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In short, to solve the relationship between color, is the center of the color composition. Indoor color can be unified divided into many levels and color relations with increase in level and complex, with levels of reduced and simplified, the relationship between different levels can are considered as the background color and color point. Background color often as large areas of color should be used gray tone, color point often as a small area of the color, the chroma, lightness than the background color to high. On the basis of the unity of the tone, we can take the method of strengthening the color strength, that is, the color effect of a certain part of the room is repeated, rhythm and contrast. Indoor fun center or visual focus, the same can be enhanced by the contrast of color and other methods to enhance its effect. By color repetition, echo, contact, can strengthen color sense of rhythm and sense of the rich, the interior color to achieve unity in diversity, unity change, not monotonous, and not mixed and disorderly, color have is from the center to form a harmonious whole.