The Start of Something Big…My Derby Life

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The Start of Something Big…My Derby Life

So, we’ve established that I LOVE skating and have done for many years.

Flash Bo-Dash Child Skater

Cool skinny jeans, Not so cool haircut!

Now it’s time to tell you where it’s taken me recently. Little did I know on that fateful morning when I discovered S.W.A.T (The South West Angels of Terror) on Google, it was to take my life in a new direction. Even I didn’t know the magnitude of the impact it would have on my life. Not only was there an impact but a spectacular explosion that sprouted fireworks, stars, whizzes, bangs and all things bright, positive and sparkly!

So now I have found them, what am I going to do about it???? The thought filled me with excitement but mostly fear. What do I do? How do I do it? Who do I contact? And above all what do I say?

Well, I attacked the problem head on as usual and sent an email to the girls through their website The message I sent makes me laugh (and cringe equally!) now to this day. I wanted to show my interest in the game but also explain who I was and being a photographer, I normally do this through photos. This time they were of myself as I thought this would be a good introduction. I had the perception that Derby was a cool crazy sport for cool crazy cats, so sent my most outrageous shots to show that I would fit in with this eccentric-ness! I also explained that I loved skating etc bla bla but above all I wanted watch a training session. I basically wanted to see if it would scare me! I do a lot of training in the gym, Les Mills was my best friend, but the contact part left me with a few questions. Could I handle it?

God knows what they thought when my email came through as this is what they opened!………

Flash -Bo Dash Sexy VampireFlash -Bo Dash PortraitFlash Bo-Dash Big head

I applaud them as they didn’t think I was some crazy bird (well they didn’t say anyway) and kindly said I could come and watch their training session the next day!

My heart skipped a beat.

I was going to see it in real life instead of the digital world of youtubeness!!!

I now regret sending such random shots as it’s all very well talking through a computer screen but to actually meet someone face to face, a different story! I also wondered if they would recognise me without wearing my Vampire Nurse outfit!

The next day I couldn’t think of anything else. I spoke in my last blog about one of the reasons I wanted to take up something new and that was, my Mum had just been diagnosed with an aggressive form of Cancer. As a family we were heading into the unknown with this and I needed something to ground me, to take my mind off of the outside world for a bit and in turn make me stronger to continue the fight outside the sports hall.

She was having her first round of Chemo at this time and the day I was going to meet the S.W.A.T girls Mum and I were in the hospital all day.

Thinking about where I was going later, although it filled me with anxiety, it also gave me butterflies and excitement so Derby was doing its job right from the off!

That night I dropped Mum home and headed off to my first taste of real life Roller Derby.

Even the thought of driving to where they were training, a school, in the dark, dark corridors, clocks ticking, full moon (in my head it would be like a horror movie and I would defiantly get lost walking those corridors and eaten by zombies on the way!) I got my Google map and cracked on!

I arrived to meet lots of girls dragging big bags out of cars….This must be them I thought, oh and the Zombies? They didn’t appear! Not yet anyway!!!

Next time I will tell you what really happened.

Catch you next week!

Flash Bo-Dash

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4 responses to “The Start of Something Big…My Derby Life”

  1. vampira77 says:

    Well i was on the other end of your initial email and both myself and team captain Bolty did wonder if we were being spammed! haha!! xx

  2. Flash Bo-Dash says:

    Ha ha! I’m glad you decided I wasn’t spam! (or corned beef for that matter!) I am real, its just my brain that sometimes lives in a dreamworld! xxx

  3. New to Skating says:

    Hi Kimberly

    I was wondering how long you have been skating for and how long its takes to get any good at it? Also where can I get a decent pair of skate to buy in Devon.

    Thanx emmax

  4. Flash Bo-Dash says:

    Hey Emma,

    Thanks for your question!

    I started skating as a kid and been outdoor skating again for about 6yrs. I took up Derby about 5 Months ago now so still a newbie in Derby terms although I have passed all my minimum skills (comes later in my blogs!)

    Getting good at it???……. really depends on your skating life, if you skated before and had experience before Derby. Everyone starts at different levels but your all taught together when you join Fresh Meat (the new rookie intake) as long as you are dedicated and practice with a strong mindset that if you fail, try try again…you will succeed! The best thing is its fun to learn which immediately enhances your learning skills!

    I bought my skates from The Boarding House in Exeter. You may want to wait until Fresh Meat where you can try on some of the other girls skates? Always best to try before you buy as lots of the girls prefer different things/have different requirements dependent on their skating style and type of feet!

    Your team will probably have some spare kit to get you going for the first few weeks if your starting Derby! Are you local? S.W.A.T will be opening up their doors for Fresh Meat in a few Months!

    Outdoor wheels and skates are different to Derby skates however. The wheels are softer and the tops are generally higher around the ankle so if its outdoor skating you want to do, make sure you buy the right ones! When I skate outside I use a different pair of Derby skates with outdoor wheels on…..

    I won’t give you anymore info as don’t want to bamboozle you but if you have anymore questions just ask!

    Flash x

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