Zombie Roller Derby Board Game

Posted on 13th March, by Martin in Roller Derby. 7 Comments

Roller Derby zombie artworkHello Derby fans.

Now we all LOVE derby but not all of us have the grace and skill to become a derby superstar. Perhaps it’s the fact that we bruise easily, don’t take to pain very well or are made for a sport that requires more sitting down.

Well, I bring good news. You can still play derby! While sitting down!!

Zombie Roller Derby is a new board game that will allow you to play this awesome sport without the need for a large sports hall.

At the moment the game is still in development but we got to chat to the brains behind this awesome idea and find out what inspired them to undertake such a project.

If you love Roller Derby and you love Zombies – this is the game for you.

Creators Chad Knight and Carl Olson chat about how the game is moving forward and the obstacles that they have overcome.

Read the full interview with Chad Knight and Carl Olson >>

But wait there is more.

How ace is that artwork, right? Well that was created by Jenny Thorne and she was picked by Chad and Carl to create the artwork for the game. Can they spot talent or what?

So we got an exclusive interview with Jenny as well. Read more >>

I am also going to compile a list of you lovely UK Derby folk that might be interested in getting a copy of this game! It will make an awesome Christmas present.

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7 responses to “Zombie Roller Derby Board Game”

  1. […] want to thank Martin McIver for doing this interview with us. http://www.roller-derbyuk.co.uk/zombie-roller-derby-boardgame/ We appreciate it more than you think. Also, thanks to Jenny Thorne as well for adding to this […]

  2. Red Tash says:

    I’ve seen this and I love it!

  3. Red Tash says:

    I should put zombies in the next book…hrm…

    • Martin says:

      Zombies are a theme that seem to pop up a lot in Roller Derby!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I know what my League are getting for Xmas! This looks great.. would love to have this in my bag for MERDC

  5. Mike Jones says:

    Looks like the game never took off. Or has it and I’m missing something… Can someone enlighten me?


  6. Mandy says:

    Using this method, you are able to make certain you
    won’t overlook a superb option that you simply could rue lost.

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