What’s heavier, a ton of feathers or a ton of bricks?

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What’s heavier, a ton of feathers or a ton of bricks?

So much has happened since my last blog that it’s stopped me blogging and instead of doing it, I just think about it and pontificate (I love that word. If anything , a blog is worth writing just to use that word!)

What do you talk about and how do you start I pontificated? (even better!) and then I pontificated some more……….

I’m aware that a total brain dump may bore and bamboozle, so I am going to talk about something that touched me this week.

I was looking through some old photos and found this one of myself from 2008. It kinda stopped me in my tracks. (yes, I can say ‘kinda’ as it’s my blog and I can spell how I lyke ;p) I rekon I was about 11 stn 11 here. That weight is etched in my mind for some reason, probably as I was unhappy with it. Looking back I remember taking one of those “Now Magazine” stylie before & after photos in your pants. I never made the after.…….. This was until now. 6 years later.


I will call this time the years BD and AD as it seems fitting. Can you guess what they stand for? Pretty sure you will do if you know me 😉 So the years ‘Before Derby’ was when this shot was taken.

Now if you play Derby, or do any sort of sport or exercise and you want to loose weight visually, you will generally realise that it’s not as easy as working up a sweat. I asked myself frequently after hacking it out on the track for hours a week, why wasn’t I loosing weight?!

For ages I just kept sweating and kept wondering. I got physically fitter but not visually slimmer which was another goal I had. I soon however realised that the extra meal I would consume after training and the additional hunger had something to do with it! I would migrate towards the carbs like a flour magnet. I thought this was OK and I could eat whatever I liked! but, I was wrong. If I wanted to get fit ‘and’ loose weight visually….. something was going to have to give.

One thing I learnt, contrary to popular belief, muscle doesn’t weigh heavier than fat but it is a denser material. This material weighs the same (just like a ton of feathers does to a ton of bricks…. and yes, I fell for that one) In layman’s terms, it takes up less space compared to the equivalent weight in fat. This is why I refer to loosing weight visually as the scales may not move, but if you’re putting the right things in, you will look slimmer and more toned!


Exhibit 1


So how did I learn this? I am fascinated with what happens and how it happens and I’m nowhere near to learning the science, but what I do know is that once I did change what I put in, things started to look a little different.

I train approx 7 hrs on track and 1 hr off track (still jumping seagulls and stones on the beach) a few weights while watching the box, a plank here and there, sofa sit ups……..but what made a visual change (and actually 8 lbs off in the end) was my introduction to the Roller Derby Workout Diet buy one of my S.W.A.T Roller Derby team mates, player Split Second.

I am so grateful to her and the team mates that took the challenge for 8 weeks as this has made a difference to my shape and overall health. I’d never measured myself before (with an actual tape measure…out of a cracker) and before the weight came off, the inches did. Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t easy and I kicked and screamed all the way to the broccoli counter….and being a Veggie I should’ve had a better relationship with veg at my age!

Gradually, by eating less sugar and more veg, protein and good carbs, I have changed shape. I am even getting knees (I knew they were in there somewhere)

My saving grace is Lidls 81% dark chocolate, the fuzzy devil in my fridge door, but all in moderation (mostly!)

So that’s my thoughts for the week. Hope you’ve learnt something or had a giggle at least.

Over and out for now.

Derby Love

Flash Bo-Dash x

One response to “What’s heavier, a ton of feathers or a ton of bricks?”

  1. Flash says:

    Ah the joys of derby, the only place where body shape doesn’t matter, and yet we improve without knowing it. I’m a line. yes a straight line. At one time my thighs were bigger than my calves, but with skating and offskate workouts… well life happens. I’m a Canadian on the west coast here on a little island just off the coast of vancouver, (vancouver island) Skating with the all stars here, and two other teams, and training juniors, so derby has taken up a wee part of my life. (The other part I dedicate to sleep, eating, and school – not necessarily in that order). I’m happy to follow your blog to see how derby is going on another island. Derby love to you! Eat skate and be happy, for tomorrow you may bout! – Devaskate (K8)

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