Reactive coatings. (four) diet building In order to ensure the quality of food, the basic requirements of the application, safety, health and so on, in order to protect people's lives and pictures of plastering health. Must comply with the provisions of the JGJ64-89 in the diet building design specification: 1. The diet building prohibited built in produce harmful, toxic substances in the industrial enterprises lots of protection; and impede the public health of pollution source should maintain a certain distance, and shall be in accordance with the provisions cridea spray plaster of the local agencies for food hygiene supervision. (article 2.0.2) 2 in the general layout, the kitchen (or the food production) should be prevented from the smoke, smell, noise and waste, etc.. (article 2.0.4) 3 the special washing facilities and toilets for the dining persons shall comply with the following provisions: (1, four) () (1) one or two restaurants internal spray plaster ireland and a food store should be located in the bathroom and toilet, three restaurants should set up a special toilet, The toilet for men and women. Three restaurants and restaurants in the two level of the restaurant dining room should be set up to wash their hands; One or two level dining room should be set up in the dining room and washing dishes. (2) the toilet shall be flush with water. (four) 4. The kitchen and food preparation according to material handling, staple food processing, food processing and preparation meal, tableware wash storage process and reasonable layout, strictly separate from raw materials to finished products, students food and cooked food separation processing and storage, and shall comply with the following provisions: (section 3.3.3 of one, two, three, four) (1) rough machining should work table and non-staple food, meat and aquatic products are cleaning the pool, after the rough machining the raw material into the Fine processing is to avoid the reverse flow. The remaining waste should be properly handled; (2) should be carried out in a single room is essential to product blending, room should be equipped with washing facilities in the entrance; (3) cold production between entrance should be provided through disinfection facilities; (4) the vertical transportation should be born, cooked up dumbwaiter. 5 ventilation and exhaust shall comply with the following requirements: (two or three 3.3.7) (1) a mechanical ventilation shall be used for the heat treatment, and the wind shaft or the roof of the roof shall acoustical cementitious plaster be arranged on the roof. Skylight and other effective natural ventilation measures; (two) (2) the upper part of the device producing a fume hood shall be equipped with an exhaust device with a mechanical exhaust and smoke filter, Filters should be easy to situation and replace. (three) 6 auxiliary parts mainly by all kinds of warehouse, office space, staff changing clothes, toilets and shower room, etc., should be based on the actual needs of different levels of diet building settings. (article 3.4.1) (five) car pool Automobile is one of the main transport and transportation tools, with the development of social economy has entered the city. In order to solve the mass of large parking, parking problems, the construction of a large number of motor vehicles. In addition to the application and the economy, it has special requirements on the safety, technology and environment protection. In order to ensure pedestrian and vehicular safety and garage minimum clear plaster designe height, car ramp longitudinal slope, ramp setting and auto channel turning radius should be in accordance with the provisions; floor should have drainage slope and set corresponding drainage system; to reduce underground garage exhaust gas on the surrounding environment pollution dyeing, air vents should be meet the floor height requirements.