Was A”Bout” Time I Burst My SWAT Cherry! & What A Game To Do It In…

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Was A”Bout” Time I Burst My SWAT Cherry! & What A Game To Do It In…

Well the big thing in my Derby life was that I popped my bout cherry with the SWAT girls on Saturday (technically being a Fairy in the bout in Gloucester was my first bout, but this was my first playing on the Travel Team for SWAT) So how was it? Well I wasn’t sick, I didn’t wet myself and I actually enjoyed it so all was good! My first line up was with Bolty next to me and there was a definite stare out fest between their jammer and us with Fanny Havok giving as good as she got! It all went so fast though and it was over before it had begun in my mind and all I wanted to do was carry on and do it again! Definitely felt I had more to give and I’m raring to go for my next one when I get put on again! Will keep you posted. It was a fab game and we won against Wiltshire, Final score SWAT 469 Wiltshire 59, so we’re all looking forward to the next game in the SW League! It seems so long ago now but already there are plans being made for the next game in the season which is against Plymouth in Bournemouth on 15thDec!

Our own Cherry Whips has been used as a poster girl for this one!

Here are some shots from the day! Brian Williams, photographer, captured some of me in play and I took my snap shot camera along too as couldn’t resist capturing some of the girls getting their awards and us watching the second bout of the day, Plymouth against Kernow Rollers, from the famous suicide seats! Miss Hiplashes shoe had its very own suicide seat as you can see from the picture!

The SWAT Girls! (Me second from right, front row)

Me & Cherry show off out tight wounds!

Cherry’s didn’t last long!

Team talk just before we go on! -Photo Brian Williams

Billabang,Blocky & Nursey all get their well deserved awards from Wiltshire

What you making Kat Curvicious? It all goes on in the Suicide Seats!

The rest of my week has been a bit light on the Derby front as floods stopped play last night! The buzz went round all day whether to chance it or not but the option was taken out of our hands by our coaches and it was finally cancelled (as it should be as the predictions were that it was to get worse and driving conditions were dangerous!) I think we would have swum home to play Derby but soon realised that the wind was particularly gusty so that pretty much drew the line under it for us! We’re lucky to have inside info as we have a cop and someone who works for the Met office on our team so the decision was a very good and informed one!

I have however had some exciting Derbyness arrive through the post this week. I nearly exploded at the Fistful Of Blockers Bout in Plymouth earlier in the Month as my number came in on the raffle! I won some armbands from Frock n Rollers (not the inflatable type although they may have helped in the floods this week!) I now have my number in purple shiny material to wear on my arm for the lovely refs to identify me with when I make my trips to the sin bin (never made it once on Saturday which made me smile a lot!)

No more writing my number on with pen backwards in the mirror!

I also ordered a limited edition vest from Startle which arrived in a jiffy bag with some lovely stickers! I loved this design and voted and promoted it when it was up to win for the Roller Derby City T-shirt Competition. It didn’t win but I was thrilled when I saw that Startle were printing it themselves and offering it out for a limited time so I grabbed one as soon as I could!

We’re all just hoping that the rain stays away so we can train on Saturday although I am sure that a boat will be hired if we can’t get through as nothing is going to stop my team playing this time!

Chat Next Week!

Flash Bo-Splash! (see what I did there!)

“The warm up to a fabulous day”-Photo Brian Williams

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