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Roller Derby in Devon Hits the pages

Posted on 5th July, by Martin in Roller Derby, Roller Derby Skater. 1 Comment

Hello all!

I have just had this brought to my attention and thought I would share it with you. A local roller derby team, S.W.A.T (South West Angels of Terror) had a chat about Roller Derby in a magazine about Exeter. Actually, Vampira did the interview and there is a mention about all of the great Roller Derby teams popping up all over the South West including Bristol Harbour Harlots, Gloucester’s Severn Roller Torrent, Kernow Rollers and Plymouth City Roller Girls to name a few.

The Full article can be seen here:


Please note: the article is in flash and can’t be read in and Apple device! Silly magazine.

On the plus side though I will have an interview with Vampira on the skater profile page very soon!


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Birthday Premier for Top Derby Team

Posted on 27th June, by Martin in Events. No Comments

As you may have noticed Roller Derby is sweeping the nation.

Teams are popping up everywhere and the passion for Derby is getting stronger. It seems to be the sport that everyone wants to get involved with.

I know the Olympics are cool and all that, but it’s not a patch on Roller Derby. After all DERBY RULES!!!!

There are some great teams out there and the Cork City Firebirds are no exception. It’s almost a year since they began (where has that time gone?) and to celebrate this occasion they are hosting the European Premier of the Derby Baby! documentary.

Happy first birthday awesome people of Cork City Firebirds!!!

If you want to be part of the celebrations and check out what they are doing you can find out more information here:


So why am I sharing this with you? Well, … Read More »

The Game of Roller Derby – Basic Guide

Posted on 26th August, by Martin in Roller Derby. No Comments

So you may be wondering (like I did) Roller Derby sounds awesome but what the heck are the rules?

If so I have put this blog post together to give you a basic understanding of the players needed, what they need to do and how you can score points.



So as you can see from this diagram the track is a sort of oval-roundy shape! It’s probably this shape as it is easy to go around in than a square and unlike a circle you don’t get a straight to pick up speed.

As a general rule of thumb all of the skaters need to skate in the anti-clockwise direction (the way the arrow is pointing).

There are two teams (in this case a red team and a green team). Each team on the track is made up of 5 girls. 3 of … Read More »

VampeRia – Derby Gum Shield Review

Posted on 30th May, by admin in Mouth Guards, Roller Derby. No Comments

Now we have started doing some contact and pack work we all have to have a gum shield us girlies like to play rough you know!

I have done Tae Kwon Do for 9 years now and had been using a shock doctor mouth guard for when I do sparring and although it served its purpose it made me gag! I decided that as I had so much work done at the orthodontist as a kid, my teeth are way too precious to scrimp on a properly fitting gum shield. I spoke to my own dentist who charges £85 for a custom one and then did some research online. I came across a derby forum where www.gumshields.com came highly recommended, these guys also sponsor LRG! I had a look on their website and found the perfect design to fit … Read More »

Getting the Right Kit

Posted on 24th May, by Martin in pads, Roller Derby. No Comments

Ok , so to start with I wasn’t sure whether this was the sport for me. So I didn’t spend a massive amount on kit. I just got all of the bits that I needed to start the training sessions and reduce injury.

As I hadn’t been on skates before I thought it would be fair to assume that me and the floor would be spending a lot more time together. So I defiantly needed something.

Tip: Some teams will have spare kit that you can hire out from them but find out first or you may have to sit out on the training sessions.

So I managed to borrow a helmet which was ideal as I wasn’t too happy about trying to skate around without one on. It is always best to get your own helmet as they take the … Read More »

Pad Review – Karnage Protective Pad Set

Posted on 23rd May, by Martin in elbow pads, knee pads, pads, Roller Derby, wrist guards. No Comments

So for my first set of pads I didn’t spend a fortune. I found a cheapy Karnage Protective Pad Set at JJB for under £15

They were ideal to start with but I did find that the knee pads weren’t sufficient enough for all the times I kept falling over and needed a new pair of pads after a month.

The elbow pads were ok to begin with but I was finding that they weren’t big enough to cover the whole elbow, and I did incur a few bruises and burns but they were fine for starters just until I knew this was the sport for me.

The wrist guards were ideal to start with too but after a few months on me falling down and using my hands to stop myself the stitching soon came apart.

Review: Overall not bad for a starting … Read More »


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