Well what’s been happening…WHAT’S NOT BEEN HAPPENING!!!!! WooooAAAAAAAgggHHHHHHHHHHHH!

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Well what’s been happening…WHAT’S NOT BEEN HAPPENING!!!!! WooooAAAAAAAgggHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Well what’s been happening…or rather should I say WHAT’S NOT BEEN HAPPENING!!!!! WAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH! WOOOOO YAY!!!

Last Saturday, 15th December 2012, S.W.A.T took on the very lovely Plymouth City Roller Girls. This was my second bout playing for The South West Angels Of Terror. I was uber excited but the run up was slightly rocky with issues surrounding the Sports Hall and if we could actually play. These I am glad to say were ironed out by Bout Day so the game was on!…and what a game it was.

We all left early, bright eyed and bushy tailed (not really but it sounds good!) and met for the travel down to Bournemouth which was to take us about 2.5hrs on mostly B roads! Do you know what though, I didn’t even notice as we were all on top form and laughed most of the way….or was that the stack of redbull we bought at the garage or the funny detour we had to take because someone had forgotten their purple metallic boutfit! whatever it was, it was a fun journey in Dita Von Wheeze (Miss Hiplashes carriage again) We were planning to travel in big yellow (Aphrodite Dees van) but she broke down the day before! (the van not Dee!)

We were starting to wonder if this bout was jinxed! The van before the van before had fallen through as the lovely Billa Bang had come down with a virus and had to pull out of driving too! (We missed you Bangers x)

After our exciting journey down though with banter coming from every orifice (probably Fanny Havocs!) and a glint in out eyes we finally arrived, stoked and ready to go.

On arrival we were met by Bolty (Insane Bolt) and Dot Slash who had also had to change cars at the last minute due to a breakdown! I did hear that they found a lovely ginger bread house selling breakfasts on the way though which I think made up for it! …I also have seen the photographic evidence that they fraternised with the enemy on that cold Saturday morning in December at said gingerbread house! True Derby Love x

To all be excited together was lovely and we kitted up for our warm up all hoping that the floor would be “not as slippy as it looked in the photos!” As it happened it was fab and my new (old Bolty combo) wheels were great! I also have to thank the Insane one as she lent me some scabs gaskets to wear under my now compressed somewhat and sorrowful TSG knee pads. The great news is that I have ordered some custom Deadbolts that will be on their way very soon so watch this space! I went for the Jammer Elites, which is good really as something very special happened at the bout…….I was chosen to Jam!

My new Deadbolts being stitched as we speak in America!

This was a real honour…and total surprise, to be picked to play the position of Jammer, in this game. I trust my coaches, I know they know what they are doing, but on this occasion….I did wonder if they had drunk too many Red Bulls to stay awake while planning line-ups! I knew I had been putting everything I had into training, but I didn’t think it was my time yet…..They obviously did! …and I thank them from the bottom of my kit bag!

I went on first as a blocker, the opposition was tough. We played well though and then it was time. I was up to Jam! I put up a good fight but alas I didn’t make lead against Plymouths War Hannah. Throughout the bout, I Jammed another three times and as I found my feet (wheels!) I gained lead each time! I was EXTATIC!!!! Something had snapped/been fired up/lit in me and I just found a strength that comes out rather frequently these days I am pleased to say. It’s pretty handy when your being hit by others nearly twice your height! ( not really but that’s how it feels when your out there sometimes!) Rock on!

Plymouths War Hannah & I meet again on the Jammer line!

S.W.A.T won the bout, at the end of a fast paced and hard game. I was chuffed to pieces to be a part of that. I was also brimming with pride for all my team as I saw something in them that I hadn’t experienced first hand before. A tough game is different to any drill or training session as adrenaline and passions run high. They were truly unstoppable though and played an exciting game and just kept going! I know your not supposed to shout much from behind the bench but to be honest I think we all went home with hoarse voices that day! (along with our many SWATTETTES that travelled up to cheer us on!)

Fanny Havoc stretches out, Miss Hiplash has no idea what’s going on behind her, I try and look hard and fail while Vampira and Whoops a Daisy show their best assets in the changing room!

To be honest, after the game I was in a bit of a daze as I had dug deep, deeper than I had dug before so I lay down and took some crazy slow shutter speed shots of the next bout, Kernow against Dorset, to relax! Got some good angles flopped on my stomach! Not too tired to shop though and bought myself some blue barrel bushings and some lovely skull pants from Roller Derby City that I am looking forward to wearing very soon! Oooo and some of our very own new merch stickers to stick everywhere to show how proud I am of my team!

Kernow take on Dorset….whilst I lie on my belly!

We left pretty sharpish as it was a long journey back……then the phone rang. Uh oh! What had we left behind???? (or had I left the boot open like last time)

Much to my surprise ( surprise seems to little a word for the face I pulled) a voice said, “is there a Flash Bo-Dash in the car?” (it was my team mate Whoops a Daisy) “Yes”, I said grinning! Whoopsy continued to say, “well she has won the award for Best Jammer!” I would have fallen off my chair if I wasn’t wedged in between two derby girls!

This I have to say was the best feeling ever! Whoops also asked if there was a Miss Hiplash in the car, as she had won Best Blocker! We all cheered and I think that phonecall energised us up far more than any Red Bull for the long drive home through the medieval villages and rain that was to follow! (we went the wrong way but it was surprisingly quicker! Result!)

Bolty won MVP unsurprisingly as she played amazingly but I want to thank the Plymouth girls for picking me as it means a lot. My first game Jamming for S.W.A.T and getting Best Jammer (sorry I said it again!) has to be one of the best moments in my life! It feels even better though when you have worked hard for something.

I’m going to stop there as no doubt you have as many pressies to wrap and as much food to eat as me, but I wanted to let you know a slice of what happened last week along with wishing you all a very merry Christmas!

I am looking forward to what next year brings and the following games in the SW League. The next bout is in Wiltshire on Feb 9th and it,s S.W.A.Ts turn to NSO, but following that it’s our home bout which is going to be AMAZING!!!!! Watch this space.

Ta ta for now and go drink and be merry…because soon it will be skatey time again peeps. Here at S.W.A.T we have only missed one session and I am pineing already! Next years training starts again early January and I have a feeling that this time it will be harder and tougher than ever, but first, I will share with you some shots from our last training of the year, Mondays Xmassy themed session. It’s good to be among people as mad as me!!! At last!

Love Flash Bo-Dash xxx


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