the keys!

I guess one of the biggest things since we spoke last was that my team S.W.A.T (South West Angels Of Terror) played in and won the final of The South West League.

Wiltshire, Dorset, Plymouth, Kernow and us have been playing against each other in double header bouts since October last year to see who would be crowned the best team in The South West League, for the years 12/13. So far we hadn’t lost a game, so spirits were high and on 6th April this year we took the title and the lovely trophy that had been made to mark the occasion!

The game was a tough one though, not time to sit on our laurels (not that we ever would as every game throws up it’s different challenges, that’s what I love about Derby!) We were up against Plymouth City Roller Girls, who we had beaten before, but we knew we had a fight on our hands to gain the title. My team played with vigour, passion and skill and those who watched the game said that it was incredibly exciting to watch and they were at the edge of their seats while the scores dipped and peaked between jams, to each other’s favour.

Paul Delooze from took these amazing shots of us at the final. Go check out his site for more awesome images of Derby!

The elation was incredible after our win as you can see by all our faces! Respect to all that played and we can’t wait to see who will try and prize the golden track trophy from our sweaty Derby hands later this year, when the whole thing starts again!

The Winning Team! Photo credit-Whoops A Daisies Sister!


Another massively exciting thing has happened this month! S.W.A.T have become a sponsored team for Queens Of The Sin Bin! For those of you that know this brand it’s totally cool, crazy, edgy, dark, rocky, current, graphically amazing and along with that they make kit that is Cool Dry (wicks away sweat, massively needed when playing Derby!) and uses a printing process where the design can be printed all over the material!

Our brand spanking new boutfits will be well on their way to us soon (we’re jumping about daily in anticipation) so see us playing in a bout near you soon wearing them! I think a little photoshoot maybe in order too, to celebrate at my studio so watch this space!

Check out to read up further on our awesome sponsors!

Not our design, but an example of QOTSB Designs on a boutfit


It’s been a massively amazing year for me & my Derby Life. The weekend we won in the final was actually the 1st year anniversary of my first day as Fresh Meat! (now that was a different blog if ever I read one! Gummy Worm anyone!) The honour to be playing AND jamming for the A team exactly one year on at a bout, really hit home on this special day.

I feel amazed that in one year I have learnt so much but I’m still like a big Derby sponge now and loving every minute of it! Yes there are the ups and downs and yes it is hard sometimes but what isn’t when you’re out to achieve something and progress further than the edge of your dreams!


Me Jamming at one of the SW League games – Photo Tim Churchill©


I actually had the pleasure of skating with our Brother team this week, The League of Extraordinary Roller Gents (Yes, bossy do Derby too and it’s growing! The call it Merby or Dangle Derby if you want a giggle!) I was excited to see numbers had grown since I last skated with them and when I walked in I felt a lump in my throat as everyone eagerly skated round with big grins on their faces! Was a bit different to our training session on Monday practicing lineups for our next bout ( Hellfire Harlots, this weekend in Nottingham) but was just as exciting. Reminded me of my first sessions in that very hall and I felt all glowey inside seeing how they all were enjoying it. I took some shots for them as now I play more, the Derby Photography has taken a backseat, so this was great fun too and I like to support our Bros where I can! As you can see there are some girls skating with them. This is an open sesh and some ladies are getting a start on our Fresh Meat for S.W.A.T so if you’re local and want to try Derby, give them a shout!

Training session – The League Of Extraordinary Rollergents

I finally achieved one of my own dreams this month. I’ve ordered my very very special skates that I’ve been cooing over, since that very first day when I sat in the corner of the sports hall and watched Insane Bolt running on her toe stops in her pink Antiks (with what I thought were gold cherries on the sides!…I now know that it’s a bolt but boy did I love those gold cherries!)

I not only had to save like mad, but I wanted to make absobloodylutely sure that I was making the right decision. As you know these babies don’t come cheap, nor do any upgrade skates for that matter, but I am pretty sure I will be over the moon when they arrive. I can’t wait for the moment when I open that box for the first time. I am pretty sure Angels will sing and a glow of light will radiate out from it and up into the heavens!….or will that be the amount of PINK MEATLLIC leather I have chosen for them! (yes I know it may wear off over time but doesn’t bother me! Happy with the lived in used look! Anyway, there are worse things in life than leaving a trail of pink glitter wherever you go!)

Now anyone that knows when buying Antiks you can go for the black AR-1s which are lovely in themselves or spend a bit more and get them in custom colours. I figured that after waiting so long I may as well wait a tiny bit longer and go for the colours that I want, after all I’m a creative girl at heart, but boy was it hard to choose!

The day came when I had to make the decision. I couldn’t leave it any longer as time was ticking, skating in my old skates and praying (as do my team) that they don’t fall apart at any given moment!

I think the day that I chose the colours I was particularly hormonal as I chose the combination below!

Quick photoshopped version of the colours I have chosen for my babies!

What do they say, don’t buy any clothes when you’re hormonal so what did I do, buy £££££’s worth of skates! I quite like it as although they are quite rainbowic, they will be mine and they will make me smile, as they are pink, sparkly and bright with a hint of team colours! The worst bit of the experience was choosing the wheels! The colours of wheel I wanted didn’t match the leather and I had my technical brain arguing with my stylie brain! I did actually convince myself that the 96’s on offer would work, as I had progressed and they would make me go faster, but in reality it was because they were white! When I actually phoned the order through I chickened out and went for the ones I knew I should’ve had all along. Kinda easier when your not faced with the colour and just have to decide on durometer (which is all that matters in reality! One day there will be all wheels in all sizes and all Durometers but that’s a long way off yet! A skate superstore is my heaven!)

I’m happy from a technical and visual point of view. The skates I have chosen along with their shape and specifications suit me, my shape feet (heat mouldable tow box if I have problems) so I just can’t wait to get them and feel the beam of light warm my face as I cut that package open!

By my next blog they will be here, so I will let you know what they’re like to skate in, not just to look at!

Catch you soon.

Flash Bo-Dash xxx




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