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Aerosmith Goes Derby!

Posted on 12th July, by Martin in Roller Derby. No Comments

The legendary rock band known as Aerosmith (you may have heard of them) are back!

Steven Tyler and his chaos crew are due to come out with a new album this year and kick start the launch they have released the single Legendary Child (Their last single was in 2006)

So you know, with every great Aerosmith song comes an AWESOME video, and this is no exception!

Why are we telling you about this? Well, THERE ARE SKATERS IN IT!!!!!

You may recognise some derby moves in there!

Alexa Vega is the main girl on roller-skates whom you may have seen in the film Spy Kids

Here is the video:

Aerosmtihs new album is titled “Music From Another Dimension,” which will be available from Nov. 6.

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