What are the requirements of city planning? (1) the main task On the basis of the overall plan of the city, land use, population distribution and public price of plastering tools,gypsum plaster production facilities, city basic facilities to make further arrangements, in order to better convergence and detailed planning. (2) the how to make cement plastering,traditional lime plaster techniques main content 1) to determine the spatial layout, partition function partition, the nature of land use, population distribution, construction land capacity control index. 2)turbo 5 100 plaster machine brick wall rendering determine the green space system, lake water, power supply high voltage plaster sand roodepoort rendering tools and equipmentline corridor. External transport facilities with the scope of protection used graco plastering machines cement plaster ceiling boundary and scenic spots, cultural relics, historical and cultural blocks, put forward the protection requirements of space form. 3) to determine the plastering machine in south africa,solid plasterers association distribution of city, residential district and public facilities land, control principle. 4) locate the main municipal public utilities. Control range and position, to dry pipe engineering, pipe diameter, pipeline comprehensive. 5) determine the city road red line, section, position coordinates and elevation control points, to determine the branch direction, width, to determine the main intersection, square, bus station, transportation hubs and other facilities to plastering walls cost singapore pictures of how to install plaster ceilimg determine the location and size, rail transit route and control range, darby plastering tool gypsum plaster of paris islamabad determine the location and scope of parking control. (3) documents and jobs genesis plastering karrandy of plaster images drawings 1) zoning planning documents including planning text and attachments, and properties of impression material plaster name and draw two types of a spraying machines basic data appendix income planning. 2) drawings including planning zoning map, zoning map, land use zoning plan, the professional plan. The drawing ratio was 1/5000.