VampeRia – Derby Gum Shield Review

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Now we have started doing some contact and pack work we all have to have a gum shield us girlies like to play rough you know!

I have done Tae Kwon Do for 9 years now and had been using a shock doctor mouth guard for when I do sparring and although it served its purpose it made me gag! I decided that as I had so much work done at the orthodontist as a kid, my teeth are way too precious to scrimp on a properly fitting gum shield. I spoke to my own dentist who charges £85 for a custom one and then did some research online. I came across a derby forum where came highly recommended, these guys also sponsor LRG! I had a look on their website and found the perfect design to fit my Derby persona! Vampire fangs!

These guys are great! After paying through paypal I received the teeth moulding kit in the post a couple days later. There are 3 different size plates so you can choose the best one to fit your mouth, an instruction CD and 4 pots of moulding clay. (They send a spare set just in case you muck up so don’t worry!)

The instructions are easy to follow and I was all done in about 5 mins! I sent it back in the pre paid envelope and just over a week later got my lovely new gum shield in a ventilated storage box complete with a model of my teeth (so you can get another shield made up without having to do another mould).

A nice touch is that they print your name on the shield itself!

After trying it on it was kinda uncomfortable on the right hand side of my mouth and was digging into my gum.

After contacting the dentist they asked me to pop it back in the post, mark on the model where the pain was and they’d adjust it! Phew! I thought I’d just thrown £40 down the drain! 2 days after posting I got my newly altered gum shield back and this time it fit perfectly!!

One thing to note and that they don’t mention on their website is that if you are a Derby girl they don’t charge for the moulding kit saving you £5! Give ’em a call and get a quote you won’t regret it I promise!




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